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Goshikku Seirei.

Sleeps With Butterflies

By Goshikku Seirei

I fear with pins and needles around

Mornings in Konoha were rather delightful. There were birds chirping outside her window and the clouds were fluffy and the sky was blue. If she were to look outside, she would see leaves and flowers almost everywhere. A sigh would always escape her lips, thankful of the wonderful day that was before her. Sakura definitely loved mornings. The atmosphere around her was so light and breezy -she was thankful that she was alive.

The pink-haired girl pushed the warm blanket from her body, slowly slipping from the futon and then proceeded to stretching her muscles. She made one last yawn and headed for the wash room.

After a while, she went to her kitchen and started to find something to eat. As she opened the fridge, she frowned. Why wasn't there anything to eat? Of course mornings were great -but could she eat them? She growled as she found nothing but a half-filled bottle of milk and two loaves of bread. Darn it, she thought. Was she so forgetful of herself when she was outside? She forgot to go to the grocery store for some food! She wanted to maintain her figure, it was all she could do since she couldn't grow big breasts… but she still had to eat breakfast!

She sat down on the chair and clumsily filled her glass with the milk. She took a sip and put the glass down. Her eyes widened as she saw a rather serious kitsune sitting with her on the breakfast table. "Naruto!"

Naruto raised a cynical brow. He was not in a good mood today. His arms were crossed across his chest and he was taking slow, deep breaths. "Don't bother to cover your chest, Sakura. You've got nothing to hide."

Sakura should have asked him how he got inside her house this early morning but instead she pounded her fist against the table. "Don't you dare compare me to Hinata, Naruto baka!"

Naruto smirked at her. "Can you guess why I'm so mad right now?"

Sakura imitated his pose, crossing her arms across her chest and glared at him. "Let me see… You got turned down by Hinata because you're such a dick head?"

"She's with that bug-boy, Sakura," Naruto said, his eyes never leaving hers. "You told me she wasn't seeing anybody right now. You were the one who told me she was up for grabs-"

"Didn't you ask her yourself?" Sakura asked. She was getting impatient. First an empty refrigerator and now a pissed Naruto. "Don't blame me, you idiot! Its not my fault the girl prefers someone else!"

Naruto stood up from the chair he sat and turned around, giving it a kick as he did. "I can't believe this is happening."

Sakura shook her head and sighed. "Maybe you guys aren't meant for each other-"

"Shut up," Naruto said and took his leave.

As she heard her front door close, Sakura was thankful she was alone again. Taking another sip from her glass, she frowned. Did this mean that Ino and Tenten were going to have their money back?

You've got nothing to hide.

"Naruto baka!" she hollered as she peaked in the collar of her pajama top and saw some lumps.

It wasn't Shino's habit to oversleep till noon. He'd been awake for an hour though -but he kept himself on the sheets; pondering about all that happened last night. He shut his eyes close as he inhaled of the scent of his room -everything was reeking Hinata. It was one of the reasons why he chose to stay in his room, a little concerned that the aroma of her would deteriorate once he'd leave. His mind was in a whirlwind -less ecstatic now since last night. He was in a wild fury of emotions and hormones and he didn't know how to control either.

In fact, before he brought her home last night, it took him an hour or so -though if felt like forever- thinking of whether to keep her with him till morning or wake her up to really make love. And the result of all those speculation was the safest one. He had to bring her home. Regret drowned him as he got home, feeling alone once again. Good his Hinata-scented room comforted him to sleep. The dreams he had weren't friendly at all. All his dreams were vivid visions of her with him, holding hands, kissing, petting, and making love.

He wanted to see her at once this morning, but he was a frightened of how both of them would behave.

Sometimes, he was a moron.

We may fall then stumble

Upon a carousel

It could take us anywhere

Intuition took its toll on Hinata as she drew every ounce of stealth she could manage as she made her way to Shino's place. She didn't know anywhere else to go that night. She'd been in the academy and found him nowhere. The training grounds were filled with people she really didn't want to talk to. She left before anyone could ask her where she would go. The hospital, the academy, her friends and teachers -she didn't want to see anyone of them. Shino was all that was inside her head -his dark eyes and his face, his hands and his lips… But now she noticed she didn't want him to touch her, she just wanted to see him. She was desperate.

The front door, it seems, didn't look like a good idea so she tried to remember where his room was and was happy to find the window it had was open. She silently tried to peek in the open space only to find two familiar eyes. She gasped. And smiled.

"Hinata," he said, helping her inside the room. He frowned as he scanned her from head to toe, a puzzle on his face. "Why are you here…?"

Hinata bit her lower lip, unsure of what she would tell him. Why not the truth then? "Umm… I… w-wanted to see you…"

"Well," he said, pulling her into his arms. He kissed her forehead. "I wanted to see you too."

Hinata blushed, her fingers twiddling.

Shino sat on the windowpane and carefully pulled her between his legs. "What do you want to do now?"

"I wanted to wake up with you," she whispered, burying her face on his collar. "I didn't want to wake up alone."

Having heard that, Shino pulled her gently to the futon and as they lay together, arms and legs in a tangle, Hinata was content. She was at peace. He out of the sudden cleared his throat. "Shino, what's wrong?" Then she noticed, that his warm fingers that were knitted with his turned cold. She didn't feel him laugh! Her eyes widened and her eyes quickly darted to the door. It revealed one of the greatest surprises of her life.

"Tou-san!" Shino exclaimed, sitting up, bringing Hinata with him.

The man eyed them both, Shino then Hinata and tried to look serious. He cleared his throat and turned around. "I must've disturbed something. Shino, I have to speak to you for a moment."

Unable to explain all the emotions he was feeling, he fumbled for his feet but found his knees too weak. He fell back on his behind and as he looked at Hinata, he saw how pale her face was. He stood up and clenched his fists. Why was he so nervous? He knew he didn't have the answer to that but he bent down and cupped Hinata's face with his hands. After doing that, he left the room.

Hinata stared at the close door and she could hear faint whispers from the other side. She tried not to understand what they were talking about. Her fingers kept clutching the blanket she sat on, feeling so helpless. Her paled face then had a deep blush. What could have his father thought… It was so much like the time her dad caught them kissing!

Hinata stood up from the futon and refolded the messy blanket. She wondered if she would stay or just leave. But every time she gazed at the window for exit, her heart would revolt. As she stood a few steps from the futon, she knew she wanted to stay.

After a few minutes, Shino returned in the room with his face flushed. He kept on scratching his head and he was wearing his dark shades. He locked the door behind him and turned to her. "I'm sorry."

But now as Hinata thought about it, he saw how Shino's dad was cool about it. "Is he mad?"

Before Shino could answer, Aburame Shibi knocked on the door again.

Hyuga Hiashi was disappointed, frustrated and unnerved. Was his daughter that in a rage to get married? And if that were true, what logical explanation could the girl possibly give him that wouldn't make him angry? Before she opened her mouth to utter a senseless apology, he raised his hand to signal for silence. Thankfully, the girl was submissive now. He shut his eyes close to at least escape the sight of her flushed cheeks and lip-chewing habit.

He told her about teenage boys already, didn't he? Yes, definitely! after he caught her kissing with Aburame-san's son, that is.

The throbbing pulse on his temples did not cease at all as he tried to calm himself down. He rubbed his fingers against the tension on his skull, a serious frown forming on his face. What was he to do to keep the little boys away from his little girl? Hiashi tried his best to act terribly strict, angry and yet…

Darn puberty. Thank the heavens it comes only once. But the mistakes one could commit in that short span of time! One blunder enough to pay for life.

That, Hiashi thought, he was willing to fight of for as long as he was alive.

"If you keep this up, I assure you," Hiashi said, regretting his dead-serious tone that usually scared everyone around him. "I will withdraw your studentship at the academy."

"Tou-san!" she exclaimed with a gasp.

"And your voluntary help at the hospital as well," he said, hoping the girl would not cry in front of him.

"I wouldn't do it again, I swear!"

"Do what exactly?" Hiashi asked. "Kissing, holding hands or going to the boy's house? Or for actually embarrassing me in front of Aburame-san?" He saw the way she tore her gaze from his. He saw her hands wipe tears from her face and it was enough to make him regret being a father. With a sigh, he asked, "Do you love him?"

Hinata's lips went dry and she was caught staring at her hands. "I… I d-don't know…" She went to look up at her father and saw that he wasn't happy of what she said at all.

Hiashi stood up and turned his back on her. "From now on, I'll ask your sensei to give you private training. No more outdoors for you."

The days passed on and Hinata was seen less and less. She was only allowed to come out of the house every time there were social gatherings. A lot of rumors have scattered that since the night Aburame Shibi brought Hinata back home that Shino had gotten her pregnant. When Hinata was seen without a baby -people thought she had the baby aborted. But slowly did the rumors die down, eventually they settled for the truth Hyuga Hiashi had claimed: the heiress needed to be the heiress. No more hospital help, low class ninja missions -she was trained simply to defend herself, to learn and adapt to fighting situations.

The teenagers/friends who had witnessed little of the heiress and the insect boy's affair had changed as well.

Naruto, one who seemed to have been so desperate, got tired of trying to visit the Hyuga girl. But with his daily visit, the girl never went to see him. The obsession he once had with her had died -a flame put out. Unable to admit the depression he felt, he settled to leave town to focus on his skills and missions.

Kiba, one of Hinata's closest friends, once in a while went with Kurenai to be Hinata's sparring partner. Strangely, Hiashi agreed to this little deal with the teacher. It was for his daughter's benefit anyway. For as long as Kiba muttered nothing about feelings or love, he was allowed to spar and talk to her. Of course, Akamaru was an exception. Akamaru is currently in suspicion for the pregnancy of five female dogs.

Sakura, lost her allowance that month the rumors that Hinata and Shino were caught together. She had to give Ino and Tenten their money back. Not only was she bankrupt, she was heartbroken as well. Naruto, her best friend was gone and it didn't take long for her to notice that Sasuke had gone somewhere as well. Though Tsunade told her that the boys were not actually 'running away for good,' Sakura knew that they left her to rot alone in Konoha. A virgin.

Tenten was surprised of the news. Since then, younger teens came to her for love advises and intuitions about their romantic relationships. Her own romantic life has taken a rough turn as well. She was utterly discouraged of her growing feelings for Neji after knowing how harshly impulsive Hyugas where when it came to rules and restrictions. Now she was seen often with Iruka-sensei… holding hands.

Ino was disappointed about Sasuke's unannounced departure but recovered soon enough when Chouji started giving her chocolates to boost up her mood swings. She was completely oblivious of the boy's affections and it weren't for Shikamaru's confirmation of Tenten's vibe, she couldn't have found true love.

It didn't take long for Shikamaru to quit the academy. After realizing that he gave Ino to Chouji, he spent a couple of days at Ichiraku's. After three months, the young waitress there was starting to show the family way. He started to work at the noodle house to help the family, saving for a ring in the process.

Shino, on the other hand, was dead serious with his missions. He never turned down a single mission that was offered to him. Eat and sleep were things he was trying to live without. He spent less time in Konoha, only bothering to say hi to his father if ever he got home. Sometimes, he didn't even bother to come home at all.

One of the so many people heartbroken of the 'where have all the good men gone' season, Hinata was silent as ever. She long forgot to trim her hair just to keep it short, forgot to eat as well. Slowly she was evolving from girl to woman, her priorities for the cause only of being an heiress.

It took one night to change things.

I'm not like the girls that you've known

But I believe I'm worth comin' home to,

Hinata bit her lip as she lay on her bed, crying her eyes out. Her head was aching from all the tears spent. Her throat was hurting from all the sobbing she made. Her lids felt like tons but she kept her eyes open, afraid of tomorrow. She felt so much like in prison. Her fate was being woven by her own father and he was playing blind that she was getting scorched every time he spoke of her future. Her feelings were beat up in a box. No way all her feelings would let out. She forgot that she had a heart since he forbid her of any contact with her friends.

Last night was the worst night of her life.

Uchiha Sasuke was the unexpected guest, demanding her father and her presence for a little proposal. He announced that he was done searching for a wife to have someone to revive the Uchiha clan with. It was a reason for power and wealth; he claimed that he had found himself a rare inheritance in the Uchiha household -it was enough to make a fortune. He was serious throughout his dialogue -he didn't even care that she was there. He didn't even care how flabbergasted she was to have heard all his plans right then and there. He wanted her to be the one to bear his children.

And as expected, when it came to power and money, it didn't take long for her father to respond. With a brow raised, he smirked at the younger man and agreed. This left Hinata too broken. Marry Uchiha Sasuke? This couldn't be happening to her.

If only Shino…

Tears formed her eyes. But it was all her fault wasn't it? She was the cause of all these things! If only she managed to clear her stupid mind. If only she stayed put and let things be… maybe now she still had a life. But how could she have remained without him then? How could she when she loved him…

Since they have been apart, only one thing broke her heart even more. The thought that she loved him to every single bit tore her heart into different hurting pieces. What a dumb girl she was… She never had the chance to tell him how she really felt and she let her father get in the way of her happiness.

Life couldn't have been more unfair.

But Shino chose to leave her and she had to choke on her heart every time it beat. Her heartbeats reminded her how alive she was, how could she live without him? She never heard a word from him. He never told her anything. The last thing she heard him say was 'I'm sorry.' What if he found another woman? Was he happy?

Thoughtlessly she stormed in her father's study, her clenched fists on her waist. He was studying a scroll on his table and he stared at her with two confused white eyes. He looked concerned but she knew that the old man had no heart. Her first attempt to speak was a failure; her voice gave out and her throat felt dry. So took a breath and mustered all the courage she could from the thought of Shino. "Y-you…" she croaked. "How could you do this to me? How could you agree with Sasuke's offer? I don't want to marry him!"

"It seems you did not object all the while he was talking, did you?"

"You expect me to make a scene!" Hinata burst as she scowled at him. "Are you suggesting that I should have interrupted and get myself punished by doing so?"

Hiashi snorted at her. "Forgive me, daughter… I took your silence as a sign of approval."

This man was truly heartless, wasn't he? "I do everything you ask me to, Otou-san. And now I am forced to marry the man I do not love at all!"


"Yes, love!" Hinata exclaimed. "You took me away from the person I ever learned to love!"

"Are you talking about that boy -Aburame-san's son?"

"Who else? And his name is Shino." Hinata folded her arms across her chest.

Hiashi stood up from his study and stood in front of her. He looked down on her. "Answer me this simple question, do you love Shino?"

Hinata stared at him with teary eyes and nodded. "Yes, 'tou-san… With all my heart."

"I will cancel the engagement then." Poor Uchiha, he thought.

Disbelief poked her hard in the chest. "W-what…?"

Hiashi sighed, returning to his seat. "You took the longest time to figure yourself…"

Kiss away night…

Hinata couldn't believe the happiness and relief that filled her as she retreated back to her room. She was blushing, she knew, out of embarrassment. So it really was her stupid fault why things happened this way. Her father, unknowingly taught her a good lesson about being an heiress. She was to recall his words when there was a strange rapping outside her window.

Immediately, her feet pulled her up from the bed and went to open the window. Shino was balancing himself on the branch. "Shino!"

He looked surprised but said nothing when he saw her, but he captured her lips with his as he caught her in his arms. In one swift motion he took her off the floor, then to her bed, kissing her all the while.

Hinata held him tighter, making her heart flutter and beat faster. How she missed him. "Oh Shino…" she moaned between kisses.

"Hinata," he said her name in return, his kisses traveling downward. "I love you." He kissed the beating of her heart. Before he leaned himself down again, he looked deep into her eyes. "I was miserable without you. But when I heard you were getting engaged to Sasuke… I had to see you." He took her hands in his and kissed her fingers. "Let me make you mine, Hinata… Let me show you how I truly love you…"

"No," she whispered, edging closer to him. She put a hand on his cheek and smiled. "Let me."

This girl only sleeps with butterflies…

Hinata wondered if she still had to tell him that her father actually approved of their future relationship. But as saw the seriousness of Shino's face as he pummeled his hips into her, thoughts of that left her mind. She shut her eyes close as she pulled him closer, kissing him everywhere she could. "Love you… love you…"

With butterflies

The next morning, as they cuddled close together, Hinata smiled to herself as she remembered the lesson her father taught her.

You're the Hyuga heiress. You must say what you want. Get what you want. Don't let anyone get in the way, even me. Ever.

That, she knew, was what exactly she was going to do from now on.

But as Shino held her close, she felt a little mad. She playfully slapped the possessive arm around her nude waist. With a frown she looked up at him. "Insect boy!" she teased. "Why didn't you bother to visit me or sneak me a letter? Where were you all this time!"

Shino frowned at her, then smiled. He reached out a hand for his clothes and retrieved something. "I was saving for this," he said, flashing her a silver ring. "It shines just like your eyes. Marry me?"

Her 'yes' was through a kiss and that was enough to ignite another adventure in bed.

With butterflies

So go on and fly, boy…

After smooth and rough thrusts, they came together in beautiful euphoria. They held their hands together, held each other closer, afraid to let go.

"Shino… that was…" she sighed. "Great…"

"Yeah," he moaned as he started kissing her again. He touched her face and neck, smiling to himself. "You're blushing… I love this."

Hinata bit her lower lip as his mouth started to move all over; he was getting hard again. Why was she blushing? Because she knew how in love she felt with this man. He filled her, completed her. She couldn't imagine making love with anybody else. And she could feel the uneasy, unexplainable feeling in her stomach -as if filled with small white butterflies.

For a very long time, she knew, with Shino… she will always sleep with butterflies.

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