"Bluestar! Bluestar! We need you at the nursery!"


"Because-the prophecy!"

"What?" The gray-blue ThunderClan leader stood up from her sleep.

"What about the prophecy?"

Fireheart panted,"A kit was born tonight with the prophecy!"

"I'll be right there."

It was a dreary night as the leader and deputy rushed across the camp clearing. It was pouring down rain as they hurried into the nursery.

A black she-cat who had just had a litter sat, tired, with her eyes wide with shock.

"Bluestar, she has the marking."

She indicated to the little tortoiseshell kit that had a red-tipped tail.

Bluestar gasped,"No, it can't be..."She faced the mother,"Nightsky, this kit is the cat that will save us all."

She looked into the night sky, raining, and she sighed,"The prophecy is fulfilled..."

A mouse sat nibbling on a seed in the grass, completely unaware that it was about to be killed. A cat lunged at the prey and caught it in her mouth, killing it.

"Well done, Leafkit! You will be a fine apprentice!"

"Thank you." The kit beamed with a full mouth. She staggered back to camp with Whitestorm following her.

When they got back to camp, Whitestorm padded up to Bluestar,"Bluestar, Leafkit is turning 6 moons today. We should have her apprentice ceremony soon."

"Yes, of course,Whitestorm...I shall call the cats now."

She leaped onto the High Rock and yowled. Cats started slinking into the clearing.

"Cats of ThunderClan. I bring you here today to make an apprentice to serve their Clan well in these hard times of leaf-bare. Leafkit," She signaled with her tail to the suprised kit.

"I call you up here to make you an apprentice. After six moons in the nursery, I trust that you have waited long enough for this."

Leafkit's whiskers quivered.

"By the power of StarClan,I call down my warrior ancestors to let them approve my choice. Fireheart, your apprentice is a medicine cat now after the fatal accident on the Thunderpath. I ask you to mentor Leafkit. Leafkit,you are now Leafpaw."

Fireheart rose to his paws, leaped onto the High Rock, and bowed his head to touch Leafkit's shoulder. Suddenly, the crowd of cats cheered,"Leafpaw! Leafpaw! Leafpaw!" Leafpaw beamed and felt the Clan's praise with joy. Her red tipped tail stuck up excitedly.

Bluestar hesitated,"Should I have made this cat an apprentice?" She disappeared into her den darkly.