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Haley James stood in front of her mirror in the apartment she shared with her best friend. She smiled at her reflection – her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, she wore her most comfortable clothes and little to none make-up. She never truly wore fancy clothes – only when she went to functions.

She heard the front door open and she knew it was her best friend. The guy she loved. He was the one person who helped her the most after their accident. She didn't remember much of it...only that he was driving her to her friend, Peyton Saywer. The rest was a blank to her. All she remembered was waking up in the hospital and the doctor telling her that she had memory loss.

"Yo Hales! I brought the two movies you asked for but I want you to know that I really don't want to spend my whole night watching chick movies!" her best friend moaned loudly and Haley laughed. He always said that at their movie nights.

"I'll be right out...you can watch basketball so long." Haley said and smiled as she heard the TV go on.

Haley gave one last look at the mirror before going to the lounge.

When she entered the room she saw no sign of him. She worriedly looked around but still there was nothing. Suddenly she felt two strong hands pick her up and she laughed hysterically as he tickled her.

"Please stop! Stop! Please!" she screamed through her laughter.

"Why? Why should I?" her best friend whispered in her ear which sent a strange feeling through her whole body.

"Because you're the greatest...bestest friend in the whole world ever!" she laughed and he tickled her more.

"What about the sexiest?" he asked.

"And...and you're the sexiest...man alive! You...happy?" she laughed and he nodded and placed her on the couch. He sat down next to her and smirked as he saw her trying to regain her composure.

"Nathan Scott don't you dare give me one of your cocky-ass smirks!" Haley said loudly and playfully punched him on the arm. Then she quickly stood up and made her way to the bathroom.

"Hey Nate. Hope you don't mind if I take a quick shower now before we start. Luke came by before and I didn't get a chance to." Haley explained. Even though Lucas was technically her best friend she always thought of Nathan as her best friend to.

"Sure Hales. Take your time...the longer you take, the less I have to watch those movies." Nathan said and he soon heard the water running.

Nathan put his hands in his hair and he immediately felt the tears burning in his eyes. He hated this...he hated being just her friend. But he – just like Lucas, Brooke, Peyton and Jake – knew that he had to for her sake. He wished he had never drove her to Peyton's that night. He had been so scared when she was in hospital. He hated remembering their love when she didn't. He hated it...because he could remember the accident which changed their lives. How a car had rammed into them which caused their car to roll down the hill. How he had woken up in hospital with a shoulder that was broken in two places – something that had ended his short career. How glad he was when Haley, the love of his life, had woken up...even if she had many broken bones. How sad and shocked he was when she had woken up without any memory of the accident or their love.

Nathan pulled out the chain that he wore around his neck and rubbed his wedding ring that hanged from it. He had taken it off the moment he had found out about her memory loss. He knew that one day he would have to tell her the truth. The fact that she was not Haley James...but Haley Scott.

Haley came out a little while later and saw Nathan still rubbing his wedding ring. She sighed softly...he always did that when he thought she wasn't in the room. She finally made a choice to talk to him about it. She silently sat next to him and pretended not to notice how fast he had put the chain under his shirt again. She slowly took his hand in hers and he absentmindedly lifted it up to his face and kissed the back of her hand. Haley understood that a lot had happened which she had no memory of. She wasn't stupid...she knew it was a wedding ring he had and she was dying to know who and when he had married and what had happened.

"Do you miss her?" she found herself asking and Nathan looked at her with a painful look on his face.

"Who?" he asked confused. Haley moved closer to Nathan and placed her head on his chest. Nathan, caught up in the moment, placed his arm around her and slowly rubbed her back. Haley took out his chain and looked at the ring.

"Your wife..."

An awkward silence followed in which Nathan was thinking hard of what to say to her, his wife.

"I miss her more than anyone will ever know." Nathan sighed.

"Where is she?" Haley asked as she closed her eyes and felt a sudden weariness sweep over her.

Nathan looked at his wife and he felt another round of tears in his eyes. He knew that he would have to tell her eventually but not today, not now. So he thought of the best way he could put it.

"Some days it feels like she's right here sitting next to me." he said simply.

Someday he would tell her the truth...and that is what kept him living...the simple knowledge that one day they would be together again. He sighed and stared for a moment at her sleeping form. Then he took her wedding ring out of his pocket and placed it on her index finger...so that if she woke up he could have an excuse. He fell asleep like that...his last thought before sleep took him over being: