The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous;; Chapter 1

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Previously in Friends and Fame Don't Mix:

Basically, Ulrich sneaks into Yumi's jet plane with persuasion with Odd. He hides, Yumi finds him, they kiss, they recall good times, they get caught by Sasha, get humiliated, then both rest for the awaiting trip to Japan.



"Yumi?" Sasha called out softly, opening the door of the cockpit. She found the sleeping girl, and decided not to wake her yet- five more minutes. She liked to see Yumi sleep. She looked so peaceful, almost like an angel sleeping on a cloud. Her hair fell over her face in the most perfect way, oh so naturally. Her slender hands were under her head peacefully, her legs bent just a little bit. Her pink lips were curved into a small smile.

Sasha sank into a red plush seat, and she couldn't help wondering what Yumi and Ulrich did together when she had gone back to the cockpit to talk to the 55-year old pilot. Hmm, it must have been interesting to have her in such a deep sleep.

… No one would ever know. If only she had installed a security camera. It'd be hilarious and good footage to send to VH1.

She stared out the window, unable to contain her excitement. Clouds drifted away from them, and islands with large mountains were right below them. Sasha couldn't stop smiling, it was amazing. It was so different from America. She had been there before, but it had been 12 years since she had gone.

Five minutes passed quickly, and Sasha snapped out of her misty daydream. She got up, her high heels clacking on the floor as she shook Yumi lightly, trying to wake her up.

She didn't.

Now, Sasha began to REALLY wonder what Yumi had done all night to make her such a deep sleeper while Sasha was in the cockpit. Yumi WAS a deep sleeper, but not this deep. For a split second, she was scared she was stuck in a modern Sleeping Beauty story.

She began to shake Yumi with violent force.

"Hm?" Yumi yawned, and reached out lazily to grab Sasha's arm to get up. "Already?"

"Mmm hmm, we're almost there!" Sasha laughed, ecstatic to have someone to talk to besides the pilot. "Where's your boyfriend?"

"In hiding," Yumi yawned again, and grabbed her Yiting- Ding Dong's sister-cousin-thingie.

(Thank you Kiwi Wings for the help!)

Yiting was yellow, almost a Ding Dong clone. She was more feminine, obviously. Hiroki, Yumi's brother, had a Ding Dong, in which he adored. Yumi also owned a freakish purple stuffed animal that was in her suitcase. She loved that one; it had history behind it.
Kristen's older brother had three Ding Dongs lying on his bed. Ding Dong spoke Cantonese, hung around this kid, and had hilarious adventures. He was sarcastic, and Kristen adored him. She owned many of his videos, and laughed at things no one else understood.

Sasha opened up the luggage closet, and found him curled up in the corner, snoring lightly. She punched him lightly in the shoulder, and he immediately woke up.

"Yumi?" he questioned groggily, his eyelids reluctantly rising.

"From the sounds of your voices, if I hadn't known any better, I would have thought you were up all night doing the three years worth of business." Sasha admitted/joked, her voice full of laughter.

"Oh, thanks Sasha," Yumi rolled her eyes, sighing. She hated it when Sasha made cracks like that. Everyone did. She clutched her pillow and yawned loudly.

"You're quite welcome," Sasha smiled sweetly. Her long, black tied-up hair swished as she sat down on the couch opposite of Yumi. "Now we have to wait for your boyfriend to come out, neh?"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" he shouted.

The two women on the couches waited expectantly. They heard loud mumbles, a few small curses, as he pushed and shoved.

"You know Ulrich, the luggage storage isn't stretchy…" Yumi called up, her lips forming into a small smile.

"… Oh, right," he called back sheepishly.

He took a large, deep breath, and flung himself out of the storage, flying for a full five seconds, before gravity quashed him onto the solid ground.

The jet plane somewhat tilted for a few seconds, but adjusted back to his normal position.

"…" Silence filled the room.

"… Ow." Ulrich winced, rubbing his forehead. "I think I lost a few brain cells."

Silence once again filled the room, until Yumi burst into hysterical laughter. Sasha soon caught on.

Ulrich glared them down. "Hey, my butt hurts and that's all you can say! I may have broken something!"

"Haha, which part?" Yumi asked, her eyes dancing.

"My butt."

"Which part?"

"… The part where I landed on with full force." Ulrich looked somewhat uncomfortable, yet teasing.

"… I can't believe I like an idiot like you," Yumi teased, kicking his body, offering a hand to help him up. He gratefully accepted.

"Ughhh." Ulrich moaned, clutching his stomach.

"Are you okay?" Yumi genuinely asked, hugging him. He hugged her back and breathed in her scent. "I definitely am now," he grinned.

Yumi raised an eyebrow at him. "Uh-huh."

"WE'RE IN JAPAN!" the pilot called from the cockpit.

"Oh god, finally." Sasha groaned, plopping herself onto the plush seats. "I felt like I was watching a chick flick with 80 flirting."

"What was the critic's reviews?" Yumi joked.

"A plus," Sasha laughed.

They landed in the airport a few minutes later.

"Yumi! What do I do!" he looked around wildly.

"Uhhh…" Yumi spotted a rather large bag in the front. She grabbed it, and put it on the floor. "Quick, get in!"

Ulrich, confused, hid in the very large bag. Yumi carried it, dying under the weight of him.

"If my fans could see me now like this, they wouldn't think I was so glamorous then." Yumi glanced down at the bag.

"Well, you'll still have your number one fan!" he offered.

"Haha, thanks…"

Yumi carried the bag out of the jet, and into the airport. After a few minutes of walking around in large circles, she started complaining.

"When did you freaking get so heavy!" Yumi growled under her breath. "You fatash."

"HEY!" Ulrich glared. "Odd is a lot heavier, you know."

"That's scary."

"You lovebirds quit it, you gotta look for whoever is coming to pick you up, Yumi." Sasha told Yumi.

"Right." Yumi scanned the crowd for any familiar faces.

A crowd began to form around her. She smiled and waved, crying out, "KONICHIWA!"

Japanese girls pushed adorable autograph books with cute little animals on them to her. She took them, and scribbled her Japanese signature which she had been practicing for weeks.

"Obaa-chan!" a feminine voice shouted. "I've found her!"

"YUMI!" Two bundles of energy flung their selves on Yumi.

Yumi stared wide-eyed at them, trying to remember who they were.

"Remember us? I'm Mimi, and she's Gigi," a brown-eyed girl smiled sweetly. Her black hair was to the middle of her back. She was about as tall as Yumi, maybe 5"6. Brown streaks adorned her beautiful, wavy-ish hair. Her twin looked exactly like her, but with a ponytail. The only way you could tell them apart was by the small black dot on Gigi's cheek that Mimi didn't have. Both were absolutely gorgeous, they looked very similar to Yumi, except the twins had longer hair.

Obaa-chan, or in English, Grandmother, was standing next to them, smiling in a wise way.

"Yumi! My, have you grown!" Obaa-chan hugged her gently, in a sweet, grandmotherly way.

"Heh, arigato," Yumi chuckled nervously. Then she gestured to Sasha. "This is my manager, Sasha."

"Konichiwa!" Sasha waved slightly at them. "I'll be staying at a hotel, so don't worry about me. I'll be visiting family around here as well."

She glanced at her watch, then gasped. "Oh god, I'll be late soon, I've gotta go. See you, Yumi. Call me later,"

She waved to them, and then hurried off.

"Wow, she sure is a busy girl." Gigi commented.

"Oh, she sure is." Yumi replied, shaking hear head.

"Um, excuse me for asking but… why are you carrying a throw-up bag?" Mimi raised an eyebrow.

"Huh!" Yumi took the time to glance at the front of the bag. In bold letters, it said, "AIRPLANE THROW UP BAG". She chuckled nervously. "How'd you know that?"

"It says AIRPLANE THROW-UP BAG on it. It's an exceptionally large one too…" Gigi backed away from Yumi.

"Oh, no, no, there's a long story behind that… ummm… it's to… carry my backpack!" Yumi took off her knapsack and dropped it on Ulrich's head. He buried his head deeper into the bag. "Ow!" his voice was muffled.

"What was that?" Obaa-chan stared at Yumi. She was beginning to think that her famous granddaughter may be a very confused idiot.

"Uh, OWWWW, someone whacked me on the leg!" Yumi faked, grabbing her ankle, and feigning pain. Thank lord she was an actress.

"Oh, are you okay?" Gigi asked, worried.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine." Yumi smiled sweetly.

"That wasn't a very long story…" Mimi stated the obvious.

"Well. Uh," Yumi coughed. "It felt long."

"You better shut up on the way home," Yumi whispered to Ulrich in the bag after she was a safe distance away from her family.

"Ugh, fine." Ulrich grumbled.

When they piled into the twins' car, Yumi sat in the back with her grandmother. She placed the bag in between her legs unknowingly, and sighed.

Ulrich didn't complain.



Kristen was on a different plane, to Hong Kong. She sat next to her mother on Continental Airlines, not in First Class. She watched a scary Disney snippet of The Headless Horseman. She clutched her pillow and her brother's Ding Dong doll.

"Whoa, she's sneaky." Kristen's eyes were glued to the screen on the seat in front of her. The pretty girl that looked like Cinderella was kissing the hunk that looked like the guy that Belle didn't like in Beauty and the Beast.

And the pretty girl had tricked the teacher to make the hunk jealous, making the teacher go into the woods, thus becoming the Headless Horseman.

It gave her the creeps, so she felt ecstatic when it finally switched to Legally Blonde 2.

Kristen heaved a sigh of relief, and clutched her pillow again as she watched the movie come on.

Her brother sat next to her, sleeping. He had been sleeping for the past sixteen hours anyway. Kristen sighed, she'd been trying to sleep everywhere- her brother's lap- he pushed her off, the armrest, against the window, against the TV screen… but it didn't work. So she just stayed awake.

"Justin…" Kristen nudged her brother.


"THERE'S JAPAN!" Kristen gasped. There were several tiny islands. There were many mountains, and one even had a house on the top. Kristen grinned, looking at the majestic clouds and sighing, imagining that it was Heaven.

"Wow… it's gorgeous…" Kristen smiled gently, seeing the Sun blessing the world with its beautiful rays was a miracle, it was amazing. She seemed so close to flying, almost. But this trance was broken by her brother fumbling for something.

"Ugh, what?" Kristen turned to her brother, disgusted.

"Can I have your gameboy?"

"Oh, yeah." Kristen got out her Pink Gameboy SP in which she had gotten from Hong Kong. She didn't bother buying a DS, she barely used her SP anyway.

"I'm planning on beating the game again," he said, referring to her Mario Kart Race game.

"Aiight, sure. Tell me when you beat the Rainbow Road." Kristen yawned.

"Yeah, whatever." Justin shrugged as he grabbed the Gameboy out of her hands.

Kristen yawned, and began to get woozy from looking at the clouds too long. She began to fall into a deep sleep.

She would need it.


Yumi arrived at her grandmother's house, which was also where her cousins lived.

She carried the throw-up bag in one arm, and her suitcases and bags in another. She waited for her Grandmother, who carried nothing, and Mimi and Gigi, who were fighting loudly. Mimi was a positive charge, Gigi, the negative charge. They were already starting to explode.

Obaa-chan opened the door for her granddaughter. And Yumi thanked her, looking around the house. It was smaller than hers, obviously, but a reasonable size. Yumi took off her shoes, and went into the Kitchen, following her twin cousins.

"Your mom's waiting for you in the Kitchen," Gigi said, as they neared their destination, "She didn't feel like coming since she was tired."

"Oh, okay," Yumi found her mom sitting on a chair next to the wooden table, reading a Japanese newspaper.

"Yumi!" her mother cried pleasantly, enveloping her beautiful daughter in a hug. "How nice to see you,"

"Nice to see you too, Mama," Yumi smiled a bit, though exasperated.

"I was just about to go to the Spa," Mama yawned, "Would you like to join me?"

Yumi knew it would be on HER credit card, not her mother's, but whatever. She didn't really care. "Sure Mama. I need a back rub."

She grabbed the throw-up bag and followed her mother to the car, where she placed the throw-up bag carefully on the floor.

"Yumi-chan… why do you have a giant throw-up bag on the floor?"

"Mama… don't ask."


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