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CHapter 1
Ranma-Chan sighed. She still couldn't believe Jusenkyou. It was all Oyaji's fault, but now he was hardly a man. He was a panda. Just like i am a girl.
TO explain it fully, I will start from the beginning.
The past: Jusenkyou, Cursed Training Ground.
Oyaji and i jumped up on the poles, he was getting slow. We continued for a while, until I got a good kick in. Then down he went, into the spring.
I smirked as I stared at the water, and said, "What's the matter Oyaji? Are you going to stay down there all day?"
As if in reply to my question, something burst out of the water. Instead of Oyaji though, it was a giant panda. PANDA!?!?
The next thing I know, is falling, and then water, and a tingling. I swim up to the surface of the spring, and when I step out, I feel strange. Off-balance.
I looked down at myself and screamed. I would have continued to scream, if the guide hadn't interupted me, and said, "Oh, to bad. You sir fell into Nyannichuan. Spring of drowned girl. Very tragic story of girl who drown there-" He never finished because I, and the panda, (whom I now beleived was my father) Were both yelling, asking if there was a way to change back. At least I think that's what I *think* the panda was saying.
HE shook his head, and just said, "i am afraid sirs, that the curses are permenant. There is no cure."
AT that point, I began to chase the panda, and yell about having, "Panda-Steak burgers" for dinner. As I was running, I ran into some guy in a yellow bandana. ~I wonder who that is~ I stopped quickly, and watched as the guy fell into a spring. I stare at it hopefully. Unfortunatly, All I see is black piglet. Aparently it was the guy.The guide came over, and said, "OH, to bad sir. You fall into Heituenniichuan, Spring of drowned black piglet. Very tragic story of Black piglet who drown there 1200 year ago."
I walked over to the piglet, and picked him up, then I said, "listen, I'm really sorry about that. But....There is no way to change back."
The piglet looked about to faint.
A while later, I had a traveling companion. I learned that the pigs name was Ryouga Hibiki, aparently he had gotten lost when searching for- Hey wait a minute! He just said Ranma Saotome!
I stare at the pig for a minute, than say, "I am Ranma Saotome." He looked at me, which clearly said he didn't beleive me.
I then told him the story about how I was cursed, and he told me of his life after our due battle.
even after I told him everything, He still wanted to travel with me. I think part of it was the fact that he would probobly get eaten if he went anywhere else.
After some traveling, we came across a village. "Hmmm,," I said. The village was full of girls. A tornament was happening, but what I found so strange was that the guys weren't fighting. In fact, most of the guys were cleaning and cooking.
Then, I spotted the prize for winning. A Giant Panda. Oyaji.
I rolled my eyes, he's gotten himself into this, let him deal with it.
AS I turned to walk away, I bumped into someone.
"Gomen," I said, and Ryouga bweed what sounded like Gomen.
I looked up, and saw a girl with purple hair glaring at me. I felt a bit surprised that she was angrey.
"Stupid girl! You no bump into Xian-Puu again!" She said.
I just shrugged, as I could barely understand her broken Japanese.
Than her eyes fell on Ryouga, and she said, "IF you give me pig, you can leave."
I jumped up. Ryouga was my only friend at the moment, and I wasn't about to let him get eaten.
"No way!"
After I said that, she attacked. By that time, lots of people had crowded around.
She kicked my leg, and I punched her in the stomach. I had lost all prejeduces of fighting girls when I was turned into one permanently. SHe yelped, and tried hitting me. It was so easy to avoid her.
Then, I hit her again. SHe looked even more angrey.
I would have continued, If a shriveled old lady about 3 feet high hadn't gotten between us.
"Huh?" I questioned.
THe lady said, "You there, You had better not plan on beating Xian-Puu if you want to live." I heard a "Bweee" of surprise from next to me.
Than the old lady(Or should I call her old bat?) said, "If you give us the pig, we'll let you live."
"What!?! No way!" I cried out.
4 hours later.
"Whoah, that was a close one Ryouga." I said to him.
AParently, after I beat that girl, I think her name is Xian-Puu, SHe started chasing me. Trying to kill me. Just my luck, huh?
I looked at the ocean. Maybe I should try and swim back. It would be a bit harder carrying Ryouga, but I could do it.
So I swam, making rests every now and then, with Ryouga on my back. When I reached Japan, I felt majorly relieved.
I walked into the city, with Ryouga walking next to me. I looked at the sign, It said that the town was Satan city.
AS I walked more, I saw another sign, It was advertising for the ~Sorry, I can't remember the Japanese spelling for it~ Worlds Strongest Martial Arts Tournament.
"Hey, that looks fun, Maybe I'll enter." I said to Ryouga. ALl he did was go "Bweee!"
I looked at it, and saw that the date was in 3 days. "Well, I guess I should train for it." I said to no one in particular.
5 hours later in the forest near town.
I yawned. Geez, I was tired. I was practcing a bit, when Ryouga bit my ancle.
"Oww!" I yelled. I started to hop up and down, on one foot, while holding my other.
I stopped, when I realized that Ryouga was Bweeing so that it sounded like he was laughing.
"What'd you do that for?!?" I yelled.
Ryouga stopped Bweeing, and scratched in the dirt, 'If you let me sneak up on you, your no martial artist.'
I was outraged. "How dare you say I'm not a martial artist! I am a way better martial artist than you! Your just a pig!"
He frowned,(Or at least what could pass for a frown) and scratched into the dirt, 'How about I try to bite you, while you have to keep from being bitten?'
I thought for a moment, and said, "Sure Pig-boy!"
He looked angry for a moment, than he darted at me. I yelped a dodged, I hadnt expected him to start so soon. After a couple more times, (10 to be exact) He got me. This time on my other foot.
After a while, he couldn't hit me once. I sat down, next to Ryouga, whom I had dubbbed, 'Pig Boy', and said, "
"How 'bout we go get something to eat?" I asked.
He scratched into the dirt, 'Sure.'
When we got to town, I wanted meat, but Ryouga wouldn't go into the butchers. not that I blamed him. So I went into the bakery.
At the bakery, I picked up a loaf of bread, and as I turned a corner, I walked into someone. I stood up and helped the person up, now I could see that it was a onna, and she was carrying *lots* of food.
"Gomen, I wasn't watching where I was going." I said.
The onna smiled, and said, "That's allright. I can barely see where I'm going with all this food. My name's Son ChiChi.
I said, "My name's-" I thought for a moment, I couldn't say Ranma 'cuse it's a boys name. I got it! "-Saotome Reiko."
I than looked at the food, and asked, "WHy don't I help you get all this food home?"
She smiled gratefully, and said, "Aa. That would be helpful. Doomo arigatoo."
I said, "Doo Itashimashite."
On the way to her house, ChiChi-san(She's asking me to call her just ChiChi) told me she had 2 kids, (Though one doesn't live there anymore).
I told her a bit about me, (Not a whole lot, meaning the Trip to China was excluded) and how I had been on a martial arts training trip with Oyaji since I was 6.
She frowned and said, "Do you ever get to see your Okassan?"
I sighed, and told her that I hadn't seen her since I was 6. ChiChi was amazed. When we reached a capsule house, I guessed it was hers. We went inside to Put the stuff away, and when we were done I heard some sounds of fighting not far away.
"Hey ChiChi, Whose fighting out there?" I asked.
"Oh, that just Goku, My husband, and Goten, my son." She said.
I than asked if I could help cook. She said it was ok.
After a while, the door opened, and ChiChi said, "Hey guys, this is Reiko. She bumped into me at the market, and offered to help me carry the food home. She offered to help cook as well." She than frowned. "That's more than you two ever do!"
I then looked up, and saw 2 guys with the same hair, though one was clearly high-shool age, and the other was an adult. At the moment they were both trying to hide from ChiChi.
After we were done cooking, ChiChi asked if I wanted to stay for dinner,
I said, "Sure."
At dinner.
At dinner, I tried for once to eat like a normal human being. I sweatdropped as I saw Goku and Goten eating. Than were eating 10 times more quickly than I usually do. I glanced over at ChiChi, and saw that she was eating like a normal human.
When no one was looking, I gave a piece of meat to Ryouga. When I looked up, Goten was looking at me with an amused look on his face. I just grinned.
When Everyone was done eating, ChiChi said, "I hope your weren't startled by my family's eating habits'."
I inwardly smiled, and said, "Iie, it was a little strange, but not really weird.
When I was getting ready to leave, ChiChi asked, "Do you have a place to stay?"
I felt uncomfterable, and said, "Iie. I was just gonna camp out tonight."
She smiled. and said, "It's supposed to rain tonight, You can stay here."
Note:The name Ranma used, Reiko, Means Soul Child. Please Review!
Oyaji: Old man, Ranma calls his Genma this in the Japanese version.
Gomen: Sorry
Onna: Woman
Aa: yes, yeah, sure. Less formal.
Doomo Arigato:Thank you
Doo Itashimashite:It's okay. Think nothing of it.
Iie: no
Arigato: Thanks