F R E E . T A L K

(x) Date: 2006.08.14

(x) Author: Kuroi

(x) Pairing: Axel/Roxas, and if you squint and search for it, Axel/Riku (but don't. This one's gen, like most of the other ones.)
(x) Warnings: BL
(x) Kingdom Hearts II © Square Enix

Installment: 18
Word Count: 313

— D E V I L ' S . T R I L L —


Axel disliked the autumn season with a passion because it meant that summer (vacation) was over, and the last time vacation ended, Roxas disappeared.

He knew that somewhere within Sora, Roxas still lived on in both mind and personality, but Sora's own character shone so brightly that everyone who looked at him was blinded to Roxas' presence.

He disliked Sora as well for that reason.

But even if he did hold strong feelings of animosity towards the Key Bearer, he still stayed near, if only to catch a glimpse from time to time of the Roxas who was his most precious person.

It was through Sora that Axel met Riku.

From the beginning, Riku reminded him greatly of Roxas. Not in appearance—he didn't think it was possible for anyone other than Sora to resemble Roxas on the outside—but in character and personality. They both were quiet, somewhat subdued emotionally, and didn't smile very widely. In this, Roxas and Riku were practically identical because they seemed as if they could be—or had once been—otherwise. Roxas was Sora and Sora was Roxas; but while Roxas never smiled, Sora always grinned so widely that Axel thought his face would split. On the other hand, Riku didn't smile very often, but when he did, it was with an ease that told Axel he must have been far happier in the past.

They were very much alike, Roxas and Riku.

And finally, to Axel, he had found Roxas in a body whose own person wouldn't outshine the Nobody within.

"Hey, Riku?"


"Summer vacation is almost over."

"Aa, but we don't go to school, so every day is summer vacation."

"...You know—last year, around this time...Roxas' summer vacation ended, and Sora's began for good."


"I resent him for that."

"...Hey, Axel?"

"Yeah, Rox—Riku?"

"Let's go on vacation."

"...Aa—that sounds good."



For Sou for being one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. As well as for AkuRoku day (8/13) when I would have done something but didn't have time to, etc.