Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GT

I don't own any one but Lucus, Aloria, Folong, Tyrius, Kilos, Kyros,Myria,and the name change of the turtle but I don't own the turtles.


A long time ago on Planet Vegeta there were 4 Saiyan kids who born to a Saiyan mom and dad but was put for adoption because of Saiyan Rule 4- Saiyans who have more than 1 child must give up the others or get rid of them all! The mother was name Aloria and the father was name Lucus. The child that was born first was Leandro, the one with a blue bandana on his head, but Aloria had three more Rahal, the one with a red bandana on his head, Donto, the one with a purple bandana on his head, and Michel, the one with the orange bandana on his head. Of course when King Vegeta found out, He had Aloria and Lucus get rid of their children to an orphanage. Aloria and Lucus never saw their children again.

13 years later

The Orphanage

The sons of Lucus and Aloria were 13 years old they met 2 teenagers named Tyrius and Folong and one set of twin four year old babies: Kyros and Kilos

"Hey you four" Kyros said

"Get adopted" Kilos said

"Why" Donto asked

"It's a rule" Kyros

"Which one" Leandro asked

"Saiyan Rule 200- if there are four children who are brothers they can be adopted by a sensei.

"We already had parents," Leandro said

"But Saiyan rule 4 prevented us from being with our parents" Kyros said

"I know" Leandro said

"We need to get rid of our King" Rahal said determinedly

"We can't do that" Folong said "We go against the king we're dead or thrown off the planet."

"I want to see my mommy" Michel said

"We all do" Leandro said "Kyros, what did you and Kilos's parents look like?"

"Our parent were third class Saiyans" Kilos answered

"Fighters" Donto asked

"Yeah" Kyros said

"What about you Tyrius and Folong"

"Our parents were guards for the King" Tyrius said

"What about you four's parents"

"Our parents especially our father were the King's nobleman and our mother was servant to the King" Leandro said

" I didn't know that" Michel said

"You were still in mother when she was still a servant" Leandro pointed out

"You were rich Saiyan boys," Tyrius said

"I did as boy stay with mother but there were times that I go with Father to meeting with the King." Leandro explained

" I hope we get adopted soon." Donto hoped

End of Prologue