I do not own any characters or ideas from Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm just borrowing them. Enjoy!

The place they lived in was called Barahona. It was right by the coast and marvellous for catching mackerel. The weather was hot, although Shannon wasn't too warm. She wore a knitted shawl, that had once been her mother's, as she strolled through the streets, a bread basket on her arm. Every so often, she would check a list she kept in her pocket and stop at a nearby house. She was paid a few coins at each door and then went back on her way.

It wasn't a bad job, considering what she could be doing, she thought as she dodged a couple of whores, plastered in make up, heading the opposite way.

She had left John at the blacksmith; that was where he worked. He earned more than Shannon, though still not much. Shannon didn't know where she would be without John. They'd known each other since they were children and he'd always looked out for her. If it wasn't for him, she'd probably be living on the streets by now.

Just as Shannon turned the corner of an alleyway, busy counting her money, a man bolted past her, shoving her into the wall. She gasped, winded, and clutched at her chest in alarm. Barahona had never been a rough place; usually people were very relaxed. She poked her head around the wall, watching the man run away through the crowds. He was quite small and had dark hair, not too long, but long enough to bob around his head as he ran. He seemed to be heading for the cliffs. Shannon shuddered. She hated those cliffs.

Shaking herself, Shannon picked up her earnings that she had scattered on the ground in her panic, putting them into her little brown purse she carried at her waist. She stood, straightening her filthy dress and set off again. She still had a lot of deliveries to finish before she could go home, and it was already mid-afternoon.

About an hour later, Shannon was walking down that same street when she was knocked to the ground. Wait a minute, she thought, what's going on today? Hearing screams and yells, she sat back up, quickly. Everyone was running about madly.

'Shannon, get up! You can't sit in the middle of the street. You'll be trampled!'

John grabbed her arm and yanked her to her feet.

'Where did you come from? What's happening? Why's everyone gone mad?'

'Didn't you hear? Someone's killed the Governor!'

She gasped. 'What? When?'

'His maid found him an hour ago when she went in to take him some tea!'

They were standing in the middle of a street of chaos. A murderer? In Barahona?

'How was he killed?' Shannon yelled over the screaming.

'Stabbed! Seven times! Apparently there's blood everywhere!'

'Oh my… Do they know who did it?'

'A couple of people think they saw a man running through the town. They didn't think anything of it, until they found out about the Governor. They say he had dark hair that bobbed as he ran.'

Shannon paled. 'What?'

John looked worried. 'Shannon, what's the matter?'

'I think I'm about to faint…'

'Oh wait, here she comes…'

'Hey, don't try to move, you hit your head.'

Shannon looked around her. Where was she? They weren't in the bright sunlight anymore, and she couldn't hear any yelling. But the pain in her head told her something was wrong. She waited for her vision to clear before she tried to see who was standing around her.

There was John. Thank god. There were three other men, all looked rather strange.

'Who… who are you?' She slurred. Her head pounded with the effort to talk.

The man closest to her smiled, showing many gold teeth. Shannon's eyes widened slightly at his absurd appearance. He had long dreadlocked hair, dark brown and tied back with a bandana. It was adorned with trinkets and beads and other objects Shannon didn't want to bother finding out about. His eyes matched the colour of his hair and he had chiselled cheek bones. Not bad, she thought. Then he spoke.

'I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, love!'

Shannon's eyes widened again. A pirate. Of course, she thought, taking in his clothing.

Captain Jack Sparrow introduced the other two men as Gibbs, a portly little man with grey hair and kind eyes, and Cotton, a man who didn't seem to be able to speak but had a parrot on his shoulder who seemed to do more than enough.

'You know, love, most women only faint because their corsets are too tight,' Jack Sparrow went on. 'You've outdone them all!'

Shannon blushed.

'I… I was… um… where are we?'

Jack Sparrow grinned again.

'Welcome to the Black Pearl, love!'