by Jenn

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Kristen gasped, and closed her Razor phone, her fingers almost slipping on the slippery silver. "I gotta get a new cell phone…" she muttered. She had dropped her cell phone a record of six times since she got it a month ago. The first time was when she first received it. She was playing with the camera when it suddenly slid out of her fingers.

She growled slightly, then sighed. She couldn't call Ash now. Really, the cost of a long distance call on a cellular would be huge. She would call later. Besides, it'd be early morning right now in America time.

She let the news of the retards rush out of her head, returning to the joy of the party.

"Hello Kristen!" she heard a voice behind her.

She recognized the voice immediately. It was her cousin, Matthew, who she called Matt. He was Regina's fiance's cousin. Yes, confusing. She didn't bother calling him his Chinese name, Pon Ching Leh. She spoke good Chinese, but to someone who lived here, she would just be a laughingstock.

She threw her arms around him, yelling "MATT!!" She hugged him. "How are you?"

She couldn't speak the "American-English" or he wouldn't understand.

"I… am… good?" he spoke carefully, finding the words. "And… how… ah-a-"

"Are." Kristen helped.

"Are you?" he finished the sentence, smiling.

Kristen sighed. She reverted to Chinese. Translated..

"I'm good."

"Your English has gotten better!" he breathed a sigh of relief, happy to be talking in his mother language.

"That's good!"

"We like to party. We like- we like to party. From New York to San Francisco…"

"My pants are vibrating!" Kristen burst into laughter as she took her phone out of her jeans pocket. "Don't you just love this ringtone?"

Matt raised an eyebrow.

"Yup." Kristen smiled, and opened her cell phone. "Hey."

"KRISTEN!" Deana yelled over the phone, "WHAT'S UP?"

"GIVE ME THE PHONE!" Ashley shrieked. There was a moment of loud screams as the two girls fought for the phone.

Ashley finally conquered the phone and her loud voice resounded over the phone. "THE RETARDS ARE COMING!" She sounded breathless.

"Or so I've heard." Kristen grinned as she followed Matt and picked up a bottle of green tea, and then an egg tart. She popped the entire egg tart into her mouth and licked her lips. "Yum."

"KRISTEN!" Deana's voice came over the phone now. "The Retards! They threw- WHAT THE FXCK!"

The phone was dropped and Kristen could hear the screams of Ashley and Deana as they hauled stuff and threw them out the window.

There was a bunch of cavemen-like shrieks, but they quickly went away.

"They're gone." Ashley sounded accomplished.

"What'd you do?"

"Why, I threw your pink Converses at them, of course."

"Ohmygod! My shoes are still there?!" Kristen slapped her head. "THOSE WERE GOOD SHOES!!"

"I'm kidding!" Ashley laughed. "But I considered it."

Kristen glared down at the floor, hoping the glare would travel its way to California and poke Ashley in the eye.

"We threw another tissue box at them and they left. They have tissue-box-phobia or something now, thanks to us." Deana also sounded proud.

"I'm glad for you," Kristen said. She thought for a second then said, "Hey, do you guys know what happened between Ulrich and Yumi?"


"What do you mean? DID IT or MAKE OUT?" Kristen questioned, a hint of a smile on her lips now.

".. Both?" Deana asked weakly.

"I don't know about the DID IT part, I mean, there was a lot of time on the plane.." Kristen laughed. She grinned as Deana and Ashley screamed loudly, an entire octave about the high C.

"But I know they made out. Hopefully, they intensely made out…" Kristen sighed. "Fluff is always good."

"Yes, we live for fluff." Ashley giggled.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go, this probably cost me a few bucks already. Thanks."

"No prob. We used Yumi's phone." Deana said, with a sort of hint in her voice that sort of reminded Kristen of her constantly used smilie: XD.

"Haha, that's cool. Well, I'll talk to you later over internet or something." Kristen looked at the amount of time she had spent talking and cringed. "BYE!" she immediately hung up.

She sighed. "Mommy and Daddy won't be happy.."


"No, I think it's here." Ulrich thought, pointing to the right. "I can't pronounce it."

"So don't bother." Paulina answered cruelly, and turned her car to the right.

After about two hours of trying to figure out where her house is (the house is actually only 30 minutes from the spa) they ended up on what Ulrich believed to be the correct road.

"Yes… yes!" Ulrich stood up suddenly, banging his head onto the ceiling, with the seatbelt pulling up with him. "Owww…" he held his head as he cautiously sat back down onto the leathered seats.

"This is it!" Ulrich yelped. "STOP THE CAR!" He immediately sprang up from his seat and ran out the door.

He knocked on the door repeatedly, jumping up and down. He didn't bother to use the doorbell.

Her grandmother answered the door and did a double take. She yelled out in Japanese frantically and left in a hurry.

Almost in slow motion, the Japanese superstar made her way downstairs. Even in disarray, it seemed as if her beauty shone through. Her body seemed to glow.

She didn't look up until she reached the doorway. A smile began to dance on her lips. "Ulrich?" she asked incredulously.

"The one and only." The brunette answered, smiling. Standing only two inches above her, he wrapped his arms around her before she could protest, and kissed her full on the mouth. To his delight, her mouth responded back with enough emotion to tell Ulrich what she had been through already.

Their make-out session was rudely interrupted by a certain black-haired slut that stormed her way onto the steps.

"Where the hell is my kiss?!" Paulina demanded ferociously.

"What kiss?" Yumi looked at Ulrich, then turned away, putting a hand on her head as another rush of emotions swept over her. She sat down on the doorstep, and put her face into her hands.

"In return for her driving me here, I had to give her a kiss." Ulrich answered painfully. He should have gotten it over with in the car.

Paulina then smiled graciously. "Yumi Ishiyama!" she cried out in a sickeningly sweet voice. "How are you?"

"Why, I'm doing marvelous." Yumi replied with false cheerfulness. Paulina, however, bought it. "That's wonderful!" she grinned, "Me too!"

Ulrich groaned.

"Look, if you guys have to kiss, then just do it in the car, okay? Then I'll take Ulrich back into the house and send him back to California." Yumi interrupted painfully. She sat on the doorstep, looking helpless.

A small dog ran to her and immediately settled into her lap. She wrapped her arms around the bundle of fur and buried her face into the puppy. He whimpered.

"Jazz, what am I going to do?" she moaned quietly.

Ulrich looked back at her as he walked to the car with Paulina dragging him by the hand. As he stared at the image of Yumi and the puppy, he had an idea. He grinned. Getting loose of Paulina's aggressive grip, he grabbed the puppy out of Yumi's arms and smiled at her. She gazed at him, confused.

The sky was beginning to turn black. Yumi could already see the stars popping out like diamonds in the sky. She could barely see anything; even the car.

Ulrich ran away with the puppy, and went into the car with Paulina, the puppy still in his arms. He seemed to whisper something to the puppy. Yumi strained her eyes to see.

He slipped into the car seat, and left the puppy in the car. Then he closed the car door, and gave a thumbs-up sign to Yumi.

And still yet, she didn't understand. And if she never got Jazz, the puppy, back, she would seriously kill Ulrich.

But only a minute later, Paulina stepped out with a satisfied smile on her lips. Ulrich opened the car door quickly, took the wagging puppy out and closed the car door before Paulina saw him.

"Well, Ulrich," Paulina began. Yumi could hear her every word. "You're a wonderful kisser."

What the hell? Ulrich had never even went inside the car. Then Yumi began to understand.

"I couldn't see anything but I knew you wanted me. I just knew it! I knew it just by the way you kissed my neck, and licked me all over." She said it loud enough for Yumi to purposely hear.

Ulrich walked up the lawn and struggled to stop his laughter. "Thanks." He held the puppy in his arms and patted the happy dog's head.

Yumi let a laugh escape her lips. And soon enough, Ulrich couldn't stop his laughter any longer. He burst into hysterics. Paulina looked at them, confused, though immediately let it go. "Anyway, Ulrich, you can go to my apartment right now. The night is still young, and we can do a lot in that time." She smirked.

Ulrich kissed Yumi on the lips as she continued to laugh prettily, though stopping her laughter for a few seconds. He relished the shock look on Paulina's face. "Sorry Paulina," he held Yumi closer to his body, loving the feeling of her petite body against his. She hesitantly wrapped her arms around Ulrich, then gazed up at him, smiling.

"But I like someone else," he finished, his eyes twinkling and staring into Yumi's eyes. He broke the gaze momentarily to point at Jazz who was running in circles on the grass. He had escaped Ulrich's arms after they had stepped out of the car. "However, that good kisser might not mind going to your apartment for a free meal."

"Wha-what??" Paulina gasped.

Ulrich shrugged. "You seemed to enjoy it."

"So I've been KISSING a DOG?" she screamed, her eyes ablaze with anger. She looked at Ulrich and Yumi wrapped around each other and glared. "I'll get you for this. And your stupid girlfriend too. I will."

She stomped to the car, opened the car door, and slammed it shut. She rolled down her window momentarily, just to say, "I swear you will!"

She mumbled a swear under her breath and drove off, with Jazz barking mournfully after her.

"Yeah right," Ulrich murmured into Yumi's lips as she laughed again, too speechless to say anything back.

And he kissed her under the diamond sky.


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