Fire and Ice

Chapter 1

Ginny sat, perched in her comfortable seat in the window sill, sorting out her thoughts. She had found herself, in this very spot many times this summer. Because, unfortunately Ginny's summer had been anything but fun. She had lost Harry to Hermione, a certainly unexpected change of heart. And she was now, dealing with the fact that her father had been demoted of his job, leaving the Weasley family holding onto loose ends.

All of the stress, and heartbreak had left her torn and confused. So much to the point she had actually, began taking up the hobby of writing her thoughts down into a diary. Which after her first year, she had sworn to never do again. But, now she felt she had to express her feelings, or she might just burst. It was much easier to go about life, knowing that at least someone or something rather knew how she truly felt.

Suddenly through her endless thoughts she heard the creek of her bedroom door, being pushed gently. She turned, and found Harry standing in her doorway.

"Hey Gin" he said, gently. "Are you alright? You've seemed really out of it lately."

Well of course I'm out of it! You git! You're the one who shattered my heart into a million little pieces over my best friend! She wanted to scream. "I'm fine Harry, really. Just ..." the words seemed to drift off her tongue, and melt into the air surrounding the two.

"Just, what?"

Ginny sighed, frustrated. "I don't know Harry! I mean, it's not that easy being dumped over your best friend ya know?" she yelled, tears brimming in her eyes.


"No, don't. Please … I don't want to hear anymore lies Harry. I've had enough … truly I have." She said, turning her back to him and staring out the window blankly.

"But, Ginny"

Harry was now standing directly behind her, his reflection glaring down at her through the window's crystal glass. He reached out, running his fingers soothingly through her hair. Her eyes fluttered closed, just at the touch of his firm hand. He had such and effect on her. One she would never be able to explain …

"Harry …" she whispered, "Please don't do this. You're only making my feelings for you bubble up. I'm over you, and you're over me. That's it."

At this Ginny fled her room, and into the hall way, making her way down the rickety old stairs, and quickly scurried for the back door, leading to the woods behind her house. As she pushed the wooden door aside, a rush of warm summer air met her cheeks, and she smiled. Now this is what I call peaceful. She thought dreamily.

Suddenly she heard a loud crack, and she spun around, facing the forest. It sounded as though someone had just apperated into the thicket of trees, and shrubs but, Ginny wasn't sure. With curiosity peeling away at her insides, Ginny began walking closer to the echoing sound.

Trudging through the dirt covered earth, caked with shrubs, and small creatures scurrying about. Ginny continued walking deeper and deeper into the forest. Soon, it was dark, and Ginny had yet to find out what had created such and ear shattering crack. She had considered turning back, and just forgetting about it. But, something had kept her going, edging her on through it all.

It was when she finally made herself turn around that a sickening, eerie voice spoke throughout the stillness of the woods. Ginny, remained deathly still afraid that if she moved whoever had spoken would notice her presence. The voice spoke again, although with a harsh, demanding tone. Ginny slowly started creeping toward the voice, trying to achieve a better view.

Finally after much mangling and easing away branches Ginny found a perfect spot to spy, on the owner of the cruel voice. And she was in complete shock when she found out who it was.

"Voldermot?" Ginny whispered, eyes bulging her voice rich with disbelief.

And it was. There standing right before Ginny's very eyes, was the most cruel, vile wizard to ever walk among other wizards, or muggles alike. He strode about, a circle of hooded wizards, all of which stood straight, and tall not moving a muscle. While Voldermot was the complete opposite, as he glided through the group, an evil smile curled upon his lips.

He looked very pleased, in a very disturbing way. It was then that Ginny noticed that someone was lying motionless upon the cold, earth. His blonde hair lay strewn across his face. And a hand lay, drawn over his left arm. He laid there so still Ginny could have sworn he was dead. She almost believed he was until, a slight twitch in his fingers was seen.

Breathing a sigh of relief she continued to watch on, as Voldermot pushed at the boy's side with his foot, a look of disgust upon his face. The boy grunted, and clutched his side in pain.

"Oh, get up boy!" Voldermot drawled, shoving at his side again. When the boy did nothing but, shutter in pain, Voldermot yanked out his wand and pointed it at the weak, being before him.

"CRUCIO!" he screeched. The boy shook violently, screaming out in agonizing shrieks. Ginny cringed, and before she knew it, she found herself running out into the clearing, and screaming.


A sudden silence fell on the ground, as Voldermot ceased his torturing, with a lazy flick of his wand. All eyes bore on her, and the most eerie feeling ached through her veins. What was I thinking! I'm surly going to get killed now!

"Ah, a Weasley. Tell me dear," Voldermot cooed, running a bony finger across her cheek. "How did you find us?"

"I-I well … I … I followed this cracking sound as far into the woods as …. I could … an-and then I found this …" Ginny stuttered out, finding it increasingly harder to breath the closer Voldermot came to her.

"So you were spying?"

"No!" Ginny shrieked

"Well, It very well seems that way …"

"But, I wasn't … I just … stumbled in on this. And I saw what you were doing to this poor boy!" Ginny hissed, spitting with anger. "How can you do something like this! I'm sure he meant no harm!"

Voldermot, just smirked. "Poor? Boy? Oh, Miss Weasley have you got everything wrong."

Ginny frowned, and glanced over Voldermot's shoulder to peek at the boy. He lay across the dirt covered earth, clutching at his side in severe pain. Walking around Voldermot, Ginny found herself in an almost trance like state. She glided over towards the injured soul, and kneeled down next to him. Gently pushing aside the sweat covered locks of hair that covered his eyes, Ginny gasped.

There, eyes squeezed tightly shut, mouth slightly agape, was Draco Malfoy. Ginny's worst enemy. Her eyes widened in complete shock, and she went to move, but found her feet plastered to the spot she stood. Ginny stared down at Malfoy, and realized just how helpless he truly was. And, that she was basically his only key to life at the moment.

Ginny's thoughts raced, how am I going to get us out of here? What spell … there has to be something!

Suddenly Draco's eyes fluttered open, looking bluer than ever, and filled with such pain and anger combined, Ginny could barely manage to hold his gaze. He blinked a few times, and began to sit up, but just as he was upright, his face contorted into pain and he fell back down against the ground.

"Don't do that … you'll just hurt yourself more" Ginny whispered

"Don't tell me what to do, Weasley" Draco hissed quietly

Ginny rolled her eyes, exactly why should I save this prat? He hasn't done anything but cause problems for me along with my family. But, then the thought of leaving him here to his deadly fate drifted back into her mind, and she sighed. I suppose I'll have to save the bloody git.

Gripping Draco's hand tightly, she cleared her mind of everything and began to visualize the warmth of her room, how open and inviting it was.

"What are you doing Weasley!" Draco demanded, trying to shake Ginny's grip loose.

"I'm saving your pathetic, arse Malfoy. So shut up" Ginny said, eyes still closed.

Draco frowned, and just before he could spill another word from his lips a whirl of wind surrounded the two, and before he knew it he was laying in Ginny's bed, eyes wide.

"Ho-how … how did you do that!" He asked, bewildered.

Ginny's eye were wide as well, filled with shock. "I-I don't know …"

Draco snorted, "How do you not know how you did that, Weasley. You apperated! Does that make any sense to you? Or is your mind to small, to comprehend the meaning?"

Ginny scowled, "I know perfectly well, what I just did! And, thanks to me … your actually alive! If I hadn't have done that, you would have been a boneless piece of-"

"I know" Draco growled, cutting Ginny off mid sentence. "Thanks …" he muttered.

"I cant believe yo-" Ginny paused. "Wait … what did you just say?"

"I said thanks, Weasley." Draco drawled. "What else do you want? Huh? An award?"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "You're very welcome. And no I don't want an award" she bit back sarcastically.

"Good, cause I wouldn't give you one anyway" Draco mumbled.

Shaking her head, Ginny continued to look out the window. "So, what are we going to do with you? I'm sure Voldermot is going to come looking for you … and he obliviously knows I was the one to help you" Ginny said, not letting her gaze fall from the window. "By the way," she turned to face him. "What exactly were you doing with Voldermot anyway?" she questioned, suspiciously.

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