This is my first Kingdom Hearts related ficcage, ever. First Final Fantasy related ficcage, ever. First Square-Enix related ficcage, ever. If it sucks, that's probably why. If you let me know what you think of it, I'll love you for forever.

(x) Date: 2006.04.29
(x) Author: Kuroi

(x) Summary: On Axel and Roxas and heartless nobodies.
(x) Pairing: Axel/Roxas
(x) Warnings: BL
(x) Kingdom Hearts II © Square Enix

Installment: 01
Word Count: 271

— D E V I L ' S . T R I L L —


He didn't like Sora.

Sora reminded him of Roxas—he was everything that Roxas wasn't but still managed to be one and the same. They had the same eyes—but Roxas' were brighter. They had the same hair—Roxas' was blonder, messier. They had the same determination—Roxas wasn't stubborn or foolhardy.

They even had the same smile.

Except that Roxas didn't smile.

Maybe that's what Axel liked about him; Roxas was everything Sora was and everything Sora wasn't—but he didn't smile and that gave Axel's non-existence meaning. Or maybe it was because Roxas seemed to lack a self more so than the other members of the Organization—more nobody than any of the other Nobodies. And Axel actually felt like he was worth something every time he made Roxas' lips twitch because Roxas didn't smile and Axel didn't have a heart.

Axel said they were friends, Roxas said he was annoying. Axel said he liked Roxas, Roxas said he got in his way. But still, Roxas made him feel and for someone who had no heart, feelings were something new and that's why Axel liked him.

He didn't like Sora.

Sora slept for a year and Axel met, found, and tried to keep the Nobody who had a heart but couldn't feel.

And then Sora woke up and Roxas faded away into smiles and blue eyes as clear as the afternoon sky and Axel felt something break inside of him.

He decided then—after the blue dulled and the spikes tamed and the determination became hardheadedness—that he hated the color blue with all the heart he didn't have.



Eh, well, this drabble seems to have gotten good response on LJ, so I thought I'd post it here as well. And well, I don't like floating drabbles all over my account—makes it seem cluttered—so I've turned it into a one-shot series. They're all AkuRoku mostly/probably un-related shots because AkuRoku is the most canon-pairing in Kingdom Hearts, ever. Devil's Trill sums them up rather nicely, I think.