Geogreymon appeared in a flash of light and ran towards where Leomon was. The large dinosaur like digimon took the hit that Leomon aimed at him and growled as he grabbed the large fist in his claws and pulled hard on Leomon's arm. Leomon howled angrily as he was pulled forward into the ground by the larger digimon.

"Good job!" Masaru cheered loudly. "Now, attack!"

Geogreymon obliged and let loose a huge fireball that landed directly on Leomon and set the surrounding area on fire. Geogreymon leaped back and skidded to a halt a few hundred meters away.

"Can you ever just fight without damaging everything around you?" Touma asked as he watched the fire burn. "We need to salvage a digiegg from that you know."

Masaru grinned at Touma and gave him a sheepish shrug. "Well, we defeated him, right?" he asked.

"That's not the point," Touma started but was cut off by a low growl coming from the flames. "What?" he asked, turning to face the small bonfire in the center of the dock.

Masaru turned as well. "No way," he said slowly. "There is no way that thing is still alive…"

"Aniki?" Geogreymon asked.

"Stay evolved," Masaru said slowly. "I don't think…" he started but the flames started to die down and Leomon's body could be seen coming from them. "Oh my god…" he said, almost shocked speechless.

"Heh, you put up a pretty good fight," Leomon said in a gravelly voice. "Come," he said and launched himself at Geogreymon again.

Geogreymon took the attack with his foreclaws and looked to Masaru for some kind of direction. No one had ever survived that hit before and he wasn't sure what to do.

"Knock him off balance!" Masaru yelled. "Get him down and try again."

"Do you think it will work?" Touma asked.

"Well, if this doesn't work then we'll just have to try something else," Masaru hissed.

"What?" Touma asked as he took out his digivice.

"When I think of something, I'll let you know," Masaru sighed and ran over to get a clearer view of the fight.

Touma resisted the urge to lecture Masaru about planning ahead but he knew that he didn't have the time. "Gaogamon!" he snapped and the large wolf like digimon appeared near him in a flash.

"Yes, master?" he asked respectfully.

"When I give you the signal, add your attack to Geogreymon's. Maybe a little more force is what we need," Touma ordered and pointed to where Masaru was running. "And make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Yes, master," Gaogamon said and ran towards the battle, passing Masaru up with ease and taking up his place next to Geogreymon.

Masaru turned to see Touma nod curtly. Masaru grinned and skidded to a halt, preparing his own orders as he watched Geogreymon continue to grapple with Leomon. "Come on," he muttered under his breath. "Just get him off balance."

Geogreymon saw Gaogamon come up beside him and shifted his weight so that Gaogamon could step up and help. Gaogamon used the red appendages that looked like a scarf to wrap around Leomon's legs as Geogreymon continued to hold Leomon's arms steady. Leomon grinned, his arms shaking with the effort it took to keep Geogreymon at bay. "Two against one?" he asked.

"Ignore him!" Masaru and Touma both yelled.

"Yes master!" Gaogamon replied and pulled with all his might.

"Right!" Geogreymon said at the same time and pushed.

Together, their combined efforts knocked Leomon off his feet and onto his back where he roared painfully. "Now!" Masaru and Touma both yelled and their digimon obliged by attacking at the same time and combining their attacks into one explosive fireball.

Leomon growled and held up his hands. He unleashed some kind of attack that appeared to glowed bright and was tinged red. Masaru and Touma both were forced to shield their eyes from the harsh glare of the attack as it meshed with Gaogamon and Geogreymon's combined forces.

As the attacks mixed together, the combined pressure of all three forces mixing was too much energy to be contained in one place. Several small explosions began to sound from the area where they mixed and Masaru could feel the heat on his face.

"Masaru," Touma choked into his ear piece as he backed up. "Get out of there. It's too much."

Masaru took a few steps back from the rush of wind that issued from the explosions. He knew that it was on a whole different level and that he couldn't hope to stay in that area without getting hurt. He gritted his teeth and touched his fingers to the receiver on his ear piece so that he could be heard. "I'm coming," he gasped into the ear piece and continued to back up.

"Good. There's a stack of crates…" Touma's voice began but a rush of static cut him off as the final explosion sounded and all three digimon disappeared in a bright light. "Masaru?" Touma asked. "Hey! Masaru?" He was only greeted with static from Masaru's end.

Touma jumped out from behind his hiding place and ran out onto the final battlefield. If he thought it was messed up before, it was nothing compared to what he saw then. Everything was rubble and the only bit of the docks that he was on that remained in tact were the crates and boxes that held the goods that were being stored there. The machines, boats and even the concrete ground were all cracked and roughed up from the explosion that came from the mixture of the three attacks.

Touma coughed as the dust settled and waved his hand in front of his face in a vain effort to clear the air in front of him. "Masaru?" he called out.

Gaomon and Agumon stumbled out from the thickest part of the smoke. Gaomon supported a red spackled digiegg and Agumon looked a little more then bemused. It seemed that the attack they had been caught up in did quite a bit of damage to them as well. "Where's…aniki?" Agumon gasped.

"Masaru is…" Touma scanned the area. "I don't know. I lost contact with him about 45 seconds ago. Is the target secure?" he asked Gaomon.

Gaomon set the digiegg down gently. "Yes master," he replied.

Touma nodded. "All right then. Find Masaru and let's call in this mess before we get caught by the police."

"Yes, master," Gaomon said and disappeared into the smoke. Agumon did as well and Touma picked up the digiegg and turned his ear piece onto a different channel.

"I have secured the digimon, Leomon. Digiegg at area C, section 3, awaiting pickup. Also, heavy damage to area due to attack mishap. Requesting cleanup crew and a possibly medic," he said quickly and put the digiegg down on some crates. "Dammit Masaru," he hissed. "You just had to be right next to the damn battle, didn't you?"

His ear piece crackled to life and Masaru's voice could be heard. "Heh, well, you know how I work, don't you?" he asked weakly.

Touma's eyes widened and he switched the channel to a private one. "Where are you?" he asked and looked around. He noticed that the dust was beginning to settle and that everything was a little more clear.

"I'm by some crates. I was blown away by the after shock but I think I'll be fine," Masaru said.

Touma switched the ear piece channel to a private one and looked around. "Where are you?" he asked.

"I'm…" Masaru began but he was cut off by his Digimon discovering where he was.

"Aniki!" Agumon's voice came in loud and clear through Masaru's ear piece and Masaru's protests could be hear over Agumon's cheers.

"I'm fine!" Masaru yelled. "Sheesh."

Touma winced at the sound and turned down the volume. "You sure?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm a little banged up but it's not as bad as it could have been," Masaru admitted.

Touma walked over to where he saw a little shadow in the settling dust. He came through it and saw Masaru sitting down, with Agumon on top on him, looking a little annoyed. "There you are," he said.

Masaru jumped at hearing Touma's voice over the ear piece and directly into his ear and turned slowly to face him. "Hi," he said with a sheepish grin. "I didn't get out of the way quickly enough."

"I see that," Touma said dryly. Gaomon appeared silently at his elbow and Masaru made his way slowly to his feet. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked again.

"I'm fine!" Masaru said forcefully. "Seriously. I. Am. Fine."

Touma shrugged. "All right then. I'll go back and file this in. You go home and get cleaned up."

"You sure?" Masaru asked, blinking a little.

Touma nodded and stepped forward. He reached out and touched a reddened spot over Masaru's eye that caused the teen to gasp out in pain. "I'm sure," he said with a dry smile. "You're more hurt then you think."

"Aniki," Agumon looked up at Masaru with a frown.

Masaru touched the spot gingerly and hissed at his own touch. "I'll be fine," he growled. "And I'll come in tomorrow."

"All right," Touma agreed. "See you then. And say hi to your little sister for me."

Masaru started to walk home and raised his hand in acknowledgement to Touma's request. Touma shook his head and sighed. "Think his mom will catch him?" he asked Gaomon.

"I think Chika-san will get to him first," Gaomon said wisely.

Touma nodded his agreement, then went back to the digiegg to await the rest of the DATS members.


Masaru walked into his house as quietly as he could. He and Agumon both looked around as Masaru slipped off his shoes and walked as quietly as they could up the stairs. About halfway up someone cleared their throat behind them, causing them both to freeze midstep. "Masaru-nii-chan, why are you going upstairs when dinner is about to start?" Chika asked.

"I uhhh…" Masaru turned around slowly. "I need to change," he lied.

Chika padded up the stairs after him and frowned. "You look kinda dirty. What happened?"

"Well, we got the bad guy," Masaru said with a quick grin as he started to go up the stairs backwards. "But Agumon's attack was really big so it got kind of messy."

"Right, right!" Agumon agreed quickly.

Chika followed them. "Really?" she asked, looking at Masaru scrutinizingly.

"Really," Masaru assured her.

"Really, really?" Chika asked.

"Yeup!" Masaru said and stepped into his room. Agumon dashed inside and Masaru swung the door so that only his head could stick out. "Now I'm going to change. Go downstairs and get ready for dinner," he said and shut the door with a click. He sighed in relief and shook his head. "Thank god I got away from that."

"Away from what?" his mom asked from behind him.

Masaru blinked. "Oh crap," he said softly.


Masaru's mom dabbed the wound lightly and sighed as Masaru yelped. "Really now. You couldn't ask for help with this?" she asked. "And you didn't think I wouldn't notice? It's the size of a chicken egg."

Masaru frowned. "It's just a bump."

"A big one," his mom corrected him. "You could have been seriously hurt," she said and put a bandage with some medicine in it over the cut. "This'll help the swelling go down. Now I want you to eat dinner and then do your homework and go to bed. Okay?"

"But…" Masaru started.

"Okay?" his mom asked in a tone of voice that left no room for arguing.

"O-okay," Masaru said quietly.

"Aniki?" Agumon asked.

Masaru sighed. "Just my luck. Mom was waiting the whole time," he frowned and put his head in the palms of his hands. "Figures."

"She was worried," Chika told him. "And besides, you are hurt. Now let's go eat," she said and walked out of the room.

"Fine, fine," Masaru groaned and followed his little sister into the dining room to eat dinner.


So, I've been waiting this whole time for the sub of 7 to come out so that I could get Chika and Touma's personalities a little better. That's why this took forever to update, for the three of you that care XD Anyways, here's the next bit. I plan to update my other Savers fic soon and possibly get out a one shot or two later on. Yay!