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Story By StormDancer

Act 2: Chapter 4

It is not light that we need, but fire; not the gentle shower but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Raven was shaking when she walked in the door, holding a carton of milk gingerly in her hand. Roy noticed immediately, abandoning his tactical conversation with Dick and rushing over to her.

"What happened?" he demanded, rushing her to a chair and handing off the milk to Kori, who was in charge of cooking.

"Change of plans, people!" she announced as an indirect answer. Everyone came out of their assorted jobs to gather around her chair. When they were all there, she continued.

"I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow at noon at the docks."

A moment of stunned silence ensued. They hadn't expected the confrontation to be so soon, even if they all knew her birthday was tomorrow.

"Well," Dick said into the quiet, "we'll just have to ambush him."

"He didn't give me a set spot," Raven suggested, "We can pick a place to our advantage."

"Exactly," Dick beamed, "So I'm going to go scout. Why don't Vic and… Karen come with me."

The professed couple exchanged glares, and then turned those infuriated looks on him, joined with Garth's.

"Okay," he amended, "Vic and Dar and Tara. The rest of you, just work stuff out."

"He's very articulate, isn't he?" Roy observed as the four ran out of the room to Vic's car.

"Extremely," Raven agreed. A crash was heard in the kitchen, 'I'm going to go help Kori."

Karen winced as another crash sounded.

"A good idea. I'd better come too."

The two girls hurried off, leaving Garth and Roy to idly flip through TV channels. A door bell rang. Roy meandered over and opened it. As soon as Jinx saw who it was, she yanked him outside and slammed the door.

"What the hell?" he spat as she dragged him around behind the house. She shoved a bundle of papers in his arms.

"I pulled in some favors," she told him brusquely, "There's proof in there to get Trigon life imprisonment. Do what you will."

She moved to leave.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I have plans of my own to make," she informed him, "But I'll be there tomorrow. Make sure Raven knows about the blackmail."

"Aye aye Capitan," he said, saluting mockingly. She punched him in the arm and jogged off. He paged through the bundle slowly as he walked back into the house. How the hell did Jinx get all this stuff? There was stuff here in Trigon's own writing, and some stuff that he was sure she couldn't just google. There had to be some serious hacking going on.

"Raven?" he asked, wandering into the kitchen, still glancing at the files, "Can I talk to you for a sec?"

She put down her spoon and rose.


They walked together into the hall. Raven paused, fiddling with her sweatshirt ties, not looking up at him.

"What do you want?' she inquired almost shyly.

"Jinx just gave me these papers," he responded. At that, she stopped fidgeting and met his eyes, looking obscurely disappointed. Roy dismissed the contemplation of why she was disappointed to another day.


"Rae, they're files on Trigon. Stuff to prove what he did. We can put him back in jail with these. We can keep him in jail!"

Raven shook her head mournfully, looking at the floor once more.

"It won't work, Roy. He'll always be able to get out, and he'll always come after me."

Roy put gentle fingers beneath her chin and forced her head up, making her look at him.

"Don't worry about it, Raven. He won't get you."

"How do you know?" she yelled in frustration, "How could you know?"

"Because I'm me," he responded cockily. His voice gentled and quieted, taking on a note of worry, "Just take these with you tomorrow, okay? Just in case."

He pressed his lips chastely to her cheek, before wandering off to find food. Raven stared resolutely at the papers, trying not to move her hand to trace the spot where his lips had touched.


Raven shuddered as she stopped just outside the docks area. Today would be the day. It was her birthday, and the day her fate would be decided. She knew, somehow, that whatever was decided today would be final. There would be no more chances for her.

Beside her, Roy stopped too. She had tried to tell him that it was dangerous for him and that for both of their safety she should go alone. But he knew her too well, and knew she needed the comfort that she could almost feel form him.

"You okay, little bird?" he asked, voice full of concern. She nodded. He didn't look convinced.

"I'm fine," she replied, 'Just a little bit nervous."

"Well, I should hope you're nervous!" he joked, "You are standing alone with the hottest guy of your acquaintance!"

She grinned despite herself, and didn't bother to correct him. She knew he was right. He was hot, frame din the noon sunlight, jeans and red t shirt illuminating his looks rather then hiding them, like hr huge sweatshirt did at the moment.

"Roy?" she said quietly.

"Yeah?" he was scanning the place for any movement, despite the fact that everyone else was already in place. When she spoke, though, he turned to face her, and her courage left her.

"You should get in place," she told him without meeting his eyes. He sighed. He knew she had meant to say something else.

"No really, what?"

She bit her lip. This might be the last time she ever talked to him. If she ended up going with her father, her world here would end. There was no point not saying anything. Roy waited patiently, cerulean eyes sparkling as he gazed at her, drinking in her every movement. Raven found herself drawn in by those laughing eyes.

Before she even thought, she grabbed his head and pulled it down to her level, crushing his lips to hers. Before he had gotten over his shock and could respond, she had let go and was dashing to her station. He stared at her for a moment before Vic grabbed him and pulled him to his hiding place, next to Vic and Jinx.

Jinx smirked knowingly at him.

"Nice good bye present?" she asked, turning her eyes back to Raven, who was leaning nonchalantly against a wall in an alley.

"I just hope it wasn't one," he replied solemnly. Both Vic and Jinx nodded, and before he turned his attention on the lone visible figure, he noted with what might have been a grin under other circumstances that their hands were clasped nervously together.


Garth tried to keep his attention on Raven or the surrounding area, but somehow his gaze kept n straying to the girl next to him. Karen was determinedly keeping her eyes where they should be, not glancing either at him or the other way, where they could just make out Vic's hulking figure and a smaller one next to it.

"Kar?" he whispered, breaking the silence only slightly.

"What?" her voice was just as low.

"Are you and Vic still together?"

Now she looked at him, and her black eyes were angry, but not really sad.

"I don't think so. We haven't officially broken up, but there's nothing there anymore."

Garth nodded, opened his mouth to speak, then shut it again. Karen grinned at his fishlike antics.

"Why?" she muttered.

"Because, well, I was thinking, you deserve someone better."

Karen managed to keep her outer body to echo her inner leaps of joy. She thought he would take weeks more of hints before he spoke up.

"Oh really?" she purred, "And do you have any suggestions?"

His pale cheeks went even redder as he mock scowled at her. She was not making this any easier. Then he grinned. He lifted one of her hands, which she had been nervously fluttering, and brought it smoothly to his lips.

"Of course, milady," he murmured with a wicked smirk. She held in a giggle and was about to say something when both her and Garth's phone buzzed, the agreed upon Trigon spotted signal.

"Shit," she muttered, "He's here."

Both of their attention was riveted forward, but her hand was still captured by his, and it squeezed tighter as she shivered and a massive white haired man strode into the alley.


"Daughter." A reinforcement of his call on her.

"Trigon." A denial of that call.

"Shall we go?" Years of practice let Raven not gape at his thickness. He had to know she wouldn't just go.

"No," she stated. He ignored her.

"You seem to have brought few belongings, but that is fine. We wouldn't want you beholden to anyone. I can acquire clothes much more fitting to your station when we return to base." He gestured to her to follow him, but she stood her ground. Shakily, but she did not move.

"No," she repeated, louder this time.

"What did you say, daughter?" his voice was dangerously soft, and that worried Raven. When he roared, he was predictable. When he got like this, his mind was inconceivably devious, and she was flailing in the dark.

"I am not going with you," she clarified, voice strong but in his beloved monotone.

"And why not?" he hissed, stalking closer to her, "Do you have friends attaching you to this place? I can fix that."

Raven shivered and her eyes widened nearly imperceptibly. Trigon noticed and pressed his advantage.

"It wouldn't be extremely difficult," he mused, "A few questions, one of my loyal minions, a dark night…" his voice trailed off, but everyone could see Raven was weakening with that threat. Roy clenched his fists.

"You can do it, Rae," he muttered. Jinx and Vic glared at him for making noise, but he ignored them. Every particle of his being was focused on the scene enfolding in front of him.

"You're bluffing," Raven informed Trigon loftily, "If you did something like that while on parole, even you would get thrown back in prison."

"Ah, but you see daughter," he sneered, "It wouldn't be me. Some other crime lord would undoubtedly be trying to get revenge on me through my daughter."

"Oh?" she raised an eyebrow skeptically, "And if I told the courts this?"

"It would be your word against mine, and I have more money."

He was so close to her now that she had to lean backwards to meet his eyes.

"You are mine, Raven," he told her coldly, "And you always will be."

A massive hand clamped onto her shoulder, claiming her for the world to see. Raven contained a wince at the pain, both internal and external. She had lost. She was going with him.

Jinx was trying to quietly stop both Vic and Roy from charging, one hand on each their shoulders and muttering quietly in their ears. The others were too stunned to do anything. They had…lost.

Raven walked down the alley slowly beside her father, head hanging. At least she had said her good byes beforehand. And at least she had told Roy. Well, sort of told him. She thought he had gotten the hint. His image swam before her blurring eyes, laughing and teasing. She shook it away. There was no point dwelling on the past, and he was the past now. She was back to being her father's pawn. He had control over her.

He only has as much control over you as you let him. She had told Dick that years ago, when he was getting bothered by a bully. The next time Dick and Slade had fought, Dick had stood up to him. Slade never bothered Dick again.

Raven's head came up and her shoulders straightened. She shrugged off her father's hand and stopped walking.

"I don't have to go with you," she told Trigon when he looked back at her.

"Daughter," he sighed impatiently, "We have just gone over this. You are coming with me, or you will suffer the consequences."

She laughed. Not much of one, but it was a giggle. He stared in surprise.

"No, father," she chuckled, "You will suffer the consequences if you press me."

"What are you implying, daughter?"

The laughter left her voice. It was now as cold and dangerous as his own.

"I have proof, Trigon. Proof in your own hand that will get you put on death row no matter how much money you give."

"Now you are bluffing, daughter."

"Am I?" she pulled out the package of papers Jinx had given Roy the day before, "These could be your own logs and inner network files. Of course, they could also be just a stack of papers. Your choice."

"Give those to me," he spat.


"Daughter…" it was a threat now. She was shifting unconsciously into a fighting pose even as he tensed to charge.

"I will not give them to you," she informed him and dodged his sweeping right hook.

They fought. Jinx was even more hard pressed to hold back the tow boys in her charge without giving their position away. Right now, she knew the best help raven could have was to leave her alone. Getting in close would mean getting stuck in the cross fire. None of them had trained for this sort of fighting, not even the black belt Dick. This was street fighting, dirty and cheating. It was only a matter of time before one of them pulled a knife. So Raven's friends stood back and watched her getting slowly worn down, until finally she was on the ground on her back, papers still crushed to her chest, while Trigon held a knife to her throat.

"Give them to me, Raven," he warned, pushing the knife. A drop of blood rolled down her throat.

"You won't kill me," she spat, "You need me."

'Would you care to bet your life on that?" he asked, pressing the knife deeper.

'I would rather die then go work with you," she said, imbuing years of hatred and despair in those words.

"Well then, you have made your choice."

The knife was drawn back slightly to get a better angle on her jugular. Her friends stared in shock. They hadn't thought they would actually need to save her. They had thought it a lark, that Raven had exaggerated, and it was really just for fun. None of them had prepared for this eventuality.

Except Jinx. As Trigon struck she stood so suddenly no one could stop her and yelled.

"Mammoth! Now!"

It distracted Trigon for the crucial instant. He glanced over at where the sound had come from and didn't notice the figure with a club that loomed behind him until too late. He went down with a resounding crash as Mammoth swung the iron tipped rod at his temple.

A moment of stunned silence filled the alley. Raven bent down to feel for his pulse.

"He's alive," she announced, "But he'll be out for at least a few hours."

It broke the shock.

Jinx let go of Roy and he sprinted out to Raven, grabbing her waist and spinning her around a few times before pulling her into a show stopping kiss. Then the rest of her friends were around her, laughing and crying and hugging her, and raven noted with a smirk the Jinx and Vic and Karen and Garth were holding hands, and Jinx grinned at Roy's protective arm around Raven.

Dick had called the police, and Kori thoughtfully arranged Trigon on his back with papers on his chest before running back to the mob of teens that were slowly making their way out of the alley in the midst of joyful celebration.

Raven glanced back at the alley where her father lay, then at hr friends, dancing and merry, and she could feel Roy's arm around her waist.

"Come on guys," she laughed, 'Let's go home."