Title True Lies

Pairing Yuki/Shuichi

Rating G

Disclaimer I own nothing.


Shuichi lay, wrapped up in a blanket, in Yuki's arms. The boy could feel hands running through his silken hair, and he sighed in contentment. All was perfect, all was silent. But silence scared Shuichi, for it was almost as if it held a promise of secrets within the air. A thought struck the pink-haired male, and he closed his eyes, almost afraid to ask his question, terrified of what the answer would be.

"Yuki, have you ever lied to me?"

The author opened his golden eyes so he could stare down at the boy in his arms. He thought for a moment, before turning his gaze torwards the ceiling.


Shuichi's heart clenched. "..What about?"

Yuki's chest rose and fell, as he tried to keep his breathing steady. "Everytime I don't tell you I love you is a lie," he whispered, a soft confession meant for only the other man's ears.

Shuichi had never been so glad to know that someone had been lying to him frequently before, and he smiled gently. "It's okay, Yuki. But..I have lied to you, too."

The blonde bit his lip, shocked and hurt. Shuichi had lied to him? ..Oh no. Please, no. "Wha..when?"

Amethyst orbs pierced Yuki's very soul. "Just now."

The novelist was confused. "What did you lie about?"


So Yuki hugged Shuichi closer to him, smiling with relief and radiating love. So, they both were liars. Such devious liars. Liars who told true lies.

And true lies are always the best kind.