All the cats fell silent with that. They all looked around at Leafstar.

Glacierclaw beamed and nodded for her to keep going.

Leafstar cleared her throat, "I apologize to ShadowClan. An apology isn't going to do enough, and if it wasn't for Glacierclaw, I would still be like Tigerclaw."

It was dead silent, some looked too shocked to speak.

She glanced at Sunbeam and Brightheart, who were sitting side by side, eyes wide. Brightheart smiled with tears running down her face, her eyes saying more than any cat could say.

Leafstar smiled at them, "I thank Sunbeam and Brightheart who never gave up on me. Scourge was controlling me. The sickness was a fake. It was to lure me into conquering the forest. I want my warriors to send a search patrol out and look for the missing Clan cats to bring them home."

A cat snorted loudly and one of the RiverClan queens gasped in horror at this former-vicious leader's decision.

Leafstar looked to the night sky, "And I want to mention Spottedleaf, who kept in my dreams, even though she was pushed out. I want to turn back and become the cat I once was."

Glacierclaw flicked his tail to speak. He stepped where she was, looking at the RiverClan/ ThunderClan/ WindClan/ ShadowClan cats.

"Cats of all Clans, and of StarClan...I pray that you accept her apology and that you please let her be re-united with you as your ShadowClan leader," he said.

It was silent again, but all the cats suddenly cheered.

"Leafstar! Leafstar! Leafstar!"

Leafstar smiled and she padded back to camp with only her warriors. Cinderfur was looking a bit disgruntled, "Are we DeathClan?" He growled.

Leafstar called, "Glacierclaw, you're in charge of sending out the search patrols for the other Clans now...Be back at dawn."

Glacierclaw dipped his head curtly, calling some warriors to follow him.

Leafstar then turned back to Cinderfur, "No, Cinderfur...All is well now. I made a horrible mistake by following Tigerclaw."

Cinderfur snarled softly.

Then Leafstar smirked, "And Glacierclaw is going to be deputy again..."

Cinderfur's whiskers twitched and it looked as if he was about to attack Leafstar, but he nodded with much reluctance, padding away.

When they reached camp, Leafstar had groups organize the camp back to the way it was. Swiftstar was set free, smiling softly at her as he went, and Brightheart purred, "Bye, Leafstar...I'll miss you..."

Leafstar licked Brightheart's ear, "I'll see you soon..."

Bramblepaw, Brightheart, Swiftstar, and Cloudheart were escorted back to their territory as everything was back to normal.

The story ends with this:

Leafstar had two beautiful kits with Glacierclaw, one was a white she-cat and the other was a large tortoiseshell tom. The she-kit was named Snowkit and the tom was named Hazelkit...

But that is another story...