A/N: This was a 100 word drabble for iceangelkaoru. The callenge was that I had to write an RK fic with lots of Kenshin and Kaoru showing how much they WUV each other. She said WUV... not me. Anywhere! Here's the end result!

He placed his hands on her extended stomach. He could feel the life inside moving. Kenshin smiled, his life, Kaoru's life, their life formed together to create a new life. Kaoru's soft hands slipped over his own, she was smiling at him, amused by the joyous and amazed expression he wore. Their baby would be beautiful, the most beautiful baby in the world, because it was theirs. She hoped it would get Kenshin's hair. He hoped it would get Kaoru's eyes. They looked at each other, grinning like children. Reaching up he cupped his wife's cheek. "I love you Kaoru."