Masaru peered around a tree to get the digimon into focus. An eight foot tall, broad shouldered digimon with a lion's head growled angrily as it continued to demolish the park.

"Aniki?" Agumon whispered softly, tugging at Masaru's uniform jacket. "Let's go," he whined.

"Shhh," Masaru hissed. "We'll go in, just wait for that jerk to get out of our way," he growled as he watch Gaomon pummel Leomon with what he had to grudgingly admit was a pretty good uppercut.

"Oh? Showing restraint?" Yoshino teased quietly from behind another tree. "Getting soft are we?"

Masaru clenched his fist. "No! I need a clear shot if I'm going to make my digisoul appear," he snapped back. "Gaomon's too fast and covers too much area with his punches for me to get one in," he admitted quietly.

Yoshino rolled her eyes. Even if Masaru was doing the right thing by staying back, he was doing it for the wrong reasons.

Gaomon continued to attack but Leomon finally found an opening and slammed the blue digimon into the ground.

Touma stepped forward and snapped his fingers. A faint glow could be seen around his hand as he placed it on his digivice. "Digisoul, charge!" he yelled and held it out. Gaomon began to glow and Leomon was forced back a few steps as Gaogamon appeared in all his glory.

Leomon smirked and ran at the new digimon. Gaogamon took the hit and pushed back hard, forcing Leomon to take several steps back.

"Dammit, I wanted to do something," Masaru hissed. Even he wasn't dumb enough to jump into the middle of a fight between two digimon that were probably a good twice his size.

"Aniki, I wanna fight," Agumon whined. He tugged on Masaru's jacket again with his claws.

"I know!" Masaru hissed back. "Just wait a second, I'm sure they're gonna loose," he smirked.

"Have more faith in your comrades!" Yoshino scolded.

Masaru shrugged and pulled out his digivice, ready to pounce when needed. A slight movement caught his eye and he looked over to some bushes in the distance. "Yoshino, you did evacuate the park right?" he asked.

"OF COURSE I DID!" she snapped. "What, you'd think I'd leave some helpless children to fend for themselves against that?" she pointed at Leomon.

"It was just a question!" Masaru yelled back, his attention taken away from the bushes. "I just wanted to know."

"Well, it was a stupid one," she said through gritted teeth. "I've been doing this job a lot longer then you have and I know procedure."

"All right," Masaru growled softly, setting back on his haunches. "Don't have to get so uptight, jeez."

"Aniki…" Agumon started again but their attention was caught when a cry could be heard from the battle. They both turned their heads just in time to see Leomon use some kind of attack that hit Gaomon right in the stomach. The poor digimon cried out as he fell into the ground and lost his evolution.

"Gaomon!" Touma yelled and ran over to his partner to make sure that Leomon didn't try to hurt him any further.

"Raramon!" Yoshino yelled and pointed at Leomon. "Back them up!"

"Nuts shoot!" Raramon yelled and several seed shaped projectiles came of her mouth and landed on Leomon, exploding on impact. The distraction proved enough to allow Touma to get Gaomon off the battle field and for Masaru to jump up and land a clean punch on Leomon's jaw.

Leomon growled and turned to face the human that dared to land a punch on him. Masaru smirked as his hand glowed with an orange color and held out his digivice. "Ready, Agumon?"

"Ready!" Agumon cheered.

Masaru put his hand on the digivice and yelled out "Digisoul charge!" He watched as Agumon evolved into Geogreymon and immediately shot a fireball that Leomon caught in his hands.

Masaru growled and looked around for something that may help him. "Geogreymon, use your tail!" he yelled.

Geogreymon nodded and swept around, using his tail to knock Leomon off balance and countered with a head but that sent Leomon into the ground.

"Well, you can come up with some battle strategy," Touma smirked.

"Shut. Up," Masaru told him neatly as he focused on the battle.

Geogreymon let loose another fireball that landed directly on Leomon. Smoke and pieces of dirt flew into the air by the impact site. Masaru cheered and walked over to the site. "All right!" he cheered.

"Yay, Masaru-nii-chan killed the monster!" a voice said from behind the bushes.

Masaru turned around slowly to see his little sister run out of the area he had been looking at before. "Chika!" he gasped. "What are you doing here?" he demanded, slightly angry.

"That big guy attacked when I was on the swings," she pouted, using her best little kid face to try and get Masaru to calm down. "When you came I thought it might be better to just hide."

"Chika, when someone tells you to leave, you leave!" Masaru yelled.

"Well, no one told me to leave," Chika countered and put her hands on her hips. "I just got out of the way. What's wrong with that?"

"You could have gotten hurt!" Masaru snapped. He knelt down and started to look over his little sister as he said that. "You could have gotten caught in an attack or something. How would I know? I didn't know you were there!"

Chika switched tactics. "Well, I knew you were here. I knew Masaru-nii-chan would save me if I got into trouble."

Masaru rapped the top of her head lightly with his knuckles, making her wince. "That's not going to get you anywhere, Chika."

Chika pouted, "You're mean," she decided.

Masaru sighed, "And you're where you shouldn't be. Now, I want you to go home and…" he faded off as his lecture was interrupted by rumbling from the impact site. "What?"

Leomon rose and grinned. "Not bad, perhaps I've met a worthy opponent!" he declared. "Come! Let us battle!"

"No," Masaru hissed. Instinctively he grabbed Chika and backed away.

Touma gave him an odd look. "You're not going to battle?"

"With her here? Are you nuts?" Masaru snapped, indicating his little sister. "There's no way I'd let her be this close to a fight!"

"Says the person who went up and punched the thing across the face," Chika muttered.

"This and that are different," Masaru told her.

"Sure," Chika said sarcastically.

Leomon punched the ground and several sections of earth became shaky and trembled beneath their feet. Masaru jumped and landed out of the way as Geogreymon almost lost his footing on the damaged ground.

"Masaru, what are you doing?" Yoshino yelled. "Fight him or we're going to loose a digimon!"

Masaru gritted his teeth and shook his head. "Yoshino, there's a civilian here. We can't!"

"WHAT?" she yelled. "Since when do you…" her voice trailed off as Leomon let loose another ground shaking attack. This time everyone fell to the ground and Masaru lost his grip on his little sister. Chika fell hard on the ground and rolled away from Masaru and Touma who were trying to stand.

"Chika!" Masaru yelled.

"Aniki!" Geogreymon growled.

"Fire something!" Masaru called out desperately. "Don't let him attack again!"

Leomon smirked and punched the ground again before Geogreymon could obey. The giant lizard fell to the ground and Masaru ran as fast as he possibly could to catch Chika before she was smothered by his tail. Masaru rolled and curled around Chika so that she wouldn't be hurt as they came to a stop.

Chika sat up and pushed on Masaru's arm. "Masaru-nii-chan, are you all right?"

Masaru rubbed his head, "Yeah. And if you ever follow me again, I swear…"

"I didn't follow you," she snapped. "I stayed behind!"

Masaru glared at his little sister who glared back. Leomon dusted himself off and walked forwards. "Well, are you going to fight seriously again?" he asked.

Masaru gritted his teeth. He could let Chika get hurt, no matter the cost. First of all, his mother would kill him and secondly it was his job as her older brother to protect her. He looked around and saw a small drop into a river by the park. Quickly he formulated an escape plan.

"Geogreymon, fall back," he growled.

"What?" the digimon replied in shock.

"Masaru, have you gone out of your mind?" Yoshino asked.

Masaru stood up and picked up his little sister. "Fall behind," he whispered. "I'll catch up with you later."

Geogreymon looked at Masaru and nodded. "All right, aniki."

"Chika, when I tell you, hold your breath," he told his little sister.

"Wait, what are you…" Chika started but Masaru had already began to run towards the bank.

"NOW!" he yelled.

Chika took in a lungful of air and shut her eyes as they jumped into the cold, dark water. She felt her brother's arms around her, pulling her as he swam underwater in order to get away undetected.