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Just as the ghost was about to disappear around the tombstone, Troy saw something. On the ghost's feet, it wore sneakers.

Troy whipped out his hand and grabbed onto the ghost's white cloak. It came off in his hands, causing Troy to scream, waking Gabriella up. Because in front of him was no ghost. It was Chase, Chad's younger brother.

"Wh-What!" Troy gasped, sitting back on his heals. He couldn't believe it-he wouldn't believe it.

He felt Gabriella's hand on his shoulder, heard her calling out to someone unseen, "You can come out now."

Out from behind various other tombstones came Ryan, Sharpay, Zeke, and Taylor. Chase stepped closer to Troy.

"We are so sorry, Troy." Whispered Zeke, kneeling next to his friend and putting an arm around Troy's shoulders. Troy shrugged him off.

"You guys knew about this! You set me up!" he accused, and was surprised and hurt when they all nodded their heads.

"We've been worried about you, Troy." Sharpay said, "Ever since Chad died, you've been like an empty shell. We understand-really we do! It's just, don't you think it's time to let it go?"

Troy sat back, resigned to the fact that he was going to have to listen to their story. "Okay, so why Chase?"

Chase answered that one, "It's because everyone's always said how much I look-looked like Chad. And because, well, I miss my brother, too." The boy said the last part in barely more then a whisper.

Troy was dumbfounded. In the months since Chad's death, he hadn't once thought about Chad's own family. Chase was three years younger then Chad had been, but he was nearly as tall. He was built exactly like his brother, and from what Troy had seen, had the same knack for basketball. In the ninth grade, which still meant he was in Junior High, he was a starting forward for the school's boy's basketball team.

"I'm sorry, Chase." Troy whispered. And he felt as if something broke inside him. Like he'd gotten over some invisible barrier.

The psychiatrist that Troy went to later said that was getting over denial-the first stage of grief. After that incident in the cemetery, Troy rejoined the human race. Gradually, in baby steps.

First, he went to his father, and asked to be put back on the team. He would no longer be captain, but he was still first string.

The following fall, Troy and Gabriella tried out for the fall musical. Together, as a pair. They made the leads.

Within a year, Troy was back in his old life. He would never, ever, forget Chad. But he found that he talked to his dead friend less and less.

And in Troy Bolton's Senior year, he helped Chase Danforth become the first Freshman to play on the varsity basketball team. Call it repaying a debt.

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