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Chibified- Chapter 5.

Predictions or Just Dreams ?

The morning sun shone brightly through the windows of the Uchiha Manor. The beams glided over the younger Uchiha's closed eyes, stirring him out of his sleep. Sasuke rolled off the bed and onto the soft floor, he rubbed his large black eyes and opened his mouth to let out a small yawn. He turned around to look at his older brother who was still sleeping on the double bed.

"Oniisan..Oniisan!!! Wake up!!" He whispered.

Itachi moaned slightly but continued to sleep, Sasuke shook his head and ran to the door to check on his mother and father. "I wonder what Otousan and Kaachan are doing..." he thought to himself. "Lets go find out!"

Sasuke ran down the hallway, his feet padding on the soft tatami mats, He finally reached the door that lead into his parent's room. He heard some moaning coming from outside the room, he tilted his head and opened the door to find out what was making this wierd noise. The door creaked open to reaveal two figures in the large bed, One ontop of the other, he recognized one figure but not the other. " Okaachan ??" He asked.

Hinata was lying down her arms spread apart from one side of the bed to the other, the other person that was on top of her, he had spikey hair, not like Kakashi's but like some one else Sasuke had seen before.

"Nani ?" Sasuke walked closer to the bed and examined closer, the figure ontop was moving up and down, whilst Hinata was groaning in pain, the figure turned it's head to reveal two glowing red eyes and 6 straight marks on it's cheeks. It glared at the small boy and reached out one of it's clawed hands, grabbing Sasuke's shirt.

"Noooo!!! Let me gooo!!!" Sasuke screamed.

A warm hand touched the waking boys's face.

"Its Okay honey, it was just a bad dream." A familiar voice said.

Sasuke looked around the room to see Kakashi, Itachi and Hinata. "Kaachan ?!?! It was horrible" He cried, plunging himself into Hinata's arms. Hinata looked down at the small child, and wrapped her arms around his small body.

"Dont worry, Its all over now." Hinata cooed.

Sasuke sniffed and rubbed his tearing eyes, he looked up at the young woman that he thought was his mother, "Kaachan..?"

"Nani ?"

"Im Hungry.."

Hinata smiled and nodded, "Lets get you both fed"

Fish sizzled in the small frying pan, Hinata used her chopsticks to flip it onto the opposite side to cook. The three males waited eagerly at the table as the young woman finished up cooking.

"Otousan.." Itachi mumbled.

"Nani ?" Kakashi replied lazily.

"Can we go out today with those people ?"

"Which People?"

"Those people that came that one time to play with us".

"Sakura and Naruto you mean ?"

"I think so all i remember was the boy had funny lines on his face and the girl was yelling alot"

"thats Sakura and Naruto for you..." Kakashi thought.

"Me and Kakashi can take you out." Hinata suggested, as she placed the plate of fish onto the table.

"I knnow but....yogh..Giiya..rrr...touu..auld.." Itachi said through his food.

"Dont chew with your mouth open Itachi." Hinata said sternly.

"G-gomenasai Kaachan, I said you guys are too old to play with!" Itachi smiled.

"What do you mean were too old ?" Kakashi glared at the older Uchiha boy.

"Gomenasai Otousan demo... Your not fun to play with like Sakiro and Naritou.."

"Sakiro and Naritou ? What are they teaching these kids.?." Kakashi sighed.

"Hey thats not tru-"

"Kakashi-san.. Just let them be" Hinata interrupted.

Kakashi nodded, "Hai, I'll call Naruto and Sakura after breakfast."

They ate silently, well apart from the boys eating like a pack of wild dogs, there were no words. Sasuke scraped the last bit of rice from his plate.

"Gochisousama deshita!" The three boys said clapping their hands and rubbing their full bellies.

"I'll go fetch Naruto and Sakura." Kakashi grunted lifting himself from his chair and walking out of the room.

"Kaa-chan ?" Sasuke asked.

"Nani ?"

"Ano.. Kaa-chan.. I had this dream.."

"About what ?"

Sasuke looked down at the floor, " What do people do in the bed, when they are not sleeping.?"

Hinata raised her brow, "What do you mean ?"

"Ano.. in my dream, I saw you and a monster in the bed, and you were crying and the monster was ontop of you.. Moving up and down, Up and down," he said innocently, motioning his hands up and down, " Like this!"

Hinata froze. "Moving up and down.. he doesnt mean....."

"They are making love,"

Kakashi had walked into the room.

"Making love ?" Sasuke asked, looking at the two adults.

"Hai, making love."

"Whats making love ?" Itachi asked, hopping down from his chair and approaching the man, that he thought was his father.

"Well.. Its.." Kakashi coughed, not knowing how to explain, "Hinata ?"

Hinata blushed, "U-uh.. A m-man and a woman will make love, when they really care and love eachother.."

Kakashi nodded.

"So.. Have you and Kaa-chan made love before ?" Sasuke asked.

Hinata blushed and looked at Kakashi who remained calm. "Many times," Kakashi grinned.

"Kakashi!!" Hinata choked.

"Every night ?" Sasuke and Itachi asked.

"Hmm.. Not every night but most nights.."

"ahh.." Sasuke smiled.

He looked at his brother, then back at his parents.

"Does that mean me and Onii-san can make love?"

"No." Kakashi replied..

"naniii.... Why ?" Sasuke frowned, tears building up in his black eyes.


"Because why ?"

"Because you are both boys.. and brothers.."

Sasuked nodded, "so only a boy and a girl can make love ?"

"Well, Mainly girls and boys make love, but not all the time.."

Sasuke looked confused, "Can me and Kaa-chan make love ?"

"N-No!!" Hinata said, shaking her head violently.

"But Otou-san said..."

"Matte, Matte.. You cant make love with your mother, and besides, I am making love with her.."

"Kakashi..." Hinata blushed.

Kakashi winked and turned around to walk out of the room, "Sakura and Naruto will be here shortly."


Hinata sighed and looked down at the two boys, who were looking up at their mother. Both of them had a wanting look on their faces, she could tell that they were thirsty for some information.

"Ah.. i'm going up to the bedroom.." she said, running out of the room.

"Come on Naruto.. We are going to be late!"

The Blue eyed boy looked at his reflection in the mirror.

"All this time, she had loved me ? Why couldnt I notice ? I'm such an idiot.."


Sakura walked into the room, she noticed that the Fox boy wasn't in his usual energetic mood, and when she saw the look on his face, she immediately knew that something was wrong.

"Naruto... what's wrong ?" She asked, looking down at him.

"Sakura.. did you know.. ?"

The girl tilted her head, "know what ?"

"That Hinata had.. you know.. loved me ?"

Sakura sighed and sat next to her former teammate, "Yes.."

Naruto frowned and turned to face her, "Why didn't you tell me ?!?"

"Dont raise your voice at me!" she growled back.

Naruto straightened up his face and closed his eyes.

"Gomen ne.. Its just.. Why didn't i know ? How come nobody told me ?"

Sakura placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, "Some relationships are just not meant to be, like me and Sasuke, Kakashi deserves Hinata and she deserves him, they are happy together.. Come on lets go.."

Sakura left the room but Naruto still sat there.

"We are not going to let him win.. I will have her.. She will be mine.."

"Naritou! Sakiro!!"

"Sasuke kun! Itachi kun!" Sakura smiled and opened her arms to the boys. "I guess that kids dont stay scared of the same person for that long." Sakura thought to herself.

Naruto stood behind Sakura, not saying a word.

"Naruto-kun, Daijoubu desuka ?" Hinata asked.

Naruto looked up at the Hyuuga, "Hai Daijoubu desu."

Hinata smiled and turned to Kakashi.

"So were will you be taking them ?"

"Oh, to the markets, we will take them out to lunch and stuff!" Sakura said.

"Arigatou gozaimasu, Sakura-san" Hinata smiled.

"No problem Hinata-chan, it would be nice to give you and Kakashi a break,"

Hinata nodded.

"Sakiro..lets go!!"

"Hai hai.. Ittekimasu!"

Four left and now there were two.

Hinata remembered the conversation between herself, Kakashi and the two kids.

"Making love.. Why did Kakashi have to even bring it up" Hinata sighed and Kakashi noticed this.

"Whats wrong Hinata ?" He asked.

"O-oh.. nothing.. Gomenasai.." She stuttered.

"Hmmph.. You dont have to apologize." Kakashi chuckled, "Whats wrong ? Tell me."

Hinata looked up, the blush spread accross her face, "I W-was just thinking about before, when Sasuke was telling us about his..d-dream,"

"Ah.. A bit strange that Sasuke would be having a sexual fantasy at that age.."

"S-sexual F-fantasy ?"

Kakashi looked Hinata in the eyes, "People moving up and down in a bed, doesnt exactly sound like they were making ramen does it ?" He grinned.


"But I wonder, why he was dreaming about you, maybe some where inside that small mind, there is a residing corner which contains his old teenage thoughts,"


"Nani ?"

"A-ano, did you have to tell them about.."

Kakashi smiled, "About what ? Sex?"

"Y-yes... Making Love.."

"Did i anger you ?"

Hinata shook her head, "N-no! I just dont want him to learn anything.. Innapropriate, just yet."

Kakashi stepped forward, closer to her, "Ah.. Gomen ne.." he murmmered.

She gulped, as his arm slowly snaked around her small waist, quickly pulling her closer to him.

"But, I do want to, make love to you, every night of every week," He whispered in her ear.

Hinata gasped and whispered, "Kakashi-sensei.."

"Sensei.. again ? It turns me on to hear you whisper that, Hinata.."

She remained silent, her face warming up. He pulled down his mask and placed a small kiss on her forehead.

"Your Beautiful.."

Then he picked her up, and carried her up to the bedroom, and yes

They went to make love.

It had taken twenty minutes but the two young brothers had finally learned to pronounce Naruto's and Sakura's names correctly.

"Sakura-onee-san ?"

"Nani ? Sasuke ?"

"Do you think that Kaa-chan and Otou-san love eachother?"

Sakura looked down suprisingly at the boy, and then smiled, "Yes."

Naruto glared at the thought.

"Love.. No one could give her the love that she deserves, except for us.."

Naruto tried to shake these horrible thoughts out of his mind, but even if he banged his head against the wall, they would never go away.

"We will take her away and destroy anybody who gets in our way.."

"Shut up.." Naruto growled to himself.

"Naruto, Something wrong ?" Sakura asked.

He snapped out of his trance and looked around him, Sakura was sitting with Sasuke and Itachi at a Ramen shop, talking and eating.

"Oh..nothing, just have a headache.." he smiled.

"Want me to heal you ?"

"No, No I'll be fine.. Dont worry.."

"Oh okay." Sakura said, with a worried look.

The warmth from his body was so comforting. His fingers twirled her long dark hair, and her head rested against his firm chest.

He moved his warm hands onto her back, "Daijoubu Hinata ?"

Hinata moaned tiredly and turned over so her back was facing him.

He chuckled, "We should get dressed before Sakura and Naruto bring the kids back."

"Hai.." she moaned, not paying attention to Kakashi's words.

He groaned and pushed her off the bed, letting her roll on the the floor.

"Itai.." she squealed.

"Awake now ?"

"Gomen ne.." she yawned, rubbing her eyes.

"Hm.. Kawaii.."

"N-nani ?"

"Your incredibly cute."

"No.. I'm not really.."

"Yes you are.."

She sat on the floor quietly, using the blanket to cover her naked body. He was naked to, this was probably the first time she had seen his full naked body and she noticed, that his, "male body part" was rather big. I guess that was what she was screaming in pleasure over.

He noticed that she was staring and Smirked, "Taking a nice look ne ?"

Hinata blushed and stood up, wrapping the blanket around herself, she picked up her clothing, which he had torn off her and slipped them back on.

"How long do you think we can be like this ?"

Kakashi tilted his head, "what do you mean ?"

"Usually, When i find happiness, it only lasts for a moment, then its gone." She said, looking down at the floor.

Before she could even shed a tear, he was behind her, his arms wrapped around her.

"Dont worry, This will not fade away."

She felt tears burning in her eyes, then they started to flow down.


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