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Hollywood, CA, 1981

Silvia Greenburg, better known to her adoring fans as Silvia Grace, had always been the consummate performer – lines memorized, blocking perfected, every syllable spoken with just the right inflection, her appearance polished and her manners beyond reproach. She wanted her last performance to be no different.

"Sarah-Ann! Get in here please." She called to her five year old daughter. The little girl entered the room.

"Yes mommy."

"Remember, you bring this to me when I call – only when I call you. We have to get this right on the first take." The little girl nodded and accepted the silver tray her mother handed to her. "Now, wait in the hall." She did as instructed.

Silvia looked at herself in the mirror and added more lipstick to her already-scarlet lips. She walked over to the perfectly-made bed – her white silk gown matching the bed covering. She set herself up diagonally across the bed. Reaching for the phone, she picked up the receiver and quickly dialed a much-used number.

"Hello, Gordon Samples Agency. How may I help you?"

"This is Silvia Grace. I must speak with Gordon right away."

"Yes Ms. Grace. I'll get him for you right now."

"Silvia! Where have you been hiding? I've been so worried. Why did you send me a letter of resignation?"

"Gordon, I'm done with this life. Promise me one thing."

"Anything for you, you know that. What is going on? You don't sound like yourself."

"Take care of Sarah-Ann for me. She will be so lonely without me." She placed the receiver on the pillow near her head and called her daughter back into the room. She motioned for the little girl to bring the tray close to the bed. Silvia lifted the silver lid from the tray, revealing a hand gun. All the while, Gordon's voice could be heard calling Silvia's name over and over again.

"Goodbye my darling."

Gordon nearly dropped the phone when he heard to gun shot over the receiver.

"Silvia! What is happening? Silvia!" Gordon stopped yelling and listened – he could hear a little girl crying for her mommy.