Yu-Gi-Oh! Does Hercules Chapter 10: A Star is Born

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Joey returned to where Mai had fallen, and gently laid her soul back in her body. Almost immediately, the color returned to her skin and she breathed in. Joey smiled. Tristan waved to Copernicus to look. Mai looked up at Joey and smiled.

"Wonder Boy," she said. "Wh-why did you…?"

"People always do crazy t'ings…" Joey's voice seemed to echo. "…when dey're in love." He raised an eyebrow as he said this. Mai smiled and the two leaned in to kiss when suddenly, they were transported to the Pharaoh's Memory World. Copernicus scooped up Tristan and hopped into the portal to follow them.

They arrived at the palace, which was now fully restored, and the entire court of the pharaoh was waiting there for him.

"Three cheers for Jonouchi!" bellowed Mahad.

"Yeah! Flowers for everyone!" said Shimon, throwing flowers everywhere. Tristan caught one, and fed it to Copernicus.

Joey looked at Mai with a smile, and then ascended the stairs to the pharaoh's throne. "Jonouchi," said Isis. "We're so proud of you!" She embraced him.

"Isis…" he said with a chuckle.

"Fine work, my friend, YOU'VE DONE IT!" said the pharaoh. "You're a true hero."

"You were willing to give your life to rescue this young woman," explained Isis.

"For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength…but by the strength of his heart. Now at last, my friend, you can come home!" The gates opened up to the court, but Joey wasn't so sure anymore.

Mai was sad. She knew she wasn't worthy of living on the pharaoh's court. "Congratulations, Wonder Boy. You'll make one heck of a yami." She hung her head and began walking away. Joey saw her.

"Pharaoh," he began. "Dis is da moment I've always dreamed of. But…" he caught up with Mai and took her hand. "A life wit'out Mai…even an immortal life…would be…empty. I…I wish to stay on Earth wit her." Mai hugged him. "I finally know where I belong!"

Atem and Isis were a little disappointed, but they nodded in approval. They understood Joey's love for Mai. Joey and Mai leaned in and kissed. Joey opened his eyes when he felt Mai wrap her arms around his neck and he lifted her off the ground.

"Hit it, ladies!" said Shimon to the Harpy Lady Sisters.


I'm'a shout it from the mountain tops!"

"A star is born!"

"It's a time for pulling out the stops!"

"A star is born!"

"Honey, hit it with a hallelu…

"That kid came sailing through

So sing the song

And blow your horn!

A star is born!"

"He's a hero who can please the crowd!"

"A star is born!"

"Come on everybody shout it out loud!"

"A star is born!

"Just remember in the darkest hour

Within your heart's the power

For making you

A hero too!

So don't lose hope when you're forlorn!"

Joey, Mai, Tristan and Copernicus returned to the present, where the astronomers had just picked out a constellation for Joey. One man pointed to it and said "That's Tristan's boy!" Tristan shed a tear as his dream came true.

"Just keep your eyes

Up on the skies!

Every night a star is

Right in sight a star is

Burning bright

A star is born!"