Inspired by my RLNT fics and the one-shot A Moment Like This, this poem is about the kinds of warmth Sirius experiences in Azkaban, in hiding after his escape, and in his lover Cami's arms.


Warmth in a prison cell, coveted, rare,

Found in sunlight streaming,

Shines through iron bars to reach the stone floor,

Each ray a mixed blessing.


Reminders of golden, halcyon days,

Memories of lost friends,

Replaced with the images fuelled by hate,

Clung to in the darkness.


Warmth on a sandy beach, lone, unfettered,

Revelling in freedom,

Floats weightlessly upon clear blue waters,

Healing scarred emotions.


Dives into a sea of forgetfulness,

Living for the moment,

An owl arrives to break the island's spell,

Returning to darkness.


Warmth in a lover's arms, soft and stirring,

Feelings once forgotten,

Revealed in the tenderness of kisses,

Pressed to lips in passion.


Uniting two hearts and souls and bodies

In a blissful embrace,

Dreaming of the future, entwined in love,

Defying the darkness.