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"HE WHAT!!!?" Ebony eyes turned a crimson shade as Sasuke was ready to leap off the balcony of his friend's apartment.

"Sasuke, calm down," the blonde tried to reason. Naruto was standing in the living room watching the upset night-walker pace back and forth like a caged tiger before Sasuke settled to kill the first piece of furniture he could get his hands on. "Sure the guy's a creep…strike that, REALLY CRAZY, but I'm over it now. I'll just make sure to ask the old hag to assign me someone who isn't a sexual predator."

"You're OVER it? That guy practically raped you! He violated you!" The tall brunet was panting with anger, strangling the arm of the couch all the while. The little 'rape' bit threw Naruto for a loop. Rape? The guy merely licked him. But…the blonde couldn't deny that he relished the attention and caring (even if it was a little much) from the vampire. It was kind of hot.

Prying Sasuke's elegant figure from the sofa, Naruto led the man to sit.

"Please Sasuke, just let it go." Incoherent mumbling from the man was the only reply. A few words, though, did catch the blonde's attention like 'dark alley', 'all alone', 'castrate', and 'bleed him dry'. What most surprised Naruto was when Sasuke mumbled "No one touches my Naruto."


The red in the Uchiha's eyes bled away, leaving behind their former black abyss. His breath slowed down as he rolled his shoulders. Ok, so maybe he overreacted a bit, but that didn't stop the brunet from boiling in anger over the fact that some prissy ass new guy thought he could touch HIS Naruto! He would have to teach the kid a thing or two. The blonde's silence drew Sasuke out of his inner scheming.

"You ok?" The Uchiha looked over at the motionless Naruto.

"Huh, oh, ya. I'm fine. Just…thinking." Naruto tried to hide his embarrassment with a small smile. The blush, however, didn't go unnoticed. Without waiting another second, Sasuke grabbed his chance at letting Naruto know how he truly felt for him.

"Naruto…?" The brunet stood from his sitting position on the couch.

"Huh?" Looking up quickly, the blonde was startled by Sasuke's serious tone and movement.

"How do you feel about me?" Whatever Naruto thought that the vampire would say, this was not even close. The hunter was stunned, his mouth agape in wordless confusion.

"I…I..You know Sasuke. We're friends of course, I mean, don't you think of me as your friend? We're buddies, right? We've known each other for so long, I only assumed..." Naruto nervously backed against the wall as his word became faster.

"That's not what I'm asking," the vampire cut the blonde off. His deep voice retaining a calm evenness of someone who wouldn't take anything less than a serious answer. "Am I merely your friend, or…do you feel something more…for me. Because, ..I've felt more for you for so long. And I don't think I can keep these feelings down any more, watching you everyday and trying to not scare you away." Sasuke was now standing in front of the frozen blonde, both hands caressing the thin whisker marks on the smaller boy's tanned cheeks.

"……….." Sasuke stared into watery blue eyes, the ones he had adored for longer than he cared to remember. No sound escaped from Naruto, seemingly too frightened to answer.

"…well then….I.. guess I'll be going." The Uchiha withdrew his hands slowly, sorrow creeping up from the bowels of his stomach.

"NO! Don't go! I'm sorry.. I…I just didn't know what to say...you kinda caught me off guard is all.." Naruto took Sasuke's hands in his tanned ones, placing them back against his face. "Di…Did you really mean those things you said? About having feels for me?" The blonde's blue eyes were closed as his pressed into the Uchiha's palms. It was Sasuke's turn to be shocked as his ebony pools were wide, though not in displeasure. A trademark smirk made its way back onto the vampire's mouth.

"Have you ever known me to lie, Naruto?"


"…did you really like that sweater I bought you three Christmases ago?"

"Well...maybe I lied that one time.." Naruto gaped in mock horror bringing a hearty chuckle out of the normally stoic Uchiha.

"I can't believe you lied to me! You really didn't like the sweater?"


"Bu..but, I thought the orange and yellow was really good on you."

Sasuke's eyebrow merely twitched in annoyance at the memory of the cheery sweater from hell. He had worn the god-forsaken piece of fabric for the rest of the company Christmas party to make Naruto happy. What made Naruto even think that he would like such a ….gift.

The blonde turned away from the vampire, tears filling his eyes.

"Na..Naruto, ah..you're not crying are you?"

-sniff- "No, I'm not!"

"I..I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything.." The brunet placed a hand on the blonde's shoulder to turn him around to face him when Naruto suddenly sprang forward. The hunter placed his mouth on Sasuke's neck, biting him and pulling away with a –smack- from a chaste kiss on the red spot.

"Ah! God, Naruto! That fucken hurt! What'd you do that for?!" The brunet's face was bright red (well, as red as a vampire's face can get), his hands flew up, clutching the aching spot on his neck.

-giggle- "That's payback for that thing you did a couple days ago," Naruto gave a sly wink, " And no, I'm not upset over the sweater. I only bought it for you to see if you'd actually wear it." With a laugh, the blonde darted away and ran to the front door.

"So, what are you gonna do about it?" Another mischievous smirk and the fox-boy was gone, waiting for vampire to follow. Sasuke remained still for a moment longer before placing his hands in his pockets, chuckling to himself.

"Well, if that's how you like to play, bring it on." The brunet stalked out of the apartment after Naruto, closing the door behind him.

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