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A Drink

Arucard was restless. He slipped through the night quiet and quick, passing dozens of strangers, cafes, and clubs. A part of him longed for fresh blood. A young woman's blood. Hers.

He stopped not sure what is was about her that caught his eye. Just another young woman enjoying the warm night at an outside table. A plain light green T-shirt and dark blue jeans. Her scent was soft and natural, no perfume not even makeup. Yet her skin was pale, smooth, and free of blemishes. Long dark lashes graced her blue-green eyes as she stared intently at the monitor of her lap top. Somehow he knew that if he touched her straight coppery brown hair it would be like silk against his fingers.

Silently Arucard slipped behind her to observe what was on the monitor. It seemed to be some kind of essay on…vampires. As she typed he read over her shoulder.

Vampires are the epitome of the night and darkness. People hunted them once out of fear, yet even then the legend commanded respect. Why? Because secretly people want to be vampires. Powerful, magical, immortal, able to survive virtually any wound, and many other super natural or at least super human abilities. It is because this transformation is impossible that reasons for not wanting to become such a creature were concocted. Never to stand in sunlight again, forced to feed on those who were once fellows, the loss of one's immortal soul or after life, and having to watch as all those you cared for grew old and died.

She stopped typing. "Well?" Arucard stepped back as she turned around a smile on her soft pink lips. It faded as she realized he was not someone familiar. "You're not Mathew…" Her eyes took in the eccentric red suit, wide brimmed hat, and yellow glasses with suspicion and fear.

"My apologies. I was…" What should he say? He'd caught sight of her and come over on a whim. He gave her a close lipped smile. "I was just walking by when I saw you typing about vampires."

Her eyebrows rose as she continued to stare at him. "Are you familiar with the legends?"

It took a great deal of self control not to show her his fangs or burst out laughing. Was he familiar? "Yes, you might even say I'm something of an expert."

She smiled back at him. Gesturing to a seat as she spoke. "What did you think?"

Arucard took the offered seat. "You have a most interesting theory. People wish to become what they seem to hate. I only read the last paragraph."

"Actually it's not an uncommon occurrence. There's even a psychology term for it, though I can't remember what it is just now. But, for example, a woman who is secretly jealous of all the attention her husband pays to his mistress would call the act a terrible betrayal. Though in fact she would be more than happy to trade places with her husband's mistress. Since she can't trade places she sets out to destroy or at least rid her house of the mistress."

"Indeed?" Intelligence only made her more enticing and what an original idea, that people would hate vampires because it was something they could not achieve. Well most of them at least. What would the head of the Hellsing department do if she heard of this? He smiled at the thought momentarily forgetting to hide his fangs.

Her widened eyes brought him back from his thoughts. "Your teeth!" The exclamation was soft, surprised, and curious. "Are they caps?" She looked at him suspiciously with a sharp penetrating gaze.

Arucard relaxed, after all what could she do? Scream vampire? He laughed to himself at the thought of everyone accusing her of insanity and rushing to his rescue. "No, they are not caps."

Her delicate brows furrowed in concentrated thought. "They're too long to have just been filed that way." Ahh, a clever skeptic. "A birth defect?" Her tone said she hardly believed the suggestion herself but was struggling to stay in familiar grounds.

"No." Arucard said and grinned purely for the sake of showing off the dazzling white fangs.

After a minute more of silent contemplation she seemed to collapse. "I give up."

"Surely you're intelligent enough to recognize what you see with your own two eyes…" His voice was taunting.

Anger turned her cheeks pink. "Now, just a minute. Are you telling me you are some kind of walking legend?" An old proverb whispered through her thoughts. When you have discarded what is not, you are left with what is, no matter how impossible. Arucard's only answer was another quick grin of teeth. Slowly she leaned back in her chair trying to wrap her mind around this new twist of information. "I suppose, theoretically anything is possible, but still…"

"Still you doubt." She nodded. "Perhaps a private demonstration will persuade you…" Arucard chuckled as she scooted her seat away from him several inches. "Nothing like what you are thinking dear girl."

She glared at him snapping the lap top shut. "So now you're a telepath too?" How delicious the scent of her anger was.

"No, but I don't need to be to know what you were thinking. Biting isn't proof. Any animal with a set of teeth can bite." She continued to glare at him with her pretty blue-green eyes. Her blood would be so sweet…But he mustn't. Sir Hellsing would have a fit. Then again, Sir Hellsing was usually having a fit about something anyways. Perhaps, just for tonight he'd let himself have fresh blood. Yes, he decided, but only if she agrees. "Follow me if you like. The choice is yours." He stood and turned to the street.

Behind him she hastily packed away the computer into a shoulder pack and hurried to catch up with him. "Where are we going?" He didn't answer. She'd know soon enough. "Well, what's your name?"

"Arucard." His voice was quiet and deep.

"Arucard…" She whispered the name to herself tasting it. "My name's Catherine." He smiled, it was such an old name for someone so young. The streets they walked along were becoming less populated and darker.

"Catherine, do you know what your name means?" His teeth were showing again, but it didn't matter anymore.

She shrugged. "Purity, I think."

This time Arucard's short burst of laughter was unrestrained. " 'Purity', well that's half of it." He turned down a side street with her following closely behind him.

"Well what's the other half?" Arucard stopped short and gave a wicked little laugh as he turned to face her. She shuddered feeling suddenly vulnerable. The scent of her growing fear was as sweet as her anger had been.

"The other half…Do you really want to know?" He smiled delighting in the way she shivered at the sight of his fangs. Swallowing nervously she nodded. It was quite dark around them with only a single street lamp roughly a dozen feet back the way they had just come. Arucard pulled off his glasses tucking them away as he stepped closer so she could see his oddly colored eyes more easily. "Pain." She swallowed again as he slipped a hand around her waist. "You have such…an enticing scent." He wanted her now, wanted to drink her life away. Just a little of it. But first he must prove his claims. Must persuade her to let him.

Catherine shivered uneasily in his hold. "I thought you were going to give me a 'demonstration' of some kind." Her voice almost managed to sound calm and confident, but it wasn't quite close enough to fool him.

"Of course. You will take note we are in a simple dark alley. Though not so dark you can't see I hope."

"I can see you just fine. My night vision is quite exceptional." Arucard only smiled and vanished. Immediately she spun around searching for him. "Where are you?" Footsteps brought her attention to the distant street lamp from which Arucard was walking towards her. Again he faded away. Catherine stood her lips half parted in shock and her eyes wide with disbelief.

"Have I proven my claims to a satisfactory degree?" Catherine turned around surprised and found herself face to face with Arucard, their noses almost touching. He let his gaze fall hungrily to her bare neck making no effort to disguise his desire. To his surprise she didn't back away. Slowly she reached one slim fingered hand to touch his face.

"Your skin is like ice…" He smirked baring his fangs in obvious hunger.

"I am the living dead." She shuddered and he wrapped his powerful arms gently around her. "You caught my eye Catherine. Why, I don't know. But I hunger for you or, more precisely, for your blood." Her hands were against his chest in a useless attempt to push him away. No normal human could break his hold. Gently he tightened his arms around her, not enough to hurt but enough to let her know she was helpless against him.

She understood and accepted his embrace though her terror was even more acute now. "I can't help but notice I'm still breathing." Arucard smiled at the questioning note in her voice.

"True." Their eyes were locked.

"Why? If you're so much more powerful than me…why haven't you killed me yet? Is this some kind of game for you or something?"

"No, it's not a game. In fact I have no intention of killing you. All I want…is a taste of your fresh blood." Her shiver became a slight tremble.

"Won't that…change me?" No façade of confidence this time, only a weak whisper.

"No." His voice was firm, confident.

"Will it make me weak?" She had to swallow twice before managing the words.

"For a little while, but you'll recover." Arucard ran a hand through her long hair and found it just as soft as he'd imagined.

Catherine relaxed almost immediately at his gentle touch, letting her head rest against his shoulder. "Will you do something for me?" Her warm breath caressed his neck.

"That depends on what you want." He didn't like the idea of transforming her.

When she spoke Arucard could've sworn she was reading his mind. "I don't want to be a vampire…I just" she stopped and Arucard could feel the heat rushing into her cheeks. He waited savoring her warm body against his. "Will you…kiss me first." For the second time tonight she had surprised him.

"Just a kiss?"

"Well I would like it to be a good kiss, but…" again that rush of heat. "I'm rather lacking in the experience department to try passing any kind of judgment."

She couldn't possibly still be pure! Could she? "Are you telling me you're a virgin?" The astonishment was plain in his voice. She nodded against his shoulder. He chuckled softly for a moment. "A kiss for you, then a drink for me." Arucard unwrapped his arms from around her. With one gloved hand he grasped her chin, tilting her head up. "I might accidentally bite your lip you know." She smiled up at him and shrugged. Innocence shone in her eyes. There was no further shred of doubt in his mind as to the state of her virginity.

He pressed his cold lips against her warm ones starting slowly. His mouth parted slightly waiting for hers to follow suit. She understood and soon his tongue was invading the wonderful warmth of her mouth. The kiss lasted several heartbeats ending when Arucard misjudged his own strength and pricked her lip.

She pulled away from the kiss touching a finger to the bleeding lip. A moment later she was offering the crimson dotted finger tip to Arucard. He hesitated only a moment before licking the tiny drop away. It took every last ounce of his self control not to attack her.

Silently Catherine pulled her hair over her left shoulder leaving the right side of her neck totally bare. Arucard realized with more than a trifle of self disgust that he was trembling slightly with desire. How warm her blood would be. How wonderful it would taste.

Summoning the last of his self control Arucard guided her into deeper shadows with one hand on her arm. When he was satisfied with the low level of light he tugged her close against him again. Tenderly he ran a hand over her neck where he would make the bite. She tilted her head offering him easier access, and Arucard could restrain himself no longer.

Clamping a hand over her mouth, in case she could not keep herself quiet, he opened his mouth and bit down on the warm living flesh. The sharp fangs pierced through her skin easily. Blood, warm and fresh, flowed into his mouth. Catherine didn't scream, but at his bite she twitched moaning in pain. Her gasp was warm against the palm of his hand. Her sweet blood hot in his mouth. Its taste transported him to a state of pure pleasure. Reluctantly he pulled away as he felt her growing weaker. Enough, he thought to himself.

Aloud, "Catherine? Can you hear me?" She nodded opening her mouth to respond. Instead she gave a hoarse croak eyes losing focus as she fell limp in his arms. "Damn." Arucard cursed himself several times for lack of control. An instant later he was walking out of the shadows of a room in the Hellsing manor.

"Mr. Arucard? My goodness! What on earth happened?" Walter was approaching.

"Not now. She needs a transfusion immediately. A positive." Without another word he hurried off and returned several long moments later. Arucard had already placed the young woman on a couch and half removed her shirt. Her lacy white bra was showing but that was the least of Arucard's concerns. Without another word he took the blood and medical equipment. Her breathing was shallow and weak but steady.

Hours slipped by with the blood slowly being fed into her deathly pale body. As the sun began to rise Arucard switched in a second pack of blood and rose to shut the curtains. He did not dare to move her now when she was so weak. He had been greedy. Because of his lack of self control she might die and rise as a ghoul. NO! He wouldn't allow that. If she slipped too far he would turn her before he let her become a mindless cannibal.

No one interrupted him as the day wore on. Not even Sir Hellsing whom he could tell was very angry about the whole situation. A weak sound came from the couch. Immediately Arucard was at her side with a small glass of water. "Don't try to speak." He held her gently up and put the glass to her lips. "I have no excuse for what I did. I took to much from you and now your life is in danger." A back part of Arucard's mind wondered why he cared so much for one girl he had never even met until last night, but he ignored it. Such thoughts could wait until later.

"Arucard…" Her voice was so weak he worried for her. "Don't…"

"You shouldn't speak. Conserve your strength." She shook her head stubbornly moaning in pain at the slight motion. "Very well then."

"Don't…turn…me." Her eyes looked at him pleadingly.

He shook his head. "Catherine, you don't understand everything." Instead of speaking she gave him an extremely perplexed look. "If you die now because of my feeding…you will rise again as a ghoul. A mindless cannibal. I will not let that happen to you. If you slip to far from life I will turn you. Believe me, it is a far better fate than existing as a ghoul." She nodded once, closed her eyes, and fell into a deep sleep. At least her heart and breathing were steady again.

"Arucard, I will not wait any longer to speak with you." Sir Hellsing entered the room radiating fury. "What in Heaven's name were you playing at?"

"She was simply too tempting to pass up." Arucard watched as his human master sputtered too furious to speak and finally walked back out of the room.

At the door she stopped and turned around. "Don't think you're off the hook. I'll speak with you again later." The door closed and locked behind her. It was a humorous gesture in Arucard's mind. A simple locked door wasn't going to stop him.

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