Title: Vanish

Rated: T

Summary: Memories can never die. . .it's impossible for them to just disappear from reality

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom he belongs to Nickelodeon

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Memories can never die. . .it's impossible for them to just disappear from reality.

Memories like to fade. They can hide and then reappear when they are ready to haunt you.

But memories can't die.

And memories can't disappear.

No matter how hard I try to forget him, I can't.

I wish I hadn't turned him down, I wish we could have been together.

I know Sam had lied, no matter what she wouldn't accept me as a friend. I'm surprised at my self now because I don't care if she ever accepts me as a friend or not.
I can't go out with him.

It's silly. . .why hadn't I noticed him before? Why had I been so blind? He's such a sweet guy and I almost didn't even give him a chance. You really shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I wish I could go out with him but I can't.

He can't ever get involved.

That ghost kid tried to kill me.

Now I have to kill him.

It could have been me in that suit but it wasn't. I could have died that day but I didn't. My dad thinks I've stopped ghost hunting.

I haven't.

I won't stop until they're all gone.

I won't stop until they all vanish from existence. That's why I can't date you. My life is too complicated right now and I don't want you to get hurt.

We can't be together just now so will you wait for me?

You probably won't wait forever and you won't have to. I'll destroy that ghost kid soon, you'll see!

I'm so glad I met you Danny.

I was beginning to think after Kwan dumped me no guy would look at me the same way as you do again. I was beginning to think that no guy in school would go out with me again.

Well, Nathan and Tucker don't really count. Tucker's nice but I can't see us being together. Nathan's just a . . . .weird stalker.

He took my photo on the first day of school. I thought he was just taking it for the yearbook or something but he took it to begin a 'Valerie Gray' shrine in his locker.

Star laughed about it for days.

Star was actually the first person I had ever met at Casper High. It might not look like it but we have a lot in common. She was the only cheerleader who actually stood by me when my dad lost his job. I never really liked Dash or Paullina. For some reason, back then I tried my hardest to impress them.

I was a fool. . . They didn't even care.

Star cared though, I guess that's why I consider her my best friend.

Back before I started ghost hunting my days were carefree. Now look at my life.

I can't even go out with you because of all those stupid ghosts.

I hate doing this, but I have to forget about you for a while.

You're just a distraction that I can't get out of the way, it's like you're linked somehow.

Like you're involved in all of this. I can't let you become involved.

I can't let you get hurt.

So I need to forget about you.

Only your memory won't die.

It'll fade for a while and then come back to haunt me.

That only makes my determination to destroy that ghost kid stronger.

I don't understand why some memories don't just vanish. Why can't we erase them out of our minds so we don't feel pain?

Your memory won't vanish.

It likes to haunt me.

Haunting me is it's favorite game.

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