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The Hug

"Thanks for coming," he says, looking deep into the eyes of the girl who has filled his dreams for so long. Katie Bell.

"No problem," she says quietly. "I'm really, really sorry about your dad. He must have been a great guy."

That's what he loves about her. Even when put in the position of going to a friend's father's funeral, she's still graceful and charming in everything that she says and does.

He smiles at her. It's time, he thinks, as he cautiously reaches his arms around her to bring her into a hug.

She seems a bit surprised, but in a good way, he assures himself.

He gently rests his arms on her back, feeling her do the same to him.

He leans down, pressing his cheek against hers, feeling the warmth radiating off her smooth skin.

He feels something wet. A tear. He wonders briefly why she's crying, when he realizes it's his.

She pulls back, and he embarrassedly wipes his eyes.

She lifts her hand slowly to her face, and he realizes that the glimmering drop of liquid on her cheek is his tear.

"Oliver," she says softly, holding his hand in hers.

He lets her hold his hand, savoring the moment.

He lets her think that he's crying because his dad's in a coffin, not because there's a wedding ring on her finger.

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