Um, hi. This is cappyandpashy4ever. I'm mostly a Hamtaro author, but thanks to a message from another member here, I've decided to try my hand at a Yu-Gi-Oh oneshot. I do not accept flamers. Please enjoy this story! It's in Seto's point of view.

Serenity's Heart by cappyandpashy4ever

I've never known this feeling before. All my life, it's been me, myself and I. I've been a loner, on my own, never letting emotions bring me down.

But now, it's not the same.

I try to discard my feelings, to forget what it's like to feel like this. But whenever I try it, I envision her. I can't concentrate on anything anymore. Everywhere and everything is her. The reflection in the lake, the clouds in the sky, the dew drops, all are not the same anymore.

And for this, I hate her.

I detest her. Despise her. Loathe her. But I love her.

Every time the wind ruffles her hair, I feel as though I am the wind, gently dancing about her silken chestnut locks. Every time the moon shines onto her eyes, I become the moonlight, shining and sinking into the deep pools of her hazel eyes. And every time she cries, every time a crystal tear falls from her face and shatters on the ground, I am her tear, and I too shatter like glass on the pavement.

For the first time, dueling hasn't mattered to me. I don't give a passing glance to the new card display at the dueling store. I don't even notice anything anymore.

But these things mean nothing. They can't mean anything. I won't allow it. But still, I can't help feeling something inside me has changed.

I want to wish this feeling away. I want to forget about it, forget about her. But at the same time, I know I can't. I won't just let my memories leave me. I won't cast away these precious memories; I won't let them shatter like her tears.

I am lost. Lost in my own emotions that I never even knew I had. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Nowhere is safe, I can't escape this looming terror inside me.

Yugi said once to believe in the heart of the cards. Yugi doesn't know how lucky he is.

How can I believe in the heart of the cards when I don't even know what my own heart is saying?

But I suppose I'll have to try, for the sake of both hearts.

Mine… and Serenity's.

I heard a door open behind me. I spun around to reveal…her. Just my luck.

"Seto!" she exclaimed, closing the door behind her. "What are you doing out here on the balcony?"

"I…nothing." I said, leaning over the balcony and looking down at the scenery below.

"Sure." She said in a teasing voice. She came over and stood beside me. "Now, tell me what's really happening."

"Nothing." I repeated, staring at the ground.

"Well, okay." She said, still sounding suspicious. "Come on inside, you must be freezing!"

"No thanks." I stated, ignoring the fact that I was cold.

"Please, Seto?" she said, giving me a pleading look in her eyes.

I was tempted. Do all girls have such deep eyes. "No." I finally decided, sounding a bit more cold than intended.

"Oh," she said, sounding a little hurt. "Well, at least take this. It's cold out here!"

She took off the jacket she was wearing and draped it over me. She started back to the door when I stopped her.

"Serenity, I…"

"Yes?" she looked at me with interest.


She giggled a little, and walked back inside. As soon as she was out of sight, I took off the jacket she gave me.

Despite the bitter cold, I felt warm enough already.