The most Plain death of all

"They're going to decommision Voyager" said Janeway. Tom's eyes widnened, his mouth opened a bit, "No" he said. "Yes, Starfleet decided that Voyager was just too outdated, it's a shame" she said, trying not to let her voice crack. "Starfleet? I never thought!" sputtered B'Elanna. "Voyager, become scrap metal? It's unbelievable" said Harry shaking his head. "It's schedualed for the day after tommorow" said Janeway. She tugged at Chakotay's arm, "I want to visit for one last time" she said. Chakotay nodded and they entered Voyager. "It's not right, for her to go down like this" said Janeway. "I know" said Chakotay. They walked onto the bridge for the last time, Janeway let her hand run on the railing down to the lower level. She eased into her seat for the last time. "I'm going to miss Voyager" she said. She found Chakotay running his fingers on the plaque that hung next to Harry's console, "We're taking this though" he said smiling a bit.


The dreaded day came, Voyager's crew lined up to watch her for the last time. They watched as the magnificent ship was destroyed, it killed Janeway to see it. THe ship that had housed them for seven years, it had never let them down. THe ship where B'Elanna's daughter was born, where Naomi was born. The ship that had beaten the Borg at least two times, the ship that had beat the Hirogen and species 8472. It was a death feared by many, but a death that was never expected. And as the bridge collapsed, Janeway felt tears streaming down her face. Her ship was gone. It was such a plain death, Voyager didn't go down guns blazing. She didn't die of a heroic death. But her legend lived on with the crew she had housed. Her legend would live on, forever.