Chapter 15

My darling Jennifer,

Here I watch you sleep.

My time with you is fleeting

So I'll give you a song to keep.

A song that's strictly for you

A tribute to your name

A gift from your dad, your biggest fan

And your Daddy, just the same.


I watched you smile, I watched you sleep

I saw you laugh, I saw you weep

The most precious gift that came from love

My Jennifer …

(End chorus)

I see my life through different eyes

The world's in a new light

Your giggle makes me smile as well

You give me the strength to fight

And when I'm gone, my darling girl

I hope you'll recall this

This song, my heart, your lullaby,

That I give you with a kiss


I wish I could see you grow up tall

Choose a young man for your Prom date

I wish I could be there at your side

When you finally chose your mate

I wish I could see you walk down the aisle

A bride, all dressed in white,

I wish I could be there for you forever

Protect you with all my might

Whenever you need me my girl …

Your guardian angel, I will be

Call on me when you get scared

I'll be with you when you need …


Good-night Jen.

"My lullaby?" Jennifer whispered, her eyes shining with tears.

"Yes my dear, your lullaby," Roger replied. "It was … it was a way for you to remember me. I think I actually recorded it somewhere … something you could listen to if I were to die." He smiled slightly. "Your Daddy was never the best at singing. You get your talent from my side of the family."

She giggled, then looked sober again. "So you wrote that song for me … and then you ended up in the hospital?"

"About three days after I wrote that song, yes, I ended up in the hospital. It wasn't only the emotional strain after having you … it was the physical as well."

"I didn't do this to you?"

"Absolutely not sweetie. My body was already weak. Having you gave me something to truly fight for."

"Besides just Daddy."

"Your Daddy used to tell me to fight, but then he was also the one to tell me that if I ever needed to let go, I should. Trust me darling, there were plenty of times I wanted to just end it all. Right after April. After Aunt Mimi left. But after you were born … I had a reason to stay alive. I had to see you grow up."

"Will you tell me about your first OI and everything? About when I lived with Aunt Maureen and Aunt Joanne?"

"Yes Musetta. Of course. But right now, let's go get something to eat."

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