So Sweet - Milk

by taitofan

Rated PG-13/lite R for yaoi, shota, and non-detailed sexual situations

Disclaimer: Pokémon XD only hinted at Eldes's obvious undying love for Ryuuto. If I owned it, they would've had to up the rating for mature content.

Author's Note: …Oh, I'm gonna burn for this. But oh well. I guess this could come after Jealousy, but who knows. Well, since the chances of Eldes keeping that ridiculous rule until Ryuuto is eighteen highly unlikely, let's say that it does come sometime afterwards. That should give you a good idea as to what's coming up… If you dislike shota, go away! Nothing is detailed, but all is implied. Huzzah

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Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 08-22-06

"Hey Eldes, do you have any milk?" Said redhead slowly looked up from his book and regarded his lover, who was sitting on a sofa across the room, carefully.

"…It depends. Why?" Ryuuto rolled his eyes at his lover's suspiciousness.

"I want to drink some, why else?" Eldes put the book down and turned his full attention to the teen. He looked innocent… Too innocent. An innocent-looking Ryuuto was one to be weary of.

"I know why you want milk. It's the same reason you asked for a banana last week. And if I let you have milk, I'll have to stop buying it because you'll do something perverted with it. I've already had to ban popsicles, lollipops, bananas, asparagus, chocolate pops, and every other phallic food you can think of. I'd like to keep dairy products in the house, thank you very much." Rather than defend himself—they both knew it was true anyways—Ryuuto simply got up and sat at Eldes's feet. "…Now what are you up to?"

"If you won't let me tease you with milk, I'll just have to go straight to the real thing, now won't I?" Eldes opened his mouth to retort, but the words died in his mouth as Ryuuto busied himself with the honorable task of unbuttoning his lover's pants.

Ryuuto licked his lips and buttoned Eldes's pants back up, enjoying the view of his flushed lover panting and sweating after his climax. Ryuuto always got his way, but if Eldes wanted to play this game, he was more than willing to go along with it. It all turned out the same in the end anyway.

"So, will you let me seduce you next time, or should I just skip the foreplay and jump you instead?" Eldes wanted to do something a bit sterner than sigh, but it was hard to be upset with someone who was as talented with their tongue as his Ryuuto.

"Damn pervert…" The affectionate tone destroyed any harshness the words may have carried.

"That's me! Your little sex kitten." He nuzzled Eldes's leg to further prove his point. "…Will you start buying popsicles again?" Eldes summoned enough energy to lean down and claim Ryuuto's lips in a deep kiss. He immediately invaded the hot mouth against his own, tasting himself vaguely as Ryuuto's tongue slid against his own. He pulled away just as quickly as he'd started and smirked down at the hopeful teenager.


Ryuuto pouted, but didn't argue as those warm lips were suddenly against his own again. Oh well. Ryuuto's devious mind was still full of deliciously perverted ideas… And he did always get what he wanted in the end.