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Chibified- Chapter 1

How it All began.

Hinata lay in her bed, letting the yawn escape from her mouth. She didn't get to sleep until 1 last night, and she didn't intend to wake up.

"Hinata-nee-san wake up!" a childish voice screamed in her ear.

Hinata moaned.

"Hokage-sama has called for you!"

Hinata jumped from her bed and ran to her cupboard pulling out some clothes, and getting into them.

"G-gomen, Watashi, I'll be there in a second," She squeaked.

She ran into the bathroom, going pee (an- sorry bt i just had to put that in), brushing her teeth, washing her face and brushing her hair.

She came out dressed, clean and ready to go.

"Hinata-nee-san that was quick," Hinabi smiled.

Hinata nodded and ran downstairs, saying good bye to her cousin and her sister. She ran towards the Hokage's office.

It took her a couple of minutes to be outside her office, she panted as she reched for the door knob. But before she could do soo…..


"Quiet you little brat!"

"Sasuke, she will be here soon,"

Hinata sweat dropped……..

'No…no….no… they must mean another Sasuke, the Sasuke I know, doesn't sound small, he doesn't yell, and… he is a missing nin,'

"You foolish brother, stop being such a brat, no wonder kaa-chans not coming,"

"Shut up Itachi!"


Hinata shook off her thoughts as she pushed the door open and was tackled by something very small, yet very very familiar.

"Kaa-chan is here!" It shouted.

"Hinata-san?" Sakura said.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto said.

"Hinata," Tsunade and Kakashi said.

"Kaa-chan," a little boy, who looked like Itachi said.

Hinata looked at the thing, clinging onto her.







"Kaa-chan! Is here. YAY, cha la la la la la la la, cha la ala ala alalalala!!"

"OI! LISTEN TO ME YOU IDIOTS," Tsunade interrupted.

The mini Sasuke and Itachi hid behind the confused Hinata.

"Hinata, I have a mission for you…. And Kakashi," The Hokage sighed.

"Ano sa, baa-chan, shouldn't me and Sakura-chan take care of them, we know Sasuke better," Naruto said.

Tsunade sighed.

"You can try Naruto, go on, try taking Sasuke away from Hinata and Kakashi,"

Naruto being the idiot he is….ran towards Sasuke and pulled his little arm.

"Sasuke-teme come on……"

Sasuke looked up at Naruto, with puppy dog-teary eyes.

"Kaa-chan…… whisker face called me teme……" Sasuke said shakily.


"Naruto!" Sakura screamed, she hit Naruto in the head.

Sasuke clung onto Hinata's leg. Hinata smiled at the crying Sasuke and picked him up, cradling him in her arms. Kakashi smiled at Hinata beneath his mask.

'Hinata-san would truly make a good mother and wife,' he thought.

Itachi pouted, he clung onto Hinata's jacket in desperation, trying not to be seen by Naruto.

"Ano, Naruto-kun, we should just leave Sasuke, if this is a mission I would be glad to look after Sasuke and Itachi with Kakashi-sensei," she said.

Everyone was shocked.

"I accept the mission," she continued.

"So do I," Kakashi added.

Hinata nodded at him as if saying thank you, he nodded in reply.

"What exactly happened, Hokage-sama?" Hinata asked, holding the now sleeping Sasuke in her arms.

Kakashi picked up Itachi who soon fell asleep to,

"Sasuke, had gone off to fight Itachi, and he did find him, they fought big time and used two jitsu's at the same time, causing them to….. get sooo small and chibified," Tsunade explained.

Hinata nodded.

"You and Kakashi will be playing as Sasuke and Itachi's mom and dad for the time being,"

They both nodded.

"You two will be staying at the Uchiha main house,"

"Nani!"Sakuraand Narutoasked puzzeled.

"I saidthose two will both be staying in the Uchiha main house, together, in the same room!" Tsunande sighed.

Hinata blushed, and Kakashi smirked.

Naruto frowned, he didn't really like the idea of a 17 year old girl, staying with a 24 year old man.

"You may leave but take this,"

Hinata looked at the box and the pieces of paper that Tsunade slid across the desk.

"A marriage certificate and wedding rings,"


"Shut up Naruto, this is a hard mission, we have to make Hinata and Kakashi look like a real couple and that Itachi and Sasuke are there children,"

"But why Kakashi-sensei and Hinata-san?" Sakura asked silently.

"We don't know Sakura-san, when we showed them pictures of the shinobi, Hinata and Kakashi are apparently, Sasuke and Itachi's mum and dad," Tsunade replied.

Hinata picked up the items and started to walk out of the room,

"L-lets go, K-kakashi-sensei," she said, he nodded and followed her, they two kids in their arms.

They all walked out of the Hokage's office, Sakura jogged up to Hinata.

"Hi Hinata-san," she said cheerfully.

"Ohayou-goziamasu, Sakura-san," Hinata replied smiling.

"Hinata-san, tell me, why did you take this mission? I mean, aren't you worried about Itachi and Sasuke changing back and attacking you, or what Kakash-sensei might do to you?"

Hinata shook her head,

"Sakura-san, this is a mission, and I will never back down from one. Even if that means looking after a mission nin or a shinobi who is a mass murderer, or staying with a person that I hardly know and marrying them. I promised myself that I would every single mission, and take it to the end,"

Sakura was surprised, she didn't know that over the years she had grown in strength, beauty and she had become stronger in the inside. She was soo inspiring….

"Sayonara, Sakura-san, Naruto-kun," Hinata said.

She and Kakashi walked quietly to the Uchiha Manor, not making a sound. When they arrived, Kakashi opened the door and let them in.

It was dark and empty, it had such a depressing feeling lingering through the air, well this was the place where the Uchiha clan was murdered. She placed Sasuke next to Itachi in an empty bed upstairs. She smiled as Itachi hugged Sasuke closer to him.

'Was this really there relationship before Itachi killed them all?' Hinata asked herself.

Kakashi appeared behind Hinata, a little to close for her wantings.

"We should let them sleep now, Hinata," he sighed.

She nodded, and they both left the room closing the door behind them.

They sat at the table, looking at the wedding certificate and rings that lay there, teasing them.

"Hinata, are you okay?" Kakashi asked.


"Don't lie to me,"

"Gomen, ano, its just that I n-never expected this to happen," she sighed.

"Same here,"

"I wonder what father will say,"

'Yes Hinata, I wonder what he will say to…..'

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