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Story by StormDancer

Chapter 1

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Raven Roth was in heaven. She truly believed she was, in that magical place where nothing existed but her, and the music. And so she danced, twirling to the wonderful music. So lost in her own world was she that she did not notice the boy who had entered the edge of her studio.

Roy Harper watched the small girl dance. She was a natural, even he, who had no experience in judging these things, could tell. Her lithe body moved with the grace of the wind. But now, it was time to awaken her from her trance. He leaned down and shut off the music. She slowly stopped and turned to face him, hands firmly planted on her hips.

"What did you do that for?" she complained, "I was having fun."

"there is no way you are spending the last day of winter vacation with only your dancing," he informed her, "especially when you have friends who haven't talked to you in a while."

"Roy," she whined, "I saw you guys yesterday."

"No you didn't. Day before yesterday."

"Fine, whatever. Can you please turn the music back on?"

Roy shook his head.

"Raven, would it kill you to hang with your friends?"

Raven considered.

"Do you really want an answer to that?" she asked him seriously. Roy shook his head disbelievingly.

"God, Rae, you need to be more social."

"No," Raven planted her feet firmly on the ground, "I stay here."

"If you want to be that way," Roy acquiesced, turning to leave. As she relaxed, thinking she had won, he quickly spun and grabbed her, throwing her over one shoulder. The much smaller girl struggled in his grasp.

"Roy! Roy!" she demanded, flailing, "Put me down!"

"No," he told her simply, "This is the only way to get you to come with us."

She continued squirming, but he was stronger than her and she was in a bad position.

'Well,' she considered, 'at least I have a decent looking kidnapper. Soccer has been good to him.' She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts. Stockholm syndrome was far to cliché.

Roy strode into the living room, Raven still flung over his shoulder. As they entered in this strange position, 14 eyes turned to them. All their other friends gaped at them. Garfield alone burst into muffled laughter. Roy dumped her in the middle of the circle of couches and chairs.

"Well, comrades, what shall we do with our captive?" he asked playfully. Raven glared at her.

"Ransom her?" Garfield Logan suggested hopefully.

Victor Stone shook his head.

"Nope, this one's relatives wouldn't want her back."

Raven made a face at her adopted brother. He stuck his tongue out at her.

"You're right," Garth Atali agreed, "Let's sell her to the slavers. She'll get us more money that way."

Roy poked her in the side.

"Not enough meat on her to be a good slave," he informed them all, "We have to fatten her up first."

Richard, or Dick, Grayson frowned at him.

"Are the slavers going to eat her, Roy? Because otherwise, I don't think they'd care how much she weighed."

Roy shrugged sheepishly as the rest all laughed at him.

"But he's right girl," Karen Beecher addressed Raven, "You are too skinny."

Raven grimaced at this long standing argument.

"If I'm going to make it as a dancer, I have to watch my weight," she told them all impatiently, "you know that."

Karen did not seem convinced, and caught her boyfriend Victor's eye. He nodded. He would make sure she ate from now on. Raven rolled her eyes at those two.

"If you're finished talking with you're eyes," she drawled, "What are we going to do?"

"Ooh, ooh," Garfield cried, raising his hand, "pick me!"

Dick rolled his eyes expressively.

"We aren't at school," he reminded the younger boy, "You don't have to be called on."

"Oh. Right," Garfield put down his hand, "Let's play-"

He was cut off by his girlfriend's hand over his mouth.

"If you say Truth or Dare," Tara Markov informed him, "I might have to kill you."

Garfield stopped talking. Roy, after staring meditatively into space for a few minutes as they all thought, suddenly grinned.

"Let's play 'Never have I ever!'!' he exclaimed.

Kori Anders looked at him inquisitively.

"Please, what is that?" She asked. Being from Russia, she was always out of the loop.

Her boyfriend Dick spoke up as well.

"I must admit, I've never played it either."

"Me neither."

"I haven't."

"Not me."

"Rae," Roy asked, "Have you?"


"Well than," he jumped up excitedly, "We have to play! Everybody, sit in a circle."

Everyone groaned and moved to obey as Roy explained the rules(a/n-if you don't know how to play, see bottom of page).

"Okay, I'll go first," he declared, "Never have I ever… had sex."

As expected, no one raised their hands.

"That's boring, Roy," Tara admonished, "You know none of us have ever done that. I'll go next. Never have I ever... smoked a cigarette."

Roy raised his hand, as everyone knew, and so did Raven, to everyone's surprise.

"What!" Victor thundered.

Raven shrugged, "it was at camp, some kid pulled them out and I tried one. Nothing big."

Victor glared at her.

"I'm blaming you," he told Roy.

"What? Me?" Roy exclaimed, "I wasn't the one who gave one to her. I've been good."

"But you are always smoking, so it makes it seem alright," Roy was loftily informed. He rolled his eyes.

"Whatever," he scoffed. Raven grinned cheekily at him.

"I'll go next," she proclaimed, "Never have I ever… fallen in love."

Roy and Garth raised their arms with alacrity. The others looked to their significant other, and smiled dreamily. Garth grinned.

"Come one, be honest. We all know you're not in love," Garth teased.

"Cause you know so much about it, heart throb," Kori accused. Garth shrugged.

"Is it my fault everyone loves me?" he asked. Raven elbowed him.

"Yes," she said simply. All the others agreed. Garth lifted his nose unapologetically.

"Hey, I can't help it that I'm wonderful."

Raven and Roy hit him with pillows. He collapsed under the assault, his princely attitude gone.

"My turn! My turn!" Gar yelled. Victor rolled his eyes.

"Okay, grass stain, you can go."

"Just because green hair is so much cooler than black is no reason to be jealous," Garfield retorted, referring to his dyed forest green hair, "Anyways, never have I ever… been in a fight."

Karen, Tara, Dick, Roy, and Raven raised their hands.

"Raven?" Garfield asked, incredulous.

"It was… before," she replied. All the friends nodded. Though none of them except Victor knew much about her time before being adopted by the Stones, they all knew not to pry.

The game continued for the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening. Finally, Dick stood.

"Sorry, guys, but I really have to go. Bruce is throwing some big party thing that I have to be at," he told them regretfully, pulling the keys to his motorcycle out of his pocket, "Want a ride, Kori?"

"Sure," she replied, jumping up quickly, "good Bye, friends!" she exclaimed, hugging Raven tightly.

"Kor," Raven deadpanned, "you're suffocating me."

Kori let go quickly. After those two left, Garfield and Tara left together, closely followed by Garth. When the majority of people had left, Victor and Karen had disappeared upstairs.

Roy sank into a chair, grinning at their disappearance.

"Somehow, I don't want to know what those two are doing up there," he observed idly.

Raven was curled up in a chair across from him.

"Me neither. Somehow, after these get togethers, I really feel like I need a boyfriend."

"I know what you mean," Roy sighed, "All of them have finally paired up after years of denying themselves, and here are me, you and Garth, still single. And I'm the worst off! You still have a year of high school left, and Garth is only single by choice! He could have anyone! Do people just not like soccer, that the Soccer Captain is less attractive than the Swim captain?"

"No, he's just hotter than you are," Raven teased.

Roy raised an eyebrow.

"Is there one more pairing I should know about?" he asked her. Raven quickly shook her head.

"Me and Garth? Eww, no," Raven shuddered, "And anyway, who says you can't have anyone? You've been with most of the girls in the school. In fact, I think I'm the only one you haven't been with!"

Roy shrugged, thinking quickly.

"What about Kare-no that one party freshman year. Kori? No, you're right, when we were drink and Dick was out of town."

Raven glanced at him in surprise.

"What?" Roy protested, "It didn't mean anything! We were drunk and I think she thought I was Dick. We are a lot alike, you know."

Raven shrugged.

"Just don't tell anyone," Roy continued, "But the point is, I'm still single! I can't keep a girl! My longest relationship has been a week!"

"Well, if you acted to them like you do to me, Kori, and Karen, maybe you would be able to. With us, you're fine. You act tolerably, aren't disrespectful of us like you are to the girls you date, and still lean toward handsome. Your problem," Raven explained, "is that you don't care about them at all. You act like a kiss is just a random thing, doesn't mean anything. To some people, a kiss is a big deal."

Roy stared at the girl lying in the depths of the couch, not paying attention to what she was saying. She was beautiful as she laid there, her body curved in a way only dancers could, still incased in black, her pale skin highlighted in the dark. Moved by an impulse he never did understand, Roy stood and walked over to the girl. Leaning down, he gently pressed his lips to hers in a kiss.

She stiffened in shock, but to this surprise she began to respond. He deepened the kiss, only pulling away when they were both out of breath, a long time for two athletes. As he broke way, Raven looked up at him with shocked and confused eyes.

"See ya around, Rae," he muttered as he hurried, nearly fleeing, to the door. Raven stared after him, not knowing what to think.

How to play 'Never Have I Ever'-one person says something he or she has never done. All people who have done that raise their hands. Sounds stupid, but can actually be fun.