A Family For Me

By: Selim

Summary: When the newlywed Iruka wants to adopt a child, he meets a discriminated boy named Naruto with a dark past. Can Iruka and Kakashi obtain a small family with the boy, or lose him back to the boys original parents…

Pairings: Kakashi x Iruka, Sasuke + Naruto

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Information of this fiction: This is a slight AU. Though it has to do with Ninjas, has Kyuubi, and both Kakashi and Iruka are at designated jobs in the manga, some things are different. Instead of 25, Iruka is only 22, and Naruto is 9 along with all the other kids he grew up with in the manga. Beware of OOCness, because there are so many characters, and the amount of manga I've read only introduced a few. Also, this is being beta'd now – just for y'all to know.

Note: The last chapter had a PWP listed at adultfanfiction the listing is under my username "selim". Thank you for reading A Family For Me

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It was a loud shrill of the doorbell that startled both shinobi out of bed early in the morning. Well, around two in the morning – still too early for either of the men. Kakashi growled. He only acknowledged one two in the morning, and this definitely wasn't it. The chuunin beside him snuggled closer, trying to hide his ears from the annoying doorbell. Cracking his eyes open, Kakashi sat up in bed and let the blankets pillow at his waist. Iruka gave off a mew in discomfort, easing himself towards Kakashi's pillow and warmth, subconsciously wrapping his arms tighter around Kakashi's muscular forearm.

"Mm, Iruka…" Kakashi tried to pull his arm free, but the hug didn't relent. Finally, the doorbell stopped ringing. Growling, Kakashi laid his head back down, planning on going back to sleep when Naruto suddenly let out a horrified scream – causing both men to jerk from the contentment of their bed. The silver haired jounin was out the door long before Iruka was, running in the direction of his 'son's' bedroom.

The door itself banged against the wall, probably denting the drywall. "Naruto-!" He started before stopping dead in his tracks, Iruka's hard body slamming into his husband. In the bedroom, trying to climb into the bed was Sasuke, clutching a little orange fox, Karu, like a lifeline, his black eyes wide in unintentional fear. Beneath him, Naruto seemed equally frightened, his pupils dilated and the iris bled blood as Kyuubi tried to take in what was going on. Behind him, Iruka took a deep breath. "Sasuke-kun, was that you at the front door?"

"No one answered." Sasuke's eyes stayed intently on Kakashi's face, making the man unnerved.

Deciding he should go get his proper facemask, the jounin excused himself politely to his bedroom. When he returned to the front rooms of the apartment, he met the sight of his (proper) wife entertaining their little guest with some milk at the kitchen table. Naruto sat at Kakashi's seat at the head of the table, kicking his feet out as he drank his own late night snack. Karu was lax in Naruto's lap, snorting in his sleep as tiny claws stuck out of his paws – most likely dreaming of a chase in the woods for food.

Wide blue eyes glanced over at Kakashi before returning to Iruka and Sasuke. The quiet was unnerving. "Why are you here so early in the morning, Sasuke?"

"Do your parents know where you are?" Iruka piped in, fumbling with filling Kakashi a cup of coffee. Kakashi greedily took it, needing caffeine to make his mind work that early in the morning.

The dark haired Uchiha bit the side of his mouth, training his facial features. "I came to bring Karu over to Naruto before he was killed. That's why I had to come so late; mother and father don't know I was keeping him under my bed. He was starting to smell."

Now he's our problem again… Kakashi watched Karu stretch with a yawn before hoping off Naruto's lap and running to Iruka's recently steamed couch, profoundly urinating on it. "Naruto!" Kakashi yelled. "Get that fox out of the house!" Jumping up, the small boy ran to do what he was told as Iruka prepared a bucket of soapy water so the boy could clean the mess up (with the adults help, of course).

Sasuke watched the interaction with mild amusement before returning all of his attention to the Kakashi's eyes. "You shouldn't sneak into people's houses. Suppose you had entered into Iruka's and my bedroom. I would have hurt you, then have to explain to your parents while they're crying over your dead--"

"Kakashi!" Iruka hissed, warning the jounin not to finish his sentence.

"I know which one was Naruto's." Sasuke said. "I went in to personally give him his fox back." A blush spread across the dark haired boy's cheeks when Naruto stood up, stomping his foot down on the wet carpet.

"You were on top of me!" He cried.

Iruka sprayed deodorizer on the carpet, raising one of his eyebrows. "Couldn't you have waited until morning, instead of waking us up now? Sasuke, we have our adoption hearing tomorrow so this is highly unappreciated." Rinsing his rag, Iruka turned his gaze to Naruto, frowning. "That means go back to bed Naruto, it won't look good if you fall asleep in the middle." Naruto's eyes wandered between both his parents, but found no support to stay in the living room, he ran towards his bedroom, giving one back glance at Sasuke while muttering, almost incoherently, "Mating, heh."

With a stretch, Sasuke jumped out of his chair. Innocently, he started walking towards Naruto's bedroom, but Kakashi reached down, grabbing the child by the seat of the pants. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To bed, you said it yourself – it's too early to be up." Kakashi was about to let the boy go when Iruka handed Kakashi his jacket.

"Could you take him home, Kakashi? I'll go make sure Naruto's back in bed after I drain this water." He held up the bucket of mucky, smelly water. "Or you could-" Kakashi wrapped an arm protectively around Sasuke and disappeared in a puff of smoke, ignoring that he was barefoot and shirtless. When they reappeared, Sasuke pulled away and walked ahead, falling back into the legendary "Uchiha Silent Treatment", or best known as brooding while walking.

"You sly dog." Kakashi said, trying to get the boy's attention. "Won't be long before Iruka and I return home to find you and Naruto doing other things." Obsidian irises looked his way momentarily. "Kids are growing up so quickly these days. I didn't sneak into someone's house until three years ago, and I ended up getting the crap beat out of me." Iruka was like that when surprised though, probably why the academy instructor went up to the shinobi level of a chuunin, then quit in favor to teach. Iruka didn't have the tolerance for nasty surprises, so he probably wouldn't have lasted long as a jounin anyway. That, and his chakra reserves were low even on a shinobi training level, but Kakashi loved his dolphin anyway. It gave him something to protect within Konoha.

"…Can't marry him…" Sasuke muttered beneath his breath. Kakashi wasn't sure if the ten-year-old had been talking the entire time he let his thoughts wander. "Mom says that I'm suppose to find a nice girl in our family, preferably one of my third cousins so we can have sharingan-wield babies. That what mom and dad are, third cousins."

Kakashi took in a deep breath, nodding his head. Obito had parents related that way, Kakashi reminded himself. He used to harass the poor boy about it, saying that was why Obito was so stupid, but he knew it wasn't the truth. Most Uchiha's had a high IQ, Obito was smart but chose to not use it. Sasuke was still talking; the most that he had ever done before. "…Are you related to us somehow, too? Dad doesn't want to tell me why you have the sharingan."

"No, I'm not related." Kakashi smiled behind his mask. "I haven't told anyone about how I received this eye, your family knows and they don't think it was worth it."

Sasuke's eyes grew wide. "Can I know?"

"A friend gave it to me, I lost my left eye in a fight and he gave his eyes to me. Like a fool." Kakashi let his finger touch the shell of his haitai-ate. That dreadful day played over in his head, and by instinct he pushed the feelings away. Mixed feelings came with the sharingan, but it relaxed him knowing that Obito was always with him. Sasuke glared at him, knowing he wasn't going to get any more information. "What'd you do that made Naruto scream?" Kakashi changed topics.

"…" Sasuke made a deep noise with his throat, refusing to answer.

"Whatever," Kakashi played along; "Naruto will tell me in the morning."

The Uchiha choked on a deep breath as they turned towards the Uchiha compound. "I can't wait until you boys are older. So many good jokes are going to waste when you don't understand them."

A fine dark brow was raised in the air. "Huh?"

It was seven that morning when Iruka entered his living room, coming across the sight of Kakashi asleep (willingly) on the couch, his arm swung over his face to block out the light coming from the patio door. At the kitchen table was Naruto, playing with his cereal as he ate it. "How long have you been up?" He asked the small boy.

Naruto giggled, pouring the milk back in the bowl before eating the wheat grain food. "I just got up. Kakashi-dad was snoring." Indeed he was. To give proof, the lump of jounin let out a nasal grunt and tossed onto his side. Iruka couldn't hide his own smile.

"I'll wake him up, you go get ready. We need to be at the Hokage's office in an hour, and I don't want to be late." Naruto nodded, lifted his bowl into his mouth so he could drink the last of its contents before taking off towards his bedroom. Iruka watched the boy carefully before walking to the couch to bend down so his nose was near Kakashi's mask. The man had fallen asleep with both his haitai-ate and facemask on, so now it was loose, and looking down, Iruka could see inside the mask to Kakashi's moving lips. Whatever he was dreaming about, he was talking in his sleep to what he was dreaming about.

Wrapping his arms around Kakashi's neck, Iruka leaned his head into the crease and breathed Kakashi's distinct scent. All of his muscles sung as Kakashi's arms wrapped around his body, pulling their bodies together in a hug. "Do I get a kiss?" The question was a deep groan from the sleepy silver haired jounin. Iruka smiled.

"Not until you brush your teeth, your breath stinks."

"You're one to talk." Kakashi joked, but sat up on the couch. "What time is it?" Iruka told him. With a stretch, Kakashi tried lifting himself, only to have Iruka's weight push him back on the couch. "Something wrong Iruka?"

"Why didn't you come back to bed this morning?" Iruka laid his head on Kakashi's shoulder.

"You seemed so peaceful when I got back this morning that I didn't want to bother you by climbing in bed, so I just came out here to sleep." His hands brushed Iruka's ponytail, pulling out whatever tangles remained. Finally, Iruka's hold relented, enough so he could sit back and stare into Kakashi's open eye. Kakashi smiled. "Sasuke tried sneaking back over here, so I had to take him back. He's going to be a master at stealth once he figures how to hide all of his chakra. Just wait until Naruto's fourteen, you'll be excited that he's going off with Jiraiya, 'cause I can see it now. You arriving home from work, the house is quiet, until you hear a resounding 'bang', 'bang', 'ba-'"

Iruka's eyes narrowed. "Don't even think of finishing that sentence. It's not going to happen like that, Naruto will wait until he's old enough, mature enough, and out of our house…"

"-Then he'll just wait until he's with Jiraiya and invite Sasuke for a rendezvous near the hot springs." Iruka slapped Kakashi upside the head, pulling himself off the man's lap. Being free, Kakashi stood up, heading towards the bathroom teasingly, "Are you sure you don't want a romp in the bathroom this morning?"

"Yes!" Iruka yelled, slamming a cabinet that Naruto had left open, shut. "Go get ready, I'd like to be on time."

Kakashi's eyes narrowed seriously. "I'd like to stop and speak with Obito first, he's my…good luck charm." Kakashi broke eye contact, very embarrassed with this fact, however his husband just smiled sweetly.

Walking towards the jounin, Iruka kissed the man's temple. "Okay, but don't be late. It won't look good." With one last smile in the direction of his husband, Iruka returned to his kitchen to make some coffee and a light snack for his tossing stomach. Scratching from the patio brought Iruka's attention to the door, watching as large fox eyes stared at him, whimpering to come in the house again. "You're not a regular fox, are you…" Iruka whispered, mostly to himself.

As if understanding him, the fox's tail went into the air, shaking happily before turning to the rose bushes Iruka had been growing throughout winter, urinating on them. Iruka's left eye twitched. "Naruto, go feed Karu!" He yelled, watching as the fox began to pull buds from his flowers. It took forever, but the boy finally came out of his room and, as slowly as possible, fed his pet. "You'll need to get him water, too, Naruto!"

Throwing his head back, Naruto groaned dramatically, "He doesn't need water-"

With ease, Iruka washed Naruto's breakfast dish. "And you don't need ramen either."

"That's not fair!" Naruto screamed.

"Go feed Karu!" Retaliated Iruka. Really! Sometimes Naruto was just so lazy and irresponsible. With a huff, the boy stomped to the refrigerator to find some leftovers for his fox kit. Under Iruka's watchful eye, the boy feed his puppy, then cleaned up any messes the creature had made throughout the morning. Thinking he was unwatched, Naruto tossed some feces over the balcony, watching excitedly as they dropped. Iruka's patience dropped. "Damn it, Naruto!"

Laughter from the corridor echoed across the hall. "Testy this morning, aren't you, Iru-chan."

"Gr. Shut up." Iruka glared at his husband. "He just tossed his pet's po…" he tried to say the word past his anger, before deciding to drop it. "-Over the balcony!" Naruto was staring at them from the balcony, trying to look as innocent as he could be while his fox looked down from the side of the balcony as a string of curses rose from their neighbors that ate breakfast in that area. It wasn't long before a string of slams at their front door came. Iruka glared at the door, then at Naruto before walking to the front door to deal with angry neighbors.

After much persuasion and apologies, the neighbor left (not without glaring at Naruto) with a fast stomp. From the balcony, Naruto broke into giggles, but was silenced from his 'fathers' with a silent glare – more forced from a cackling Kakashi. Dressed in his jounin uniform, Kakashi gave a peaceful wave to his husband, who turned his eyes. "The Hokage meeting is when? Ten?" Iruka nodded. "Good, I'll meet you there. Naruto, be on your best behavior!" With a wink, he vanished from view, leaving Naruto and Iruka in the front rooms.

Running his fingers through his bangs, Iruka sighed. His hair was all messed up, and he hadn't been awake for more than an hour. "Clean up the mess properly now, Naruto." He ordered before disappearing into the steamy bathroom. From the balcony, Naruto glanced down at his pet, shrugged his shoulders (which was oddly returned by the small creature), and returned to his cleaning as asked.

The Hokage's office never seemed so intimidating as it did now. Iruka, being a hotheaded loudmouth as a child, had often set foot in the grand office. As a chuunin, he continued to go in, though not for behavioral issues. Now, he felt as if this room could be the death of him, just as it had been the thing to start his life just a year ago. The Hokage had personally signed his and Kakashi's marriage contract, establishing it as legal. The Hokage had also blessed him with a son. And the same point, this man had the same power to take all this away (well, maybe not the marriage – Sarutobi was not that cruel, nor did he want to be).

Right now, the room was filled with two different sets of individuals and paperwork that crowded the Hokage's desk. On the right side of the room, was the Shizuki family and Hana Fujii (whom Iruka hadn't seen in months). On the left side of the room, Iruka had taken a seat with Naruto on his lap, yearning for attention incase he had to go home with the other family. The seat next to him, obviously for Kakashi, remained empty as they waited for the late jounin to show up. Also with them was Rei Takanashi, their Adoptive Community Councilor. My own little battle field. Iruka joked.

Lighting his pipe, the Hokage smiled at Iruka politely. "How long will it take for Kakashi to arrive here, do you think Iruka?"

"H-He promised he'd be on time, but…" Iruka glanced back at the door, hoping that Kakashi wanted to make a grand entrance or something of that manner. Nope, Kakashi was just late. Typical.

Poof! Kakashi entered the room in his usual puff of smoke, a hand raised to the back of his head nervously. "Sorry, this little old lady needed to cross the street, and I just had to help her."

"Always the polite one, Kakashi." Sarutobi said, sarcastically. "Take a seat and we'll begin this hearing." The jounin sat next to his husband, allowing Iruka to lace their fingers together, nervously. When everyone was situated, Sarutobi leaned forward, his old, graying eyes on Naruto's wide blue ones. "Naruto please stand up for a second." The boy did so. "May I ask you to leave this hearing? There is something I'd like to speak about something with the adults, and you'll probably be bored." Naruto's face scrunched up at the thought of sitting around in boredom waiting for Iruka to tell him whom he was going home with. "Tell you what, my grandson is visiting today, have the guard at the door take you to visit him. You'll have fun." With a wink from the old man, said ANBU member escorted Naruto out the door.

When the doors slid shut, Sarutobi evened out some folders in front of him, waiting until he knew Naruto would be completely out of hearing distance. "If this were a normal adoption hearing, I would not sit here to decide who should have the child," the Hokage explained to both parties, "but since Naruto holds the Kyuubi, it comes to my attention that the choice needs to be thorough for the sake of Konoha and Naruto's psyche, so Kyuubi doesn't attack us again through the boy.

"Since Naruto was taken out of Adoptive Community, my desk has been swamped with reports – both good and bad – from many sources. Fujii-san, let's start with some of these you've sent in. I've failed to see one good thing written about Kakashi and Iruka's time with Naruto and there was very little written about Shizuki-san interactions with Naruto. Please clarify to me that your investigation was impartial?"

The woman stood up, bowing politely. "Of course, Lord Hokage. I never put my own personal feelings in with my work; that'd be unethical." She sounded sincere enough. Iruka's blood boiled. "What happened was, when I visited, I was often prompted by word that something had happened to Naruto, so I had to investigate. There was always something going on at the Hatake house, and it always seemed wrong for these two men to be raising a child like Naruto."

"'Like Naruto'?"

Nodding, Fujii continued. "I had to investigate this with Adoption Community, but – Naruto never showed evidence of containing Kyuubi during his entire orphan life. He was always mild natured and never caused problems; in comparison to what's going on now. Since his adoption, Kyuubi has become known for weeks, having caused much desecration to Kono-"

"It's because we had Kyuubi restrained at the orphanage!" Takanashi stood up, looking ecstatic. "When he was younger, Kyuubi was always getting out, but since the boy had no motor skills to speak of, the demon could do nothing so the boy would cry, and cry, and cry. Several of the caretakers wanted to kill him, just to get that crying to stop, but your orders were to let no…personal prejudices restrain the boy. We used potions and medicines to put the boy to sleep as a kid, but when he was able to walk, Kyuubi was getting out so often, we were concerned."

The Hokage leaned forward, taking a puff out of his pipe. "And what did you do that contradicts what Fujii-san was saying?"

"W-We used…a chakra-restraint bracelet on him. Whenever it was apparent that Kyuubi was showing, we put it on him. As it should, the bracelet took both his and Kyuubi's chakra to a minimum, so the Kyuubi didn't attack, and Naruto was too weak to make messes. I admit…we went a little crazy with the power we had, and might have over used it, but please understand that this isn't the Hatake's fault that Kyuubi is showing like he has. If we hadn't used the chakra bracelet, the fox would have showed himself more often and we were afraid of what Kyuubi would do."

Sarutobi rubbed the bridge of his nose, his face pushed upward to see the ceiling of his office. "Takanashi-san, if I recall I specifically told you when the child was left in your care ten years ago that if you had any problems to immediately contact me." The man nodded. "We'll discuss that matter latter, but right now let's get back to business – all right?" The group agreed verbally. "All right, let's see," continued the Hokage, shuffling through his papers, "Let's start from the beginning. Iruka, it's said here that you 'lost' Naruto not even a day after you brought him home from the orphanage, do you confirm or deny this?"

"He wasn't lost, he was-"

"Will discuss what happened shortly, Iruka. Just say if you confirm or deny this accusation." Sarutobi was stern. Iruka sat back, feeling Kakashi's wide gaze on him. He knew he forgot to tell Kakashi something.

"I confirm this," he whispered, defeated.

"Fujii-san, how did you come across the information?" The aging man asked neutrally.

With a smile of ease, the woman spoke smoothly, "A teacher at the academy, who asked to remain nameless, said that Iruka was hectic, running around the school, calling Naruto."

"He's always flustered, that doesn't mean much," Kakashi said, offhandedly. Iruka slapped his knee, playfully.

The Hokage nodded absently with what Kakashi said, unable to hide the grin on his face. "Would you like to explain that day, Iruka?"

Pleased, Iruka nodded and stood politely. "I needed to drop notes off with Anko-san, for my students and I asked him to sit outside the classroom. Another class leaving the building to go out to the training field distracted him, and he followed after them. I was worried that someone with a grudge had taken him or something." Sarutobi just nodded his head, confirming he understood what Iruka was saying.

"Very well; let us continue…"

Naruto kicked his feet out, glaring intently at the door where his adoption hearing was being held. He didn't understand why he couldn't be in there to see how it was going. Besides, he had a few choice words to make certain that he stayed with Kakashi and Iruka. As much as he loved his mother, he didn't like Toshi. Period. The guard that had taken him out had left the room, giving a reassuring smile. Naruto's gaze fell again when a light tapping of sandals started up the hall again before disappearing. He felt so lonely. The Hokage's grandson, who he was supposed to be playing with, was napping.

Turning around, he looked out the long windows at the village that was bursting with life. From the back of his mind, he could hear his conscious talking about buildings and what they meant to him before some sealing. Finally, he broke off from his prattle to say that he saw Sasuke near the dock before returning to his very unpleasant talk on how when the village wasn't on fire it was an eyesore.

Narrowing his eyes, Naruto tried to see the same thing his conscious did, traveling the dock for the dark haired individual. Indeed he found Sasuke, tossing rocks in the water. With a smile, Naruto took off down the corridor, narrowly running into people (a few of which he knew), and out the door. They would probably not go looking for him for an hour, so that gave him enough time to talk to Sasuke about the night before.

A blush took over his face as he remembered Sasuke's grip around his waist when the boy had climbed into bed. It made Naruto feel loved – not that he didn't when he was around Iruka and Kakashi, but this was a different kind of love. One that made his belly flop and his conscious stutter in mid-speech. With a smile, he pushed towards the dock and watched as Sasuke threw a rock, possibly killing a fish that swam by. "Sasuke!" He was about to yell, but couldn't move his body when he saw the sad look pasted on the other boy's face.

"Sasuke…" He finally whispered, walking down the small hill, so he wouldn't startle the young man. It was enough to catch the boy's attention and make him hold his hand up to stop the boy from approaching him any further. Was last night a last time? Is he going to be mean to me again? "Are you okay, Sasuke?"

The little boy shook his head negatively. "My dad is taking me on a training trip. I won't be back for awhile." He leveled his hand some, asking for Naruto to take it. He did, easing himself to sit next to his 'boyfriend'. "He says that with you in Konoha too, I'm distracted from the training, and I'll never make anything of myself – like my brother."

"Huh?" He whispered. "You're leaving me?" He didn't want to be alone. Without Sasuke, all the other kids in Mizuki's class would pick on him again. The other pre-genin made going to classes so much easier.

Turning to face the blonde, Sasuke wrapped his arms around the boy's lean waist, bringing them together with a nod of his head. "Why do you make me feel like this?" He asked. "Why do you make me weak?" He pulled away, continuing to watch the fishes. Naruto mimicked the motion, his hands flimsily digging through his pockets.

Pulling out Saiai, he handed the plush fox to his best friend and stood up. Sasuke looked questioning at the fox, then Naruto. "Take care of him, and when you return back to Konoha, you'll remember to come see me, okay?" He smiled.

"Okay." Sasuke returned the smile. Finally, Naruto turned around and started heading back towards the Hokage's tower, unaware that the smile Sasuke gave him would be the last one he'd ever see from that day forth. Watchful obsidian eyes of the Uchiha missing ninja followed Naruto, before following back on Sasuke.

"I'm sorry Sasuke but I'm going to have to kill mother and father. I know, though, that the Hatake's will take good care of you."

Sliding another letter down, the Hokage took a deep breath. "Understandable that Hatake-san is a very respectful member of Konoha, and most of those that have sent their letters stating approval or rejection are respected clan members. Most of these letters I've rejected as reason that too many feelings towards Kyuubi were the reason a lot of these came in. From the lowest groups of Konoha to our prospering clans. This is why none of these are to be taken seriously, except maybe a few. Administer of the academy," he threw the letter before his desk, letting the folds open to prove the name, "Who says that Naruto has been slow in school, spending most of his time goofing off, childishly flirting with Haruno-san and Uchiha-san, and playing pranks on his teacher, Mizuki-san. It states that, last year, his grades were so low he needed to repeat subjects during the summer. It was understandable since the transition from the orphanage to the outside world often occurs as such, but his grades haven't improved a bit this year, and is facing have to repeat genin courses."

Raising his head, though his attention never once on a book that rested securely in his shinobi vest pocket, Kakashi breathed. "As you are aware, Hokage-san, dead last in classes are often excellent shinobi later. Take Iruka for example, he was the dead last in his courses, but is one of the most honest chuunin instructors Konoha has. Besides, you said it yourself; Naruto won't be able to learn as quickly to easier techniques because of his chakra capacity."

With the hoisting of his hand, Sarutobi halted Kakashi from continuing. "It's very true that we've discussed this. But, we have some more letters that we are taking into consideration. Please calm down, and let me continue." Once more the shinobi in the room fell quiet. "Our next letter would be of Ichiraku-san, Naruto's summer and Saturday employee. He states that Naruto is a very polite boy, considering on who is in him – Kyuubi I'm assuming. The storeowner writes that Naruto has brightened the store's outlook a lot, and is an excellent ramen critic. As a critic of his ramen, the boy can immediately sell to anyone who is a consumer, and has made many friends among the community. This is why a small portion of Konoha – the low class ones – have stated Naruto's not so bad. There are very few that have supported this," indicating the pile of letters from Konoha citizens.

"Another thing that I'm taking in consideration is from a shinobi who asked to remain nameless." Cold eyes turned onto Toshi as the Hokage stood up and approached the man. "This shinobi states that he has watched abusive moments in your household, Shizuki-san. Is this true?"

"No, Hokage-sama."

"I see." No more needed to be said as the Hokage took a seat again. "Let us discuss this further…"

Naruto watched the door earnestly, his leg twitching under him as he waited for them to come out. After an hour of waiting, the doors were thrown open by a fuming Fujii who, with a glare at him, stalked past him in mad haste. Naruto tilted his head, waiting for one of the adults to come out and tell him whom he was going home with. It was a while longer before a larger group of individuals stepped out of the enclosed office; Iruka clutching Kakashi's arm for dear life, a smile glistening on his face, on the other hand his mother was crying. Toshi remained in the office, standing before the Hokage's desk. His dark face remained intent on Naruto until the doors closing blocked him. Yuki wrapped her arms around her son, hugging him dearly.

Looking at Iruka, Naruto waited impatiently for the verdict. "Well…?" he droned.

Iruka holding his hands out welcomingly told him everything. Part of him wanted to throw his arms around Iruka and hug his new family for dear life, but he couldn't. Instead he raised his hands and brought them to his mother's face, staring into her gorgeous wide eyes. "Mommy…" He whispered, perhaps the first time he'd ever called the woman such. Tears rolled down her face as she held on tighter. "I'll still come over, mommy. Whenever you want me to come over, I will. Even if you don't want me to come over, cause you're my mom. Iruka and Kakashi may be my dads now, but you'll always be my mom." He hugged her back before her hold relented. Reaching behind him, he grabbed Iruka's arms and let himself be hoisted into the air.

His mother smiled. "You can come over anytime, sweetie."

Kakashi let his fingers brush back some of Naruto's hair. "Shizuki-san-"

"Please don't call me that anymore. Toshi and I are divorcing." The woman said sternly, watching the door where her husband was detained.

"Yuki-san," Kakashi corrected himself, "would you like to join us for dinner?"

The woman shook her head. "No thank you." She smiled sweetly. "I won't intrude on your family time." With a sideways glance, the Hatake family left the Hokage hall. Naruto's chin rested on Iruka's sturdy shoulder, his arms wrapped around the chuunin's check as he watched his mother in the distance. When they no longer saw each other, the woman broke down crying as ANBU members had to rush into the Hokage's office to fully detain her husband.

"Yuki-san." The Hokage glanced at her as Toshi was dragged off deep within the tower. "Are you going to be able to get home on your own, or would you like an escort?"

Brushing the back of her hand across her nose, she sniffled. "I'll be fine. Sandaime-sama?"

"Yes?" The old man gave her a sympathetic look.

"Do you think Arashi would be mad a me for all the things I've put our son through?"

Squeezing her shoulder, Sarutobi breathed, "I don't think he could ever be mad at you. He wouldn't blame you, but Toshi for the actions that have happened the last ten years to Naruto. And, I can assure you, within the first year you would have been married to him. I'm sure of it." The old man turned and walked off, leaving the confused woman in front of his office, Yondaime's large face on Hokage Mountain watching over her along with the rest of Konoha.

It wasn't until they put the extremely happy, but well worn out, Naruto to bed did the verdict actually hit Iruka. He and Kakashi were bathing together, Iruka laying back on Kakashi, enjoying the rippling of breathing that came from Kakashi every time the jounin exhaled, when he felt tears fall from his face. Kakashi's stiff fingers brushed the salty water away and his hold tightened around Iruka's waist. "We're a family now, Iruka," he breathed, "just like you always wanted."

Iruka didn't respond as his mind replayed the thought that his son was sleeping in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom. He'd never had these thoughts when they first brought Naruto home a year ago. Now it was hitting him, hard. There was no backing out of this now. His son. It had a nice ring to it, Iruka thought as he turned around to press his entire body up against Kakashi's.

"Thank you." He pressed his lips chastely against the jounin's. "Thank you." He repeated the action before bringing his arms around the jounin's neck. "You've given so much to me the last year, and I haven't given you anything – besides sex." Lots of sex. He held on tight as his lips brushed against the side of Kakashi's neck. Their eyes met before their lips and neither pulled apart until the need of air became overwhelming.

"You gave me you. That seems fair." Kakashi took his husband's hips and pushed them down. Iruka's face flushed over. "And…You've made me one of the luckiest shinobi in all of Konoha." His fingers reached back and played with the milky flesh on Iruka's round bottom.

Understanding what Kakashi wanted, Iruka pushed his hips back against the hand groping him. "I love you Kakashi." My husband.

"Mm." The jounin replied as he worked to prepare Iruka for penetration. The last thought that went through Iruka's mind before pleasure overcame every nerve in his body was, look at my family, mom and dad.