l o v e


Before he could think it over inside his head, the question was asked.

"How did you lose your parents?"

"…my parents?" Her soft voice was surprised, anxious, and thin. It made him… embarrassed, surprisingly; the question was odd, private. He was stepping out of bounds— asking how someone became an orphan was the last thing you'll expect from someone who wanted to get in your pants. He glanced at her briefly over his shoulder, catching her startled gaze.

"Don't answer that question if you don't want to."

Her lashes lowered, made shadows on her cheeks.

"My mother committed suicide." Sasuke said.

Sakura looked up at his declaration. "Your… mother?"

There was a brief flashback of a solitary, bulging dark eye peeking from between black bangs.

Sasuke's right eye twitched, "yes."

"I… I'm sorry."

He shrugged, as though it was nothing, something very normal.

They walked another block in silence. They passed a violin shop, a ramen shop, a boutique.

"My father…" Sakura said, and Sasuke knew she was struggling with honesty, with fear that she was about to say something personal. In some weird way, Sasuke felt privileged at the idea that she was about to share something delicate with him.

"He… he's alive." He frowned. "But… he didn't know that I exist." Over his shoulder, Sasuke looked at her face. Her hair was being softly blown by the night breeze, lifting several strands over her face. Her eyes were downcast, her lashes hiding them. "He's… he's someone important. Very, very important, well loved. If I… approached him with these eyes, people will hate him."

Your eyes? He wanted to ask, but decided not to. He stopped walking, turning to her. Sakura stopped too, keeping her head bowed, her hair falling about her face, hiding her eyes.

"I don't want him to be hated, so… I kept my distance. Even though I—" Sakura surprised him with gripping his hand strongly. "…I'm hungry for his recognition. I just can't tell him that I'm his daughter. He might… hate me." There was sadness, almost desperate edge in her voice, although she tried to mask them, yet, the feelings reached out to him.

Sasuke stared at their linked hands, "He's alive. That's what matters, right?"

Sakura replied with a thin smile. "Yes." She bit the inside of her cheek, looking away. "Your mother…" There was a pause, as though she was weighing her next words. "…was she pretty, like you?"

Sasuke suppressed a smirk. "Prettier."

Sakura smiled, "really?"

"Hn." He resumed walking, pulling her with him so that she was walking beside him. "How about yours?"

"Oh!" she seemed to lighten up at the question. "She's got very, very long red hair. She's very beautiful—"

"A redhead? Your father must be blonde."

"Strawberry blonde," she said promptly, shyly. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly.

His gaze rose to her hair. "No wonder you got a very strange hair color."

She pouted broodingly. "It's not my fault."

He smirked at her reaction. "It's unusual."

With her long pale fingers, she thumbed a lock of pink hair between her index and thumb. "I know. It's weird, isn't it?"

"I like it."

Sakura looked at him, wide-eyed at his bluntness. He didn't care, though, continuing, "What happened to your mother?"

Another obvious shock came to Sakura. Ah, bluntness.

"She's…" her voice broke. Sasuke looked at her face. An odd look filled her eyes, but they vanished as she shrugged, nonchalantly. "She died."

Sasuke squeezed her hand tightly. Sakura almost smiled at his gesture. "Same pasts," he said, "I think… We're meant to be." He added dryly, which in turn, made Sakura laugh. It was breathy, very real. Fragile, but full.

And his stomach clenched, he ignored.

It became comfortable as they walked further. Occasionally, she'll talk, he'd reply with bluntness. His unfettered bluntness was sharp, crude even, and straight to the point. No verbosity. No word play. Plain honesty. Sakura smiled slightly, he and I… are completely different. Rolling her eyes at his latest comment about Naruto ("he got no brains under that fucked up yellow hair"), she turned her head around, and she stopped. She stared, almost in awe.

"What?" Sasuke asked with a frown when she stopped abruptly.

"Shaved ice with fruits." Sakura murmured. Sasuke raised a brow, not comprehending. Her stunned gaze lifted to meet his stare, a candid smile tugging at her lips. "It's my favorite." The smile turned into a big, bright smile. It made her look younger, free, and childlike. And even more innocent. The way she should be.

It struck Sasuke the way it took so little to make her smile, to make her happy. Sardonically, he thought how difficult it would be to make someone like her to fall in love with someone like him. Eyes half-lidded, he watched her small hand slide off his large one as she walked closer to the store. As he watched her hand moved away, he became aware how small her hand was, how different it felt, how wonderful her touch was.

What a strange woman.

Indeed, Sakura was strange. Probably, the strangest. He had never seen a woman like her. Though, he had seen more attractive women before, but Sakurashe simply didn't want to be seen yet, in the process of hiding, pushing away, rejecting… she captured his attention. Her voice enchanted him.

And her legs. Those pretty, pretty legs.

And her green, green eyes. With gold pupils, with innocence. Always hooded, like she was tired of everything and didn't want to see anything. Slow to open to escape everything, to hide everything. As much as he wanted her, she, however, didn't want him. Maybe not, maybe yes. It was hard to discern her true thoughts for she frequently changed moods. Although she had kissed him back, touched him back… in the end, she rejected him, denied him, pushed him away.

She hid. She ran away, while many hungered for his attention.

And he could not help but wonder, why?

Who would not want him?

Why would she not want him?

A news broadcast about a murdered businessman flashed on the large billboard screen above the highway, across where he stood. Looking up to it, Sasuke brooded flatly, who'd want to get tangled with a dangerous, bloodthirsty man?

Contrary to popular belief, he was not God's gift to women. A sin in two fucking legs, a sinner, a killer… A dangerous man, who killed many, who performed gruesome things, who shoved his heart somewhere dank, dark, dead – that muscle that pumps blood— because they took my Father's heart, and Mother's and Itachi's and mine and – who lived only to find and kill that person and

(crush, and burn, and tear, and break, keep breaking, keep breaking, and keep breaking that person's heart because that person took my Father's heart, and Mother's and Itachi's and mine and)

who lived as Mad Hatter, who killed fathers and husbands. And will continue to kill men, fathers and husbands… until he finds that person.


Ah, that lovely, enchanting voice.

And her innocent, strange eyes that tried to hide, to keep secrets. And sweet, sweet mouth that made him weak, hungry, desperate.

Looking back at Sakura, he watched her.

Why would someone like her want someone like him?

Someone like her who was not going to be some cheap fuck, someone who was not going to be a cheap one-night stand.


"How much?" Sakura asked, slipping a hand inside her pocket. Before the clerk could answer her query, Sasuke reached for her wrist, stopping her. She looked up, frowning, but he only shook his head and paid for her purchase. Seeing this, Sakura flushed. "You don't have to. You—"

"I know I'm awesome."

Sakura wrinkled her nose. Her eyes narrowed as Sasuke collected her order. As though to mock her, Sasuke moved the plastic container side to side in front of her face, teasing her, a smirk twisting his mouth. Color rose to Sakura's cheeks and lifted her hand.

"Give it to me."

Startling her, his other hand pushed through her thick hair and behind her head, pulling her face forward to meet his, and kissed her.

Sakura's green eyes snapped wider, and before she could blink, Sasuke had released her, took her hand, and placed the container of shaved ice with fruit in her palm. Blinking rapidly, Sakura looked up to him dazedly. Sasuke responded with a smug half-smirk, annoying her.

"You…" Her cheeks flushed so hard that Sasuke's smirk crooked.

"You're welcome."

His cool statement further aggravated Sakura who huffed and stepped on his foot before turning around to leave him. He easily caught up with his long legs. "Where are you going?" Sakura stubbornly kept her face turned away. "So ungrateful," he drawled, "after me paying for your favorite."

"I didn't ask you to!"

Sasuke shrugged.

"And… leave me alone!"

And he wondered why the hell he did not. Many women were groveling at his feet. If he wanted to get laid, all he had to do was to point and pick.

And he'd be off to paradise.

But… he wanted something more.

Pretty, pretty legs.

Green dazzling eyes.

A breathy, needy, throaty voice that will moan, whimper and scream his name.

Her mouth. That delicious mouth.


He ignored the ache in his stomach. That stupid stomachache.

He smirked. "Make me."

"Molester," she mumbled.

The corner of his lips lifted slightly. "… I'll let you off with that remark."

Sakura walked faster, but Sasuke caught up quickly. He stopped when she stopped, nudged her when she lingered for too long in front of a shop window, waited for her when she stopped to look and watch the displays, and told her to move when she watched a band on the electronic billboards.

"I'm busy!" She snapped when Sasuke nudged her repeatedly. He didn't retort, but grabbed her hand. "Hey! Who's that?" A handsome face appeared on the billboard. Sasuke shrugged.

"No one."

"Don't— ohh, that's—"

He narrowed his eyes at her flushed look. "Sakura."

"It's Sakurai Sho!" She squealed, excitedly pointing to the billboard after disposing the empty plastic container into a garbage can. Her loud excitement attracted stares and Sasuke glared around to stop the stares.

"Who cares?" He snapped, what an annoying woman. If she wants to see a hot man, he was beside her. Why would she even bother to stop, and point, and stare, and smile at someone's face in the billboard?



He twitched, a scowl darkening his face.


She arched a brow at Sasuke. "What's wrong? I'm a woman admiring a very attractive man—"

"And I'm going to drag you somewhere very dark…"

"…and—" Sakura's eyes bugged as Sasuke's long fingers pushed at her hair, the other hand on her jaw and kissed her mouth. Her lips parted easily, his tongue swept in, filling her.

Sasuke fought hard to keep his lust in check. The ache below his stomach dulled into a painful, nagging throb. His mind reeled. His mind blurred. Vivid dreams flashed before his eyes, so real, so erotic, in wonderful colors, in blurs, with sounds, movement, feelings.

His lips moved brusquely above hers, captured her upper lip, sucked it, and his tongue teased hers, touched her teeth, the roof of her mouth, around her tongue before retracting abruptly and then dipping deeper inside her mouth. Sasuke felt Sakura's lashes fluttered as his kiss deepened and softened, teasing her while their saliva mixed, their tongues tangled.

Sakura, on the other hand, fought the unbidden, unwanted heat. She didn't want to close her eyes, knowing that if she did, the kiss would enchant her, charm her, drown her, weaken her… She fought hard but got lost. Her eyes closed and she relished the taste of his mouth. White heat curled deliciously below her stomach, and it ached. Made her moist between her legs. Made her mind reel. Made her want more, and more, and more. So much more…

The kiss went on, and on.

Sasuke softly kneaded her jaw, slanting his mouth over hers, kissing her hard and deeply, greedily, and his long fingers massaged her scalp, pulling the silken strands. When he moved back and released her lips, her eyes remained close.

Her expression was soft, dreamy. "So rude… Interrupting my speech with a kiss…"

"You're annoying. Saying the stupidest things with your mouth…" He said evenly against her parted lips. He kissed her again, slowly, but deeply, making her breathless again.

"…you should stop kissing me like that." Sakura murmured, breathing harshly.

To Sasuke, she should stop talking with that raspy voice of hers.

"And touching my scalp like that—" To spite her, he rubbed her scalp tantalizingly slow. Her lashes quivered, but her body remained lax. "And…" She opened her eyes, and the vivid green and strange gold mesmerized him over and over and over again. "Definitely… you should stop kissing me. It's not good for my system. It's…" she reddened and pursed her lips.

Sasuke smirked. In return, Sakura flushed harder.

"… and don't smirk."

He shrugged, not letting go. He stared, not looking away, which sent Sakura's heart fluttering, her breath quickening, her skin flushing a healthy shade of pink. Sasuke-kun had the most intense, most frightening set of eyes. Deep, like a pit to drown into; direct, like he would say anything inside his mind and he's not coy to say them aloud; frightening, because one look from him… from those eyes, she'd melt, she'd give in, she'd let him do anything he wants with her.

Mustering all her courage, Sakura met his stare—but she surrendered, lowering her lashes, biting her swollen lip.

"I have to go home now." Going far away from this man was the best option. It was the only option. If she wanted to remain detached from this man— emotionally and physically— the best thing to do was to keep her distance.


Sakura stared, wide-eyed. "…no? But—"

Sasuke released her hair and face. Sakura blinked, stepping back unsteadily but Sasuke held her hand and steadied her. "We'll just walk."

"You kissed me." Sakura accused, narrowing her eyes. "You molested me—"

Sasuke shrugged. "I got tempted. I'm a sinful man."

The statement was bluntly honest, almost crude that Sakura flushed very brightly, mortified. A quick grin cracked Sasuke's face in halves; grudgingly, with a cringe, Sakura thought that it was a cute, charming grin.

"Sakura." He pushed hand through her hair as he turned her face back to him. Her cheeks flushed at their close proximity.

"…don't kiss me," whispered Sakura, thinly, pleading.

A smirk tugged at Sasuke's lips.

"Please?" Sasuke's face grew solemn. "Don't kiss me. Really. Because it's…" her cheeks reddened as she averted her gaze to avoid his intense stare. "…harassment! And you're molesting me so, stop it."

"You like it."

Her eyes flashed as they met his. "I don't. You're harassing me. You're molesting me! I'm not… No, no, nooo, I don't like it."

Yes I do. And it's not good.

Sasuke smirked, repressing a genuine smile from spreading over his face as he dropped his hand from her face. "I'll kiss you… only if you beg for it."

Sakura actually smiled widely at that. It was infectious, that candid smile, that Sasuke wanted to smile back. He did try but it was quick that Sakura completely missed it.

"Where are we going?" Sakura asked when they started moving again. "We've been walking for a while now. My feet are tired." Sasuke didn't reply. "Sasuke-kun?"

"It's not very far."

Sakura walked faster to catch up with him. "It's very late now and—"

"You're making excuses." Sasuke interrupted. Defeated, Sakura sighed and let him lead her where he wanted. Why would she even bother? This man was very pushy, and arrogant, and controlling, and… attractive… and sexy—

Sakura mentally slapped herself.

"In here."

The woman blinked and looked up. "It's…"


Sakura didn't recall how Sasuke managed to convince her to enter the club. It was full of people, grinding bodies, dancing against each other. No small space was visible on the dance floor, completely packed with bodies that moved in wild rhythm of the music, looking for and finding release. The long bar was crowded. As soon as they entered, Sakura felt the immense erotic heat. The temperature was overwhelming that Sakura involuntarily moved closer to Sasuke, gripping his hand back.


He bent his neck to whisper to her, "Don't leave my side." His eyes were grave as they looked down to her wide green orbs, "We'll leave in a minute. I just have to meet with someone."

She gave a wan nod which Sasuke returned with a frigid smirk, his eyes serious, narrowed. As they moved toward the bar, several people openly stared at them, particularly, at Sasuke, who ignored— or just blissfully oblivious— the attention he effortlessly garnered. Women in skimpy outfits openly eyed him suggestively, watching him lecherously under their thick lashes. There were also men staring at Sakura, finding her pink hair and vivid green eyes interesting. Sasuke, noticing the attention his companion was getting, scowled, jaw clenching, fist tightening, ready to fling if men as much as try to reach out and touch what was his. Painfully, his grip on her hand tightened, but Sakura didn't seem to mind, for she clutched his hand back.

They reached the bar, and a hand— with red French-manicured nails – clamped hard on his shoulder and swung him around.

"Sasuke-kuuuuun! I miss youuuuuuu!" a voice squealed, surprising Sakura. Sasuke scornfully moved his shoulder to brush the hand aside.

"Karin." He acknowledged coldly.

Karin pouted, deliberately ignoring Sakura. "You're not in good, good mood, eh?" Uchiha replied with a withering scowl. Not in good mood? Try killing-spree mood. The place was packed; the air was hot and humid, and very uncomfortable, and there was Karin, whose annoying voice rivaled with Naruto's for the Most Annoying Stupidest Voice Award.

"Let's dance." Karin grabbed Sasuke's arm and despite his deepening scowl and attempted rejection, whisked the man away to the dance floor, pushing through the thick crowd.

Sakura stared after them, mouth slightly parted in shock. What the— Blinking a couple of times to recover her bearings, Sakura fumed, that… bastard! After tricking me, harassing me, molesting me… to go out with him, he left me alone to… to… to dance with… She refused to finish that line of thought— whatever! He's free to do whatever it is he wanted to do! I don't care!

And no, Sakura snarled mentally, I am not jealous.

Got it?

Her inner voice snorted, and Sakura despaired.

.physical education—

After rejecting the sixth stranger who asked for a dance, Sakura slumped forward ungracefully, ordered something sweet, something she had trouble pronouncing. The bartender, seeing a pretty face, grinned and attended to her need. The liquid was strong, and Sakura's face twisted into a grimace. Vainly, delicately, she cleared her throat, blinked and felt her cheeks heat up.

"Hey, pretty miss."

Sakura looked up, blinking slowly, her lashes brushing the swells of her nose. The effect was alluring, coupled with her bright innocent eyes and hooded gaze.

"You look upset."

Cheeks flushed due to alcohol, she smiled slightly. "I'm fine." She emptied her glass and asked for another one. She knew it before his hand landed on her shoulder, however, she didn't hold back a jerk, and her reflexes told her to break the man's neck in a blink of an eye— and her right eye twitched, the gold pupil contracted— but she held back— because really… now was not the time to kill, to shove a fist through his face, burst his brain and put up a time magic show for everyone to see and applaud for.

"Let her go."

Sakura turned her face around.

Sasuke's face was shadowed, his eyes hooded. Muscles were clenching and unclenching in his jaw, as if he was trying to hold back his fist from cracking the man's face open.

"Didn't you hear me?"

Sakura shivered at the frightening calm of his tone. Her green eyes shifted to look at the man who had his hand on her shoulder, still oblivious. Deliberately, with a drunken grin, the man squeezed her flesh— Sasuke's face twitched and before he could do anything rash, Sakura rolled her shoulder to free herself and slid down from her stool to placate Sasuke.

"…Sasuke—" He seized her arm and pulled her to his side roughly. The heat of his body created a shudder that convulsed her spine.

"Babe, we're having fun…"

Heat seared off from Sasuke's body. "Don't!" Sakura whispered, "Sasuke-kun… let's just— oh," The woman named Karin had joined them.

"Oi, Suigetsu, quit fucking around. That's Sasuke's toy."

The man blinked, while Sasuke narrowed his eyes threateningly.

"Aw," he slurred. "Good fuck…" Karin rolled her eyes.

"Move your fat ass and get the fuck away from here."

"Only if you fuck me, babe." In which, he received a punch in the forehead. The redhead seized the man's shirt and winked at Sasuke who glowered menacingly.

"Thanks for that wonderful—"

"Shut up."

Karin tossed a saucy grin. Sakura bit the inside of her cheek.

"Good luck, pretty. Nice to meet you, pinky." Karin smirked at Sakura smugly. Sakura bristled at the pet name and looked away defiantly as the redhead disappeared, dragging the unconscious man behind her.

.physical education II—


Remembering how he left her alone, she pushed away from him, turning to find the exit. But Sasuke caught her arm and slammed her against his chest. The woman winced and struggled.

"Go away."

"Are you jealous?"

"Hardly." She hissed, putting more emphasis than necessary.

"Hmm… Dance with me, Sakura." He whispered in her hair.

"I don't want to dance with you."

His grip tightened. "I want to dance with you," his tone was hard and rough. Sakura shivered, biting her lip, her breathing quickening. "And I don't care if you don't want to."

"Sasuke—" Sakura growled. He pulled her into the dance floor, while Sakura remained struggling. She stopped when Sasuke wrapped his arms around her so tightly that air froze inside her lungs at the tightness of his grip. "…Sasuke…kun."

His lips touched her jaw.

"Just for a few minutes."

Sakura closed her eyes. Minutes? She'll lose her mind in seconds.

"It's… late."

"Hn." He loosened his hold slightly. An arm wrapped around her hips, keeping her so close that she blushed heatedly, while a hand pushed through her thick hair, keeping her lock in place. He smelt her hair—

Fresh, natural.

He pressed his lips on her temple; Sakura gulped.

"It's hot." Sakura said bluntly which she regretted afterwards. "I mean—"

"Hn." His arm squeezed her closer, Sakura bit her lip. He was hard, and very warm, like he was burning. Her nose touched the exposed skin of his neck, and she can smell his skin— clean, a very masculine, sexual scent. He moved his head closer to her hair, breathing in deeply. Gently, with the tips of his fingers, he massaged her scalp, and it felt good, very seductive that Sakura could not help but murmur his name.

He brought his hand down from her hair and forced her arm to wrap around his neck. Her other arm mirrored the movement, and she clung to his neck possessively that pleased Sasuke. He brought her closer, hand dropping between her buttocks as he slid a thigh between her legs. She jumped a little and her arms tightened around his neck.

"Sasuke-kun… I… Can we… just go?" Sakura asked softly. Who knew what she would do if this continued? Despite her virginal state and innocent eyes, she was just human, after all. And Sasuke was sexy, sexy sin in two legs. He reeked of delicious sex, his body hot and hard, which housed frightening strength to snap her in halves, and sex with this man…

Sakura clenched her eyes shut.

Sex with this man would be more than good and crazy. It would be… Sakura didn't dare finish the thought.

"If you let me kiss you, then…" His voice captured her attention, "We'll go. How about that?"

Sakura sighed. "…you're very pushy, aren't you?"

"No." He pulled back to look at her face. "I get what I want. I don't care how, but…" his lashes lowered over his smoldering eyes. "I will get it."

"Sasuke-kun… you're… I don't understand you."

"Don't try to." Sasuke cupped her cheek. "Can I kiss you now?" he murmured. Sakura lowered her eyelids, and responded by pulling his head down and crushing his lips to hers. Both groaned at the contact. Sakura parted her lips and let his tongue drive between her teeth. Her nails scored his scalp as his lips rolled harshly over hers, biting, sucking. She responded, shyly at first, then, she started to move her tongue against his, to move her lips over his, but he dominated her, clutching her face as he slanted his mouth over hers.

The kiss changed. His tongue thrust in and out of her mouth, slowly, then shifting to faster tempo, and then slow again. The method made her weaker in her knees… and wetter in between her thighs. Her hands fisted on his thick hair, unconsciously pulling him closer, crushing his lips harder to hers. Her breathing quickened when she felt his hips ground against hers. In turn, her thighs clenched around his and it brought a groan from the man.

It was addictive.

Her taste. Her lips, her mouth.

His taste. His lips, his mouth.

Startling Sakura, Sasuke lifted her other leg and wrapped it around his hips. Forcefully, Sasuke pushed her hips down on his, directly to his erection that hurt, that ached, that fucking throbbed. Sakura gasped into his mouth, her lower body trembling violently at the sensation that wracked her body.

"Sasuke-k-…kun—" She gasped against his teeth, shaking, flushing. He ground against her, harder, and he had to bite his lip to hold back a groan. The grinding bodies around them increased the heat, an oppressive burning sensation that made them pant for breath. The tension in their hips worsened.

And Sasuke thought he'll go mad just by holding back.


He'd go fucking insane.

She murmured his name again.

He cursed.


He kissed her again, deeply, greedily.

"Sasuke-kun… Sasuke-kun…"

He pulled back, releasing her hips, her face, and her hair. He pushed back from her, stepping back until they were an arm length away from each other. Both of them were breathing hard, eyes half-lidded and glazed over.

He saw her delicate throat moved as she gulped.

And then, she licked her lips, slowly.

Her innocent eyes— fuck that innocence— looked straight into his eyes.


Sasuke reached for her again.


There were rows of lounges separated by short walls at the back of the dance floor, covered in shadows. Sasuke smoothly maneuvered into the dimness and landed into a vacant lounge with Sakura on top of him, sitting on his lap. The skirt of her red dress rose higher, revealing her creamy thighs as she spread her legs wider, her mouth clinging to his lips. Coarse jean rubbed furiously against soft thighs. Sasuke's arms locked around Sakura's hips while her hands were on his hair.

Tongues tangled, saliva mixed. Breaths became one. Hearts beat as one. Minds blurred, colors were hazy.

They parted only to breathe softly, and then joined again in a heated greedy kiss. His large hand found the back of her head. Fingers weaved through the silken locks as he pulled her head closer, pressing her swollen lips harder against his. When he thrust up to her, his hard erection probing directly to her thin white panties, a shudder shook both of their spines. Sakura's body practically trembled, her thighs quivered and clenched as she ground back with the aid of Sasuke's hand on her hip. White hot heat curled and twisted inside her, making her wetter, dampening the thin silk of her panties. She groaned, trying to free her lips from his gluttonous kiss that bruise her lips. His kiss was wet, hot, hard. His mouth instead landed on her jaw, and lower to her neck. Sakura bent her head back, giving him full access to bite and suck on her skin. He sucked harshly on her pulse point, relishing the quick throb of her pulse, while his hand from her hip lifted to cup her breast. As he sucked, he squeezed her breast; Sakura moaned with pleasure, mouth parting.

"Sasuke… Sasuke-kun." In response, Sasuke greedily fondled her large breast, rolling it under his large palm, squeezing the base before rubbing the sensitive tip. The harsh handling aroused Sakura more, gently rolling her hips, feeding Sasuke's arousal and hers.

"Sas… Ahh…"

That soft, soft sound. Her voice. It made his insides cramp.

"Sasuke… kun."

At the sound of her voice— that voice— his erection trembled, hardened, pushed, raged. As though sensing the carnal hunger of his body, Sakura fed his desire by grinding harder. His blood boiled. His mind blurred into haze of lust, longing, want. The ache mounted higher. Harder.


He was delighted at the shiver he caused her. She moved back a little, her eyes unfocused, glazed over. The hand on her breast lifted to grasp her chin. He pulled her by her chin, pressing an open-mouthed, wet kiss, having his delicious fill.

It wasn't enough, it wasn't enough…

Sasuke knew, once this started, he would not be able to stop. He would not have enough strength to stop himself. He'll keep craving. Lusting. Wanting. Longing. And he will not stop.

Thin strands of saliva stretched between their mouths as they parted. She licked her wet lips, severing the strands.

"The ache… it hurts, doesn't it?" whispered Sasuke, voice raspy.

Her breath hitched. "Sasuke… kun…"

He moved his face closer to whisper on her swollen, dark pink lips. "Let me help you." Sakura trembled, gulping. Sasuke continued, lowering his voice in a guttural purr. "Let me… Sakura." The way he said her name clenched the heat in her belly. His hand lowered from her chin to the valley between her large breasts, to her hips. At the feel of his hand, Sakura shifted nervously. His hand drew nearer to the front of her skirt, searching, and craving.

"Sasuke-kun… I…" she chewed on her bottom lip. "No— I… Sasuke—"

"Hmm…" His mouth parted to let out his warm tongue. The tip of his tongue touched her jaw. "Let me," … taste something sweet, sinful, so wonderfully erotic. Delicious, delicious taste.

Forbidden and addictive. Like a drug.

Let me drink from you.

"S-stop… I… Sasuke-kun, please…" Sakura's sentence ended in a squeal when Sasuke thrust up harshly, one hand fondling her right buttock. Logic threatened to leave her head, no matter how hard she tried to hold on. Her crotch was wet, and to her horror, her vagina was salivating— how… crude! She thought afterwards, blushing very hard.

And it ached… Sakura bit her lip hard, it hurts.


But she needed to put more conviction.


…in which, she failed, miserably.

Sasuke captured her mouth again in a hungry kiss, playing with her tongue, sucking it, pulling it inside his mouth. His hand touched her inner thigh, jerking her. The kiss rendered her breathless, mindless. And wetter, more needy, more desperate.


The painful arousal raged. Growing harder, growing hungrier. Sasuke wanted to drown into her, plunge, pillage, ravage.


Have his fill and do not ever stop.

This was lust, wasn't it? This was just lust, wasn't it? It had to be.

But it… felt different.

This was infatuation, wasn't it? This was just infatuation, wasn't it? It had to be.

But it felt… different.

This was curiosity, wasn't it? This was just curiosity, wasn't it? It had to be.

But it felt… different.

It was hormones.


Just fucking hormones acting…

But it felt… different.

He remembered her innocent eyes, her seductive lips, her hot body.

He remembered smile, her laughter, shaved ice with fruits, her kiss.

And she remembered when she said, "It's everything."

"I stopped being alone."

The stomachache when she smiles, when she laughs.


No, no. She's not going to be a cheap fuck.

No, no. She's not going to be a one-night romp.

No, no. She's…

…Sakura pulled away from his kiss.


She quivered in response. "Stop… Sasuke-kun."


"I have to… go."

"No." He repeated, harder this time.


"I want you."

Her hooded eyes, so green, so innocent, widened, and then blinked slowly.

"I want you, Sakura."

Her eyes clouded. "You're just… horny."

His eyes narrowed. "No." He cupped her face with both of his hands, whispering. "I'm not horny."

"You are…" she breathed back.

"I want you." He kissed her before she could reject him— again— made her breathless. Her response was electric, more heated, blurring everything in his head, but at the same time, he can feel, see and hear everything. Distinctly, separately. Even the slightest hitch of her breath, the skip of her heartbeat, the tremble of her fingers, the delicate throb of her pulse. In the haze, he saw her eyes. Green and gold. Blinding. Amazing.

How can she look so innocent and seductive at the same time?

It was enchanting.

Suddenly, he wanted to tell her everything. His father, his mother. About Itachi. Naruto and Kakashi. And Mad Hatter. Alice. And Wonderland. And that he's Mad and he wanted her to be his sanctuary, his everything, his something more. And that's she was not going to be some crazy, cheap fuck or a quickie, or it was not going to be a dirty romp in the dark. That he wanted to take her in broad daylight, to see everything, touch everything, taste everything. It will be slow, then rough, and then slow again. She will like it again, and again, and again. And he will never, ever stop because once, twice… thrice will not be enough.

It will never be enough.

Glass shattered above the dancing floor. People shrieked. Glass shards hit the floor and the people.

Sakura twisted around, but Sasuke stopped her. "Wha—"

And then, there were gunshots. Screams, and blood.

.blood chemistry—

Sasuke didn't think, only reacted. Terror for Sakura's safety made him move out of reflex.

"Sasuke—" He locked his arms around her shoulders, shielding her head. Quickly rolling to switch their position— Sakura below him, his body on top of hers.


The gunshots drowned her voice. He maneuvered so that they were behind the couch. He managed to land on his behind, Sakura's body collapsing on top of him. Their limbs were tangled, bodies sweaty. "…What's happening?"

"Be quiet."

"But—" A string of gunshots silenced her. She gripped him around the torso tightly.

Damn it! Sasuke cursed. Where was his happy ending? He was having such a torrid make-out session with a sexy girl and those bastards appeared? Fucked up assholes, ruining his wet dream that came to life. Cautiously, he peeked over the couch. The angle granted him a perfect view of the dance floor where two figures in jumpsuits stood—


In the dance floor, facing a booth.


"Don't worry."

Fucking clowns. It was the SOUND, he fumed, recognizing yellow and violet, and amazingly, there was no red. Which struck him weird. He cursed again— shit— realizing who the target and the victim was.

("He's here." Karin whispered, "this club is his."

"Where is he?"

Karin switched their position. "Behind me." Sasuke's eyes flicked over her shoulder. "The man in the lounge, in the separate booth." Dark eyes squinted. "In red tie. Found him?"

"Aa." The man was in late thirties, with cold shrewd eyes, arching cheekbones and pointy chin. "One."

"Hai." Karin leaned closer. "Karasuma Seishiro." Her red lips curved knowingly. "Familiar, yes? He's a stockholder in your company, Sasuke-kun. He was the one who brought Carnage 13 to MIKOTO International. Arranged the murder and chose Sakura as their grave…"

"Why would he want to kill his business associates?"

Karin shrugged, swaying seductively. "Who knows? Capture him, Mad Hatter and ask him.")


Too late.

Karasuma, One, was dead, drowning in his own blood. The violet assassin drew out a sword; the yellow tall, lanky assassin shook his head, his hair pale, lifted a gun and shot.

"Sasuke-kun…" he returned his attention to her. "What… happened?" her voice was thin and Sasuke felt his jaw clench. It was his fucking fault why she got in this place. "Someone was killed, right?" His nose flared.

"Forget it." People screamed and scrammed, running to exits, terrified. Because the part where they were was blanketed in the shadow, Sasuke found it easy and safer to move without being seen. He remained cautious, however, as he pulled Sakura back to her feet. Before he could stop her, she turned her head around and saw the two thin figures and the bloodbath. Her eyes widened slightly, her hand stiffening in his.

"Sakura." He hissed, grabbing her cheek, forcing her to back at him.

"Sasuke… kun…"

"Forget it. I want you to forget it."


"Okay?" With his warm thumb, he rubbed her cheek, comforting her, or himself, he didn't know. Mutely, the girl nodded. "Good. That's good."

Silently, carefully, he led her to the nearest exit where people squeezed out hurriedly, making it difficult for them to exit as fast as they can. Thankfully, the two assassins didn't start a shooting frenzy, unlike the last time (with Three). He led Sakura out by the arm, kept walking, away from the terrified crowd. Satisfied with the distance, he pushed her against a wall, put his hands on either side of her head and stepped closer until they were chest to chest.

"Stay here."


He interrupted her with a hot, demanding kiss, stealing her breath. She gasped softly, hands flying to grip his shirt.

"Stay here." He repeated firmly. "It's safer. Wait for me."

She kept blinking, breathless and she looked beautiful as she struggled to recover. "Where… are you going?"

He smirked, despite of the fury he felt. "I'm going to find a police and a taxi." Sighing deeply, he cupped her cheek. "Forget what you saw." He slanted his mouth on hers and kissed her deeply. His breath was hot on her mouth. Her skin was damp and warm under his fingers. He pushed forward, crushing her body; she opened her mouth, her tongue coming out, to taste, to tease. The desire was overflowing again. He had to stop.

He had to.

He released her lips, stepping back to allow her to breathe.

"Wait here."

Dazedly, the girl nodded.


When Sasuke came back, Sakura was gone.

"Damn it!" he snapped, looking around.

Immediately after calling Kakashi about the murder and Naruto to fetch them, he went back as quickly as possible. Cursing, he took out his phone and dialed Sakura's number. She wasn't answering, until the ring shifted to a voicemail. Angrily, he snapped his phone shut, running back to the front of the club. There was no sign of pink hair. Panicking now, Sasuke jumped when his phone rang. The caller ID said: Neji.

Spinning around to leave the scene, he answered the call.

"Cheshire Cat informed me about… One."


"Duchess-sama specified—"

"It wasn't me." Sasuke snarled.

Neji quieted. After a while, he said. "Was it…?"

"The fucking clowns, that's what."

"Damn it." Neji silenced, Sasuke frowned. "The lead's gone, we—" there was another silence from Neji's line.


A scream erupted from the background. Sasuke's eyes widened, "Neji—"

Neji shouted a name.


The room of the eldest princess was at the end of the third floor of the imperial Japanese mansion.

Unseen, very, very slowly, a fluctuating thin wall passed over the third floor hallway. As it passed the antique clock standing in the middle of the corridor, the ticking hand slowed down –

(tick, tick… tick…

tick… ti—) vibrated—

And eventually froze.

The peaceful slumber was broken when a scream tore in the air, followed by another shout.


Um, hiiiii?