Chapter 2

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Conan carried the stunned Elizabeth all the way to his cabin and shut the door tight behind them. He then tossed her onto his bed and began removing his weapons, a grin plastered on his face.

"I haven't been in port for quite awhile…" Elizabeth had withdrawn to a far corner of the bed and pulled her knees up to her chin. Conan laughed at wide eyed stare as he kicked off his boots. "You needn't worry girl. I can be as gentle as you like, or if prefer to be handled a tad more roughly..." He flexed impressive muscles.

Elizabeth gave herself a mental slap and reminded herself she was more than capable of self-defense. "I prefer not to be handled at all." Her voice wasn't as sure as she'd meant for it to sound, but she faced the captain.

Conan paused leaving his furry loin cloth in place. "Would you prefer to swim to shore woman?" He moved closer until he was standing right next to the edge of the hard bed. His rough hand reached out, fingers caressing her cheek. "Well…"

"No, I wouldn't prefer to swim to shore. Are you giving me only the two options? Captain." She shifted positions so her legs were beneath her in a kind of kneel.

Conan gave a small chuckle. "If I were any other pirate, indeed nearly any other man. Those would be your only choices, but I am Conan and it is not my way to take a woman by force. Nor would I throw such a lovely creature to the mercies of the sea. You may stay in my cabin. By Crom, you can even have the bed! Its too soft for my taste anyways." Elizabeth gave him a bluntly disbelieving look and he let loose a short bark like laugh. "Don't believe me? Your welcome to sleep below decks with my men if you prefer their company…" Elizabeth shook her head rapidly at the suggestion. "Ha! I didn't think so. Stay here then . . . when we come to shore I'll-"

A loud cry cut the pirate's words short. "I said scrub you dog and by Erlik you'll scrub! ARGGHHHH!!" Immediately Conan was at the door and out of it. Elizabeth followed as far as the open doorway.

On the deck Brock stood looking psychotic with the limp body of a man at his feet. Much of the crew was circling him weapons drawn, but none dared move closer. Dr. Venture was looking smug, Dean was a pale shade of green, and Hank was cheering idiotically. "Yeah, Brocko! You show him! Wooo!"

Conan pushed his way through the crowd and stopped just beyond the edge of men. "What the devil?!" His gaze went from Brock to the downed crewman and back again. "Explain yourself, Dog!" Brock was slowly coming out of his killer trance.

"My job is to protect them." The blond murderer gestured to the three Ventures. "This piece of garbage was going after Doc." He straightened up blue eyes glancing to Elizabeth who had taken two steps beyond the door to the captain's cabin.

One of the crew stepped forward, staying closer to Conan than he was to Brock and careful not to get between the large men. "Sir, Junter was jus' givin' 'em their chores. The spineless coward said he'd die before he'd do any real work, and well…Junter was about to oblige him when, that crazed monster grabbed him like he were nothing at all." He stepped back amongst the others.

"I see." Conan started forward and the circle widened by two steps forming a ring around the two men.

Dr. Venture made a dismissive noise. "Does he really think he stands a chance against Brock? Please." Several crewmen shot him nasty glances, but with a glance to their dead comrade, made no move for the smaller man.

However, one did make a comment loud enough for the balding doctor to hear. "You're a fool if you think that body guard of yours can take Captain Conan." Others nodded and a few mentioned incredible feats they'd either seen or heard of Conan performing.

"Oh really? Care to make a wager?" They all laughed at him, before focusing their attention back on the two massive men. Conan and Brock were circling each other.

"You've killed one of my crew stranger. Hardly impressive though." Without further words or warning Conan launched himself at Brock, tackling the large man and nearly bringing him down. But Brock managed to brace himself and only bent one knee slightly from the impact. Both men grimaced and began wrestling against the other. Corded muscles bunched and pushed. Veins showed clearly from the necks and arms of both combatants. Hearts beat as the two struggled titanically, but neither made any progress. Their faces began to flush with the effort, Brock's turning a bright shade of red, and Conan's a slightly darker shade due to his bronzed hide.

"Im-press-ive…" Conan growled the word out between gritted teeth. Brock merely bared his own teeth and redoubled his efforts. Dr. Venture looked on mouth agape along with nearly all the crew, and even Hank had gone silent. As she looked on at the two men in their mountainous struggle, Elizabeth swallowed her pride and decided she'd never stand a chance against either one. Each time it seemed like one man might be gaining the upper hand, the other ground his teeth and pushed back even harder. On and on it went, and the sun began to move past it's noon time position.

Conan and Brock were both breathing hard and only the steersman remained half attentive to his post. All other eyes remained locked on the two men. Finally, as the sun began to move noticeably west, Brock shifted his weight in an attempt to throw Conan. But the barbarian, upon feeling the shift, locked his grip on Brock's hands and pulled the blond after so they both fell to the deck still struggling. Conan pulled one hand loose and caught Brock in the face with a powerful punch. The gesture was returned and the two continued to struggle, now exchanging blows to the head, chest, abdomen, and arms.

Finally, their great muscles began to weaken and the fatigue showed. Both men were red faced and dripping sweat. One final swing that both missed brought the two men crashing to the hard wood. Neither fighter moved and none moved to help them up. After long minutes each climbed slowly to his feet with a broad grin.

"Water." Conan croaked the word out and two men scrambled off. After a long drink he offered the skin that had been brought up to Brock and spoke while the other man finished it off. "I could use a man of your strength in my crew. There's plenty of gold to be had, and my men will attest to that." Several of the crew nodded and a few others fingered gold jewelry, most of it piercings.

Brock shook his head. "I've already got a job." He gestured towards the Venture family again. "If you can get us to land, we'll make our own way home."

"Steers man! Take us home!" They had only half a load of loot, but no one dared question the order and the ship began to turn. "We'll land in Tortaga in a fort night. 'Till then you and your companions may take cots below deck." Conan followed Brock's gaze to Elizabeth who was making her way towards them. "Is she your woman?" His voice was low enough only Brock caught the words.

"No." He watched the feminine figure until she was close enough to grab and then he did so, wrapping his arms around her smaller body and pressing his lips to her mouth. For a moment Elizabeth was too stunned to react then Brock ended the kiss. She squirmed free of his arms and slapped him across the face. Men laughed as they started back to their work. Brock rubbed his cheek grinning.

"Men!" Elizabeth huffed and turned away striding quickly back to the Conan's quarters and slamming the door shut. For a moment he and Brock remained silent, then they too burst into laughter.

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