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Chapter 25

A few months later Haley was heavily pregnant with the twins who had, as she told friends countless times, decided that they had to give her hell before they came so they could be good kids when they were born. Nathan did his best to support Haley as much as he can and she was grateful for it. Peyton and Jake had also announced that Peyton was pregnant a month earlier and no one was happier than Jenny. James, who had been away most of the pregnancy, had promised to visit as soon as he could get off work. Brooke was in full wedding mode as she tried to arrange her marriage and help her best friend. Nathan had given Lucas his shares of the dealership back and they were now partners…reaching out to new heights. Everything was going the way it should be.

Finally the day arrived as Haley's water broke and the gang all raced to the hospital. As the rest all stayed in the waiting room, Nathan and Karen was at Haley's side, helping her on as she went through the strenuous labor. Their boy was born first and a few minutes later their girl was born. Haley was physically exhausted when the birth was finally finished. The nurse placed the boy in Haley's arms and the girl in Nathan's arms.

Haley and Nathan both stared lovingly at their baby twins.

"She's the cutest thing I've ever seen…" Nathan said softly as his daughter grabbed his finger in her hand and squeezed it tightly with her tiny hand. Haley glanced at Nathan and smiled.

"Yeah she is…the cutest girl ever." Haley said as she kissed her son's forehead. Nathan leaned forward and looked at his son before smiling proudly.

"I can see it now…he is going to be a great basketball player one day." He said proudly and Haley frowned.

"What if I want my son to be an academic?" she asked and Nathan looked at her as if it was the worst idea in the world.

"Honey…he has to keep up the Scott tradition! We have a legacy to up hold!" Nathan said seriously and Haley laughed at him.

"Don't worry…we'll get back to that when he is a little bit older."


All of the gang stood in the hospital room a few hours later. Haley and Nathan held their children to them and the other girls tried their bests to see the new baby twins.

"Everyone…Haley and I would love to introduce you to two new additions to the our huge family." Nathan started before he handed his son to Lucas and Brooke to hold. Haley handed her daughter to James.

"May we introduce to you… Matthew Ryan Scott and Holly Debra Scott…" Haley said and Nathan hugged her to him. They had both decided to honor Ryan and Deb by giving their names to their children.

"Matthew…ahh he is so cute! I want to get married as soon as possible Lucas!" Brooke said and Nathan and Haley laughed. Lucas eyes were big as he stared down at his nephew.

"You know what…I want to as well…" he said with a evil glint and Brooke looked at him nervously as they passed on Matthew to Peyton and Jake. Lucas stood up and walked out of the room, leaving the rest to watch him leave, all very confused. They all had a chance to hold both children and soon the babies were back in their parents' arms. Suddenly Lucas walked in and everyone watched as he got down on one knee in front of Brooke.

"Broody…this isn't funny. We're already engaged." Brooke joked light heartedly and Lucas just smiled at her.

"Come on Cheery…you were the one in high school that showed me how to live life without fear…how to live like I should. Now I'm asking you to do the same. This isn't conventional nor is it something I planned but it is exactly how I want it. You can have the huge wedding with all your new celebrity friends but I'm asking you to marry me right here…in the chapel in this hospital…with all our friends and family around us…you know…like it was always meant to be. It won't be the way you planned but live a little…we can have the other wedding to…we can have it all…let's just…" Lucas was cut off when Brooke's lips connected with his and the rest of the group cheered as they kissed.


An hour later Lucas, Nathan and Jake stood at the end of the aisle next to a priest and watched as Peyton walked down with Jenny, Karen walked down with Cherise, James pushed Haley, in a wheelchair, down the aisle and Keith guiding Brooke down the aisle. Everyone was dressed in the clothes that they had gone to the hospital in. Skills, Bevin, Mouth and Tim sat in the seats and when they reached the end, Karen holding Jenny, Keith holding Cherise and James sat down next to them. The priest started the ceremony and everyone felt that it had come to an end to quickly as they heard him.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Brooke and Lucas gave each other a heartfelt kiss and everyone cheered at their friends. Lucas and Brooke were married by law but because they wanted the bigger wedding as well they decided to keep it a secret. No one could deny the fact that they all felt like one big family.


Two months later Brooke and Lucas were married in a very lavish ceremony that was attended by many celebrities who were friends of the bride and groom. They held the ceremony on the Scott estate where they had placed a huge tent to keep out any paparazzi. After the huge party the group of friends all sat around the huge main table and talked on and on about their lives. They were the last people to leave that night…

"There's only one Tree Hill…and it's our home…" Lucas said softly to them all before they left.


It was five years since the wedding day of Lucas and Brooke. They had a great honeymoon and afterwards Brooke changed her business so she could work from home. Brooke found out she was pregnant a few months later and they have a three year old son named Thomas Johannes Scott (or as he was known to everyone…TJ) and a girl on the way. Peyton and Jake had a lovely baby girl, Lilly Jagielski, who was now four. Haley and Nathan were very happy together and they never had any major problems since the birth of their children. The twins were five already and Haley had given birth to another girl, Mandy Myra Scott, three years after the twins and she to was again pregnant with another boy but had told Nathan very seriously that she didn't want any more children. James Lafferty was made godfather of Mandy as well and also of the unborn baby boy. He flew down every chance he got to see them and the kids loved him. He was very busy. He had written and produced his first show. It revolved around a group of teens who all lived in a small town overrun by the love of basketball – with the main focus being on the two brothers and their loves. One was an outcast and the other the popular guy. Then there was also a tutor, a cheerleader, an artist, a boy who becomes a dad, a dumb guy, a black guy and everything that came with them all. The name of this show? One Tree Hill. (A/N: lol…though we all know who made that brilliant show! It's just for dramatic emphasis.)

The gang all watched the last episode of the first season in anticipation as two of the main characters got married to the shock of everyone, one brother moved away, two friends made up and a man almost meets his end. The season ended with flashbacks of the season with one scene showing the mom saying to her son:

"There is only one Tree Hill…and it's your home."

The group watched as the last scene played before them.

"What do you think?" the girl asked.

"Someday…someday we'll all figure out why we were sent down this path. But till that day comes…we have to just go with our gut and live a little. Cause you can never really know what life is going to throw your way. Maybe you'll find your soul mate in high school…maybe everything will fall into place. I think that life is going to throw us curveballs…but we'll get through it. Cause I have this feeling that someday we'll all be sitting there watching a show that they based on our lives." The boy joked and she laughed.

"That won't happen…we're just some average teens living in Tree Hill. That's never going to happen."

"We'll see…we'll see someday." Was all he said before he smiled at her and climbed in the car.

Haley smiled at Nathan and they shared an intimate kiss before they looked back to the screen and smiled as they saw the small note showing on screen.

"To the real teens of Tree Hill – the ones who had to endure all these roadblocks in their lives. The people who had made choices that sometimes didn't fit into the standards of our lives. You guys inspired me to write this…thank you for letting me join your group. You have proved to me that love can happen anytime – even when you are just 16 and in high school. I dedicate this show to you guys…and my lovely godchildren who I love with my whole heart. You are all in my heart. Thank you for accepting me into your huge family…always and forever…James."


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