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To Never Forget

Chap. 1

This life has taught me a lot. Many memories run through my mind, and I begin to wonder whether I made all the right choices. I wouldn't say that I regret any of it, but I do wish sometimes things would have gone differently. I consider myself lucky for having found a love that I will never forget, and I will never forget…


"Hey Naruto! Behind You!" A raven-haired youth sprinted behind his comrade and cut the monster, which was waiting to strike him down, in half with a short sword. "Damnit, next time, don't space out or you might get killed!"

"OK! I got it! What pole got shoved up your ass?" Naruto, a blonde male of about 20 years old, snapped at his partner.

"Where's my thanks for saving your ass once again?" Naruto's partner gave him a smug smirk.

"As if, Sasuke! How many times have I saved you, huh? Loads more than you ever saved me. Besides, I just added one more save to my list." Naruto proceeded to point his gun right over a confused Sasuke's shoulder and shoot down a monster that had quite effectively snuck up behind the raven-haired Sasuke. Needless to say, Sasuke was not the least bit pleased at being made a fool.

"Hey you two! Quit flirting and get back to work!" Kakashi, the two boys' sensei, threw them a wilily smile, his one visible eye crinkled. Sasuke and Naruto broke out into simultaneous blushes and turned their heads away from one another.

"Whatever. Let's get going." Sasuke turned to his partner before jumping up out of the alley they were in, to join their teacher. The three males then jumped from roof top to roof top, getting a marvelous view of the metropolitan city of Konoha lit by thousands of lights.


"Send the two hot heads here when they get in." An amply chested woman in her mid-50s, though she looked to be in her 30s, ordered her secretary from behind her large mahogany desk.

Naruto and Sasuke arrived at a large building beautifully bedecked in marble which was the headquarters to the Special Services Agency, SSA. Walking in, the two were greeted by fast paced hustle and bustling, the SSA was at its peak hours during the night.

"Hey, Naruto, Sasuke! Back so late? Hard mission?" Kiba, a brown-short-haired fellow employee, smirked. He also couldn't suppress a laugh when he noticed that both boys were covered in a brown, gelatinous substance.

"Shove it. Arhh, I need a bath." The brooding Sasuke stormed.

"Alright! I'm sorry Sasuke! Who knew that the stupid thing would explode?" Naruto reasoned, for he knew that Sasuke was angry at him.

"I TOLD you not to shoot it! But you went and did it anyway! And now I'm covered in this repulsive goo that probably will stink up my outfit for YEARS to come." Sasuke's long raven bangs clung to his face and his ever spiked rooster tail of hair was finally subdued by the offending slime. Passing female employees swooned at the sight of a brooding and wet Sasuke Uchiha. His creamy, pale, and perfect skin was tinted red in anger as he stomped off to the locker room.

Naruto opened his locker, which was next to Sasuke's, and pulled out some shampoo and conditioner.

"Shower's all yours." A wet, but now clean, Sasuke emerged from the shower room clad only in a fluffy white towel. Naruto and Sasuke had a system in the locker room that allowed for maximum privacy. This system had begun after a rather embarrassing incident. After a particularly exhausting mission, like the one they just completed, when the two had just been partnered up, several girls thought it would be just peachy to get a look at the Uchiha in a towel, if not naked. Naruto had just entered the shower room with Sasuke when girls came sneaking around the corner with a camera. After Sasuke caught the girls, and thoroughly scared the shit out of the entire female demographic in the building, Naruto decided to let Sasuke take a shower first so that he could keep watch out for fans and Sasuke would provide the same courtesy.

"Ya, ok." Naruto headed to the shower but then the door to the locker room opened. The voice of Shizune, their boss's personal secretary, followed.

"Naruto, Sasuke? When you're done, head to Tsunade's office."



"Come in!" Tsunade called upon hearing a knock at the door.

"You asked for us?" The stoic brunet and the blonde walked in and sat in front of the massive desk.

"Yes. I have another mission for you two. But you won't start for a couple days; you guys will have a break until Thursday."

"Well, what's the mission about, old hag?" Naruto smirk as he leaned back on his chair.

"You keep up that mouth of yours and I'll assign you to clean up duty." This was a usual conversation between the woman and Naruto. Even though Tsunade didn't look like it, she really did care deeply for Naruto. He was just as obstinate and ambitious as her younger brother was.

"You'll get specifics when you return."

"Whatever." Sasuke rose to get up.

"You two have real attitude problems. So obstinate. Make sure to sign out with Kakashi before you leave. Goodnight."

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