A Family For Me

By: Selim

Summary: When the newlywed Iruka wants to adopt a child, he meets a discriminated boy named Naruto with a dark past. Can Iruka and Kakashi obtain a small family with the boy, or lose him back to the boys original parents..

Pairings: Kakashi x Iruka, Sasuke + Naruto

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Information of this fiction: This is a slight AU. Though it has to do with Ninjas, has Kyuubi, and both Kakashi and Iruka are at designated jobs in the manga, some things are different. Instead of 25, Iruka is only 22, and Naruto is 9 along with all the other kids he grew up with in the manga. Beware of OOCness, because there are so many characters, and the amount of manga I've read only introduced a few.

"Hatake-san?" A polite voice echoed through the white halls, causing the two men to glance up questioningly. Kakashi reached down, grasping his lover's – or rather, his husband's - hand lovingly, bringing it to his lips soothingly. The man who addressed them seemed unfazed by this act of affection as he held the office door open. "We can begin with this meeting now, I'm sorry for making you have to wait."

Standing up, Iruka waved his hand dismissingly. "No worries, we're just a bit nervous," he chuckled, his shaking hand visibly showing that he truly was nervous. Kakashi seemed indifferent to the situation as they walked into the room and the man shut the door firmly behind them. He was dressed in a formal suit, draping him with superiority, yet friendliness to those that came around. His dark brown hair was brushed back, but he bore no sign of ever having trained to be a ninja. He walked past the two, to the other side of the desk where he sat patiently, glancing between the two before speaking.

"My name's Takanashi Rin, and I'll be your Adoptive Community Councilor. My job, from this point until the final adoption date, is to make sure that both you and your, uh," he finally voiced his uncertainty towards the two, but quickly shrugged it off, "husband are compatible for children. What I'd like first is to know what type of child you would be looking for, and then I'd like to get to know each of you to make sure the child will be safe under your care. I have no worries of the child's safety if there is an attack, being that you're both ninja's – of high caliber," he glanced at Kakashi, who smiled brightly behind the mask, "but several of these kids were children of ninjas, and I can assure you one out of ten had been abused by their ninja parent. For the sake of the children, we must do background checks, if possible." Iruka nodded, understandingly. Kakashi didn't nod at all, his head fell on his chest as if he begun snoozing, his lover did not appreciate that action and nudge the man in the ribs. The copy ninja jumped awake. Takanashi-san smirked at the two.

Turning, he pulled out a scroll-form, reading through all the lines quietly, before handing the scroll over to Iruka. "Fill this out," he handed over a pen. "You need to fill in the bottom half, Hatake-san." He addressed the bored copy Jounin. Kakashi waved his hand affirmative. With satisfaction, Takanashi-san pulled out three crates of files from under his desk, smiling politely. "Would you two accept a child with 'special needs'," he expressed real concern, his face still laced nothing more than business though.

"No, we couldn't handle it." It was Kakashi that spoke, surprising the councilor. He had thought this Jounin was mute by the way he had acted thus far during the meeting. Iruka nodded his head in agreement, glancing up with disappointment.

"Kakashi is usually away on missions every few weeks, and I'm a Pre-Genin Teacher in the Ninja Academy so, sadly, we wouldn't have the time to place into a child that requires a lot of attention for health reasons. We must also state, that we cannot have an infant for this reason."

Takanashi-san frown deepened at this, his eyes showing his disappointment. "Sadly, a lot of children would need a lot of time with their parents, even if one. The first six months is critical that an adopted child be with both parents for a reasonable amount of time." Iruka's eyes widened, as if part of him died with the thought that their career choices had reduced all chances for them to have any children. Takanashi-san removed one of the crates from his desk, moving over to a filing cabinet, his eyes narrowing a bit. "Then these children are off the list of eligible. Don't worry." He smirked. "I'm not holding it against you based on your jobs. I know that it's possible for two working ninja parents to raise children. I've seen it, could stake my life on that." He reassured Iruka.

Iruka grinned, nodding his head. "I could as well." The two smirked at each other as Iruka slid the paperwork over to Kakashi, who grumbled as he began to fill out the forms, realizing it was just information to run a background check with the Hokage.

"Any demands on the child's gender?" Takanashi-san smirked. Iruka blushed, shaking his head negative. "All right," the councilor looked over what he'd written down. "Age preferred; eight and up – correct?" A nod from the teacher answered that question. "All right, let me tell you now though, past the age of thirteen, children failing to meet adoption privileges are placed into foster homes, so technically you'll only be seeing a lot of eight to eleven year olds. Those older tend to be dismissed from the chances, since more people want young children." The room fell to silence, except for the scratching of paper as Kakashi grumped under his breath about having to put in too much information about himself. Finished, the silver haired Jounin handed the paperwork back to Takanashi-san, who hastily looked it over. "Good, good. I already know you two would make fine parents, but law is law. Would you like to look at the children that are already in your criteria? They're at recess right now." He smiled, opening the door for the two men to leave with him.

"Recess, what do they do during the day?" Iruka asked; interested in this as he followed the man through the vast corridors within a cave where most of the children were kept. In one area, away from the rest of Konoha, but protected from attacks. It suffered no damage in a demon attack, nine years before – perhaps for the best. Iruka frowned at remembering that, since he was a preteen, he wasn't expected to fight the demon, his parents were expected to, and lost their lives doing so. It was how he'd met Kakashi though, he was a Chuunin at the time, four years older then the boy that cried for his parents. Iruka shook the images out of his mind as an arm wrapped around his waist affectionately, turning his head, Iruka smiled at Kakashi.

"Well, mostly practice Ninjitsu. By the age of eight, we offer to send those with most potential to the Ninja Academy, but we just send five at most since it's on Konoha's tax payer's dollars, but those that go graduate top of the class and are high ranked Ninjas in the aftermaths. We're proud of that. I'm sure you've heard of these students, Hatake-san." He smiled at Iruka, who nodded.

"Yes, I had one of them in my class this year, which is why I choose this place when adoption came up between Kakashi and myself. Though, I wonder. What about those that aren't sent to the academy?"

"Trained by volunteer instructors of multiple classes, from agriculture to economic resources. We want them, by the age of thirteen and placed in foster care, to know what they want to look into." Takanashi-san stated proudly as he opened a final door into an enclosed room with numerous small ceiling windows. Children of all ages ran around, chattering and screaming as they played. Few sat around reading from books, catching up on studies, as others goofed off and enjoyed themselves. Very few children were playing off by themselves, but one or two caught Iruka's eye, but he dismissed them quickly upon realizing the child choose to be isolated due to shyness or lack of social behavior.

Kakashi moved his leg as a child ran past him, with waving ivory hair that stuck out in all direction. He grasped hold of Takanashi-san's leg. "Takanashi-san, Takanashi-san! Naruto is misbehaving again. He's using jutsu you told him not to use!" Takanashi-san frowned, taking the boy's hand.

"Why don't you get to know the kids while I handle this? I'll be back shortly." He walked off, leaving both of them alone. Iruka sighed as he watched Kakashi lean back against the wall, barely watching the children run about. He wanted to yell at his lazy lover, but couldn't find the heart to do so in front of so many children that seemed captivated by him as he started into the room. A little girl quickly grabbed his hand, dragging him over near a far wall to show him her art. Before long, he was being dragged in every direction by eager children wanting to show off their creativity, talents, and other abilities.

As he was led over to a group of girls to play jump rope, He heard the bang of the doors being thrown open on the other side of the large room. On instinct turned in defense. His eyes watched as a little blonde boy scrambled out the door, running blindly towards the other door where Kakashi was leaning. The disturbance had caught Kakashi's attention, Iruka realized as the silver haired man suddenly turned when the boy ran in reachable distance and grasped the boy. Lifting the child in the air, Kakashi glared at the boy, who was struck by fear suddenly. Sensing that something bad was going to happen, Iruka excused himself from the giggling girls pointing at the scene and walked in the direction of his lover. He was barely three feet away when the mumbling between the two ceased and the little blonde haired boy spat into Kakashi's face. Shocked by the boy's boldness, Kakashi closed his eyes and was unprepared for the waving feet that slammed into his chest causing him to drop the boy. Without glancing around him, the blonde fled again, out another door, and was finally gone.

"Kakashi, are you all right?" Iruka fell to his knees beside his lover, unable to hold back the grin that stretched his face.

"Damn little brat," Kakashi caught his breath, sitting up properly, his sleeve brushing over his uncovered eye that was wet with saliva. "Wasn't expecting him to attack like that." He turned to face Iruka, glaring at the smirk. "He's the Naruto that they're going mad about, it seems." Standing up, Kakashi brushed himself off before leaning against the wall again.

"I'm going to go talk to him." Iruka whispered, turning to walk out the door, but Kakashi grabbed his elbow, stopping him.

"Just be careful, he spits then kicks." Iruka chuckled; leaving to follow the trail where he'd last seen the blonde haired boy. It wasn't long before he sensed life behind one of the doors, and Iruka had to take his chances and hope that it was the boy he'd seen not long before. Fate was there though, and it was the boy, sitting in a far corner, crouched protectively. Upon the door opening, the boy jumped up, preparing in attack stance.

Iruka waved his hands politely before walking in and pulling up a seat. "That was beautiful work," Iruka smirked, "No one's been able to touch Kakashi in years, unless he gives permission. I take my hat off to you."

"You're not wearing a hat." The boy whispered, crouching down again, away from the teacher. Iruka frowned.

"It's a figure of speech." The Chuunin stood up, walking towards the boy. Sitting down, he glanced tiredly at the hunched shoulders, knowing the boy didn't trust him. "What did you do that has everybody here so mad at you?" Iruka finally asked, running a hand through the blond hair. It was incredibly soft, the instructor gasped, brushing the strands again. The boy sniffled and turned his head to face the older male.

Matching the blonde hair was beautiful tan skin, obviously natural as the boy grew. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue that could have made the ocean jealous, and Iruka couldn't stop himself from running a finger over those moist, baby fat cheeks. On both cheeks were symmetrical scars, three on each side, resembling whiskers. Being up-close, Iruka could sense great chakra emitting from the young boy. "I didn't do anything that everybody else was doing!"

"Huh?" Iruka ran a finger over his cheek as the boy turned again, sniffling once more. "Hey, now. It's okay. Just tell me, maybe we'll find a solution…err, an answer."

"My name's Naruto." The boy whispered, not turning to face the other man. "I want to be a n-ninja so people can respect me, but they won't let me learn anything! I always have to sit out there and do nothing! They said that me learning ninjitsu is a bad thing, because I'll just hurt everyone again. They said I wasn't able to do those moves. I showed them though," Naruto turned suddenly. "I learned one of their techniques they were teaching, and the teacher swatted me for going against orders." He pushed his head down into his arms, but Iruka knew that his side of the story was far from over. "I just wanted to prove to them. I used one of my own techniques, and it didn't work right. The cafeteria is flooding because I blew up a water fountain."

Part of the teacher groaned, having seen jutsu gone wrong. Part of him felt he had a more dangerous job than Kakashi, teaching children how to work these skills often ended in some type of mayhem. This boy was no different. Frowning, the dark haired man shook his head. But, why were they so concerned about the boy hurting people again? He was about to speak, but the door opening beat him before he could say anything. "Hatake-san, there you are!" Takanashi-san smiled into the room, but when his eyes came across Naruto, his smile faded quickly. "Naruto, what is this I heard you were using chakra again?" He asked, but didn't seem demanding of an answer. "Report to your room now, Naruto. We'll discuss this at a later time."

An idiot couldn't have missed the look of pure fear that overcame the child's face as he stood up and ran out of the room, only to be caught by Takanashi-san. "Aren't you going to say anything to Hatake-san?" He demanded. The boy turned around, giving a deep bow.

"I'm sorry for the misfortune of which I've brought you," he spoke, as if he'd rehearsed the same line over and over. Finally free, he took off out of the room, leaving both chuunin and councilor behind.

Bowing down apologetically, Takanashi-san kept his eyes to the floor as his voice echoed sadly. "I apologize profoundly for Naruto's behavior. I hope that it has not changed your opinion of our adoption service, and we still fit your needs. If I may escort you back to the children." Wearily, he followed behind the man being careful not to lose track of the directions he was going as dozens of children were led past him from the recess room. "Play time's over," Takanashi-san explained. "They'll be heading back to designated classes." Iruka nodded as they stepped into the very empty playroom, and Iruka glanced at Kakashi. The man thought he was so smart. He grinned. He was leaning on the other side of the door now, his knees covered in dirt, his hands pressed under his armpits, but Iruka could see dirt on his elbows as well. Seemed like someone had fun while he was gone.

Returning to his lover's side, Iruka laced their fingers apart, ignoring the grimy feeling on the man. "The children are so well behaved." Iruka admitted, earning a grin from the councilor. "Is there anymore information we need before we get really serious about the adoption?"

"Ah." Takanashi-san nodded. "I will get in contact with you within the month for, uh, private interviews. Just to see who you are, get to know you since we'll be working very closely until the adoption is finalized. Until then, I have some folders I would like for you to look at, pick children you would like to meet alone. Tell me when you decide, and we'll see if we can get you two to spend as much time with him or her as possible." Going into his office, Takanashi-san returned with a thick folder, handing it to Iruka.

"Thank you." Iruka gave a polite bow, holding the folder close to his chest as he and Kakashi turned to leave the building they had spent the better part of the day in. As they were walking down the street, Iruka couldn't help but smile up at Kakashi. "You weren't on your best behavior today, but thanks for coming." He kissed the man on the check, earning a blush from the usually stoic man. "I thank you so much for giving me this chance, Kakashi. I know well you'll make a great father if you apply yourself."

"Hm." Kakashi replied, pulling his arm around Iruka's waist. "I can think of better way for you to thank me." The jounin pressed himself against his body, causing a small 'eep' to escape the younger ninja. In seconds, they were off the street and hidden within their apartment.

Hours later, a naked Iruka was looking through the folder Takanashi-san had given him. Kakashi was close to dozing on his pillow, but a lazy eye watched his lover quietly. "Have you narrowed your choices down?" Kakashi finally asked as the folder was shut and Iruka laid his head down with a nod. Interested, Kakashi crawled over his lover, positioning his body over the other's and staring down at the folder, their fingers lacing together. A giggle escaped his lover's lips as the copy ninja began kissing down his neck, and across his shoulder blades. "Oh, do tell?" He prepared to open the folder, but Iruka stopped him, kissing the fingers one after another.

"None in there. He wasn't in there for some reason." He turned his head to face his lover, pecking his lips. "I want to adopt Naruto-san." He watched his lover's eye twitch. "He holds so much potential, but the agency doesn't see it. They scolded him for trying to learn. He seemed scared when they do so, like an abused child. He needs someone to love him, respect him. We can be that family!" Iruka froze as Kakashi pulled off of him, turning over to his side, away from the instructor. Knowing the jounin so well, Iruka pinched the man's bottom. "You have to agree, he did accomplish spitting in your face. I know a lot of genin that have tried to do that while under your teaching, and here a small boy with no ninjutsu training was able to spit in your face, and kick you. Give him some credit."

Glaring at his lover, Kakashi pulled up the covers to hide his own nude body, making Iruka groan in disappointment. "Maybe." He finally muttered, causing a grin to take over the chuunin's face.

"I love you, Kakashi!" Iruka yelled, jumping his lover. With a smirk, Kakashi reversed rolls, pinning Iruka under him for the second time that evening. Smiling, Iruka pulled the jounin down into a kiss that would, as always, lead to a romp of sexual desire.