Iruka felt a weird sensation in his stomach when he pulled down the mask and Kakashi didn't make a single move to stop him. Butterflies? Awe?


To be able to do this and not have his hand violently and permanently separated from the rest of his body was truly amazing. He got to see something countless people would kill to see.

Kakashi seemed to have guessed the gist of Iruka's thoughts, because he was looking just a little bit smug. Annoyingly, the expression only seemed to make the man's face even more handsome.

Iruka didn't get much time to appreciate it though, because Kakashi pulled him forward until their lips met and Iruka's eyes closed of their own accord. He deepened the kiss and prayed fervently that this time they wouldn't be disturbed.

Iruka took a few steps backwards, pulling Kakashi with him, and when he felt the edge of the bed against his knees he twisted sharply. With a firm push he dropped the jounin neatly on the bed and landed on top of him. "Half an hour, eh?"

Half an hour. By now Kakashi had shown enough interest in him that Iruka trusted this wouldn't be a one time thing. And now that he knew that, he realized he didn't want their first time having real sex to be rushed. He wanted to drive the jounin wild and their last experience showed him that Kakashi didn't lose control easily. He would need plenty of time and right now they didn't have that. So…he would keep it simple.

He hooked his hands under Kakashi's arms and pulled him further up the bed. The jounin got the picture and obediently scrambled backwards until he was propped up against the headboard, in the exact same spot where Iruka had sat reading earlier.

Satisfied with the position and with the view Kakashi would have, Iruka slid backwards. He pushed up Kakashi's shirt and then unbuttoned his pants. "Lift."

Kakashi lifted his hips for a second and Iruka pulled his pants and underwear down at the same time. Kakashi's hard cock slapped back against his belly, already leaking a little pre-cum, and Iruka licked his lips in anticipation.

With one hand he pulled the jounin's dick up a little and then, keeping his eyes locked with Kakashi's, he licked it from root to tip.

Just like when Iruka had touched him in the pool Kakashi muscles tensed. Iruka smiled. It felt good to know that the jounin was reacting to his touch.

You haven't felt anything yet. Determined to put all his skills to use, Iruka took one deep breath and then sank down slowly taking Kakashi's dick deeper and deeper until his lips touched the base.

He was rewarded with a small gasp.

He pulled back up and started a slow bobbing motion. In the meantime he let his hands wander, stroking Kakashi's thighs and rubbing his belly.

One of Kakashi's hands slid into his hair and stroked it almost reverently. Suddenly Iruka remembered the jounin's strange look when they'd cut Iruka's hair.

He pulled off for a second and grinned at Kakashi. "It'll grow out soon enough," he murmured before going back to the task at hand. When he looked back at the jounin's face it was definitely flushed, but he couldn't be sure whether it was because of his remark, or because his hand was getting up close and personal with the man's balls.

The knock at the door startled both of them. Iruka felt it in the way Kakashi jerked slightly underneath him.

Seriously?! Was there some kind of cosmic conspiracy to keep the two of them from reaching any kind of orgasm together?

He looked up and saw that Kakashi's mask was once again pulled up. Then looked back down at the straining cock in his hand and snorted, loudly. It suddenly struck him as inordinately funny that the jounin would rather be caught with his pants down than with his mask down.

The knock sounded again and Iruka caught Kakashi's regretful look. He knew the man would never ignore whoever was calling on them. He was too much of a professional. But just because answering was the professional thing to do, didn't mean Iruka had to like it...So just as Kakashi opened his mouth to say something, Iruka squeezed.

Kakashi's 'Who is it?' came out sounding strangled and winded.

There was a long moment of silence before the answer came. "It's me." Ibiki's voice seemed a little strangled too.

Iruka rubbed his thumb over tip of Kakashi's cock, spreading the pre-cum around.

"Go away!" Kakashi said, with a pained look down at Iruka.

Iruka had to bite the blanket to keep from laughing out loud. He set up a slow pumping rhythm.

"I wish I could." Ibiki muttered the words, but his distinctive voice travelled across the door anyway. His next words were spoken louder, and put a premature end to Iruka's game. "We received word from Tsunade-sama."

Iruka immediately let go and sat back with a sigh. Playtime was over. While Kakashi put his clothes back in order, Iruka reached inside his own pants and gave himself a vicious little twist. The shock of pain made his hard dick subside.

He looked up to find Kakashi staring at him with a hungry look in his eye. Iruka shook his head. "Next time you better make damn sure we're not interrupted. Now hurry up."

Kakashi moved faster than Iruka thought possible and within the blink of an eye he was on his back and the jounin was kissing him breathless. The jounin pulled back with obvious reluctance. "Next time," he muttered, and then he was off the bed and opening the door and Iruka was left staring at the ceiling with butterflies in his stomach.

Ibiki walked in, with Asuma right behind him. "I'm sorry to…disturb your rest," Ibiki said.

Iruka snorted. "Not half as sorry as I am." There was no point in trying to hide now.

Asuma grinned and slapped Kakashi on the back, but Ibiki came straight to the point. "There has been another change in plans. We have to make a stop in Tamura, and we have to be there tomorrow night.

Iruka frowned. There was no way he could travel fast enough and long enough to reach Tamura within a day and a half. "Am I to return to Konoha?" By my self?

"Tsunade-sama's message arrived only moments ago. Before, our plan was to travel home and make a stop in Kamakura during their flower festival. Kakashi-san suggested that Jiraiya-sama was likely to attend certain parts of their celebration. Meeting with him there would be the earliest opportunity to have your chakra control restored."

So Kakashi had been scheming to meet up with Jiraiya… It was good to know the other man hadn't forgotten about Iruka's plight. And the jounin had taken a soldier pill before he knew of Tsunade's message, which meant he'd rushed his own recovery in order to arrive at the flower festival on time to intercept Jiraiya... There was that fluttery feeling in his stomach again…

"What's the plan now?" Iruka asked.

"I suggest you travel to Kamakura yourself. We will attempt to rejoin you as soon as possible."

Iruka nodded. He felt strangely nervous at the thought of travelling alone while his chakra control was still sealed, but there really wasn't any choice.

Kakashi didn't seem to like the idea much either, judging by his frown.

Ibiki continued. "We will leave now. You'll take one of the horses and leave the other one behind here. We'll make arrangement for it later. If we haven't reached you before Kamakura, try to find Jiraiya-sama on your own and afterwards continue on to Konoha."

Iruka nodded.

Ibiki and Asuma turned and left, but Kakashi remained behind. "I don't like this."

"Me neither, but there's really not much else we can do."

Kakashi's silence told Iruka that he agreed.

"We need to get ready," Kakashi said.

Iruka nodded. But neither of them moved.

Finally Kakashi pulled his mask down to just below his lips. "One for the road?" He asked with a crooked smile.

Iruka felt the corners of his mouth tug up in an answering smile. He hooked a hand behind Kakashi neck and pulled him forward until their lips met. They kissed for long moments until Iruka finally pulled back with a last nip to Kakashi bottom lip. "Go."

Iruka watched his three companions leave. Within seconds they disappeared into the trees and he was left to start his own journey. After a final goodbye to the owner of the inn, Iruka set off.

Despite his nerves, he was in a pretty good mood. The weather was fine, both he and his horse were well-fed and rested, and he had some good things to look forward to…getting his chakra control back, perhaps seeing Naruto in Kamakura, and, if all went well and they all reached Konoha safely, finally getting Kakashi alone for a couple of hours…

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