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It was dark in Twilight Town. Then again, things were always dark at night. Especially in Twilight Town. Even the moonlight and bright neon signs seemed to emit some sort of shadow upon the town.

In the back alley, a figure took advantage of this darkness as he licked his lips–making sure to get every drop of blood from them. A girl lay at his feet–uncared for by said figure or anyone else. Not that anyone else was around.

"Just one more," he muttered to himself before leaping up onto a nearby roof and vanishing into the night.


"So, what'd ya think? Isn't it great?" a blonde boy asked his companion eagerly as they walked calmly through the empty streets.

"I guess . . ." the other boy replied, brushing his silver bangs out of his eyes.

The blonde sighed. "Ya know, you didn't have to come if you didn't want to. Just because I asked you to go to Club Disney with me didn't mean you had to say yes. It's not like I would've made you come."

"Sorry, Roxas . . . I guess clubbing just isn't my thing . . ."

"So what is your thing, Riku?"

"I dunno . . ." Riku said absently. He'd tried a ton of things that summer, yet none of them really made him enthusiastic to do it again. There just wasn't really anything that he'd enjoyed doing any time of day. He just couldn't find a hobby.

Roxas would know. He'd tried taking Riku clubbing, horseback-riding, skating, even made him take a fighting class. But none of it mattered to Riku. It almost seemed as if Riku wasn't really there. As if some part of him was missing, and once it came back into his life he'd start enjoying things again.

Roxas just sighed again. He knew he'd find Riku's thing sometime. He'd promised himself at the end of the school year that this summer would be the one when he'd find out just what it was Riku liked to do. Riku had agreed to try it, but they hadn't come up with anything so far. And it hadn't helped that he'd bet Hayner and Pence five gallons of ice cream each that he could do it. And that was a lot of ice cream.


"Hmph . . . just where is everyone tonight anyway?" the previously mentioned figure asked himself. He'd been wandering along aimlessly through the deserted streets. Running a hand through his chocolate locks, he wondered if he'd have to go to bed hungry that night. It'd happened before. Not very often, but it had still occurred.

"Still, you have to admit that they had a pretty good DJ," a voice said before a body followed it around the bend of the road.

The two boys continued down the street as the figure slipped back into the shadows.

Finally! 'Bout time someone showed up! Wait . . . there's two of them! Agh . . . and I can only take one . . . How to separate them . . . It was then that he actually began to examine his prey.

The one on the left–also the one talking nonstop–was a blonde boy with spiky hair and–he noticed–blue eyes. Much like his own.

The second one, however, was stunning with his silver hair and clear, pale skin that appeared to reflect the moon's brilliance. Simply put he was beautiful.

It was then that he knew that the silver-haired boy's blood would be sweetest. It just called to him. That boy's blood would fulfill him–satisfy him. There was nothing else to it.

"So Sora, reached your quota yet?" a young man asked behind him, startling Sora.

The man's hair was a fiery red mane that he usually hid in the black hood of his coat. And his eyes were emerald green, reminding Sora very much of a cat's. They both wore black trench coats with a silver chain along hood as did the others in their group. All black, for that made it much easier to hide in the shadows.

"What's it to you, Axel?" Sora spat at his friend. Usually the pair got along very well. But Sora was hungry. And nobody liked Sora when he was hungry.

Axel chuckled. "It's just that I'm one short and there are two humans right over there. But I'm only allowed one, so I wanted to know if you'd take the other," the redhead proposed.

Sora smirked. "Sure, but I get Silver-Hair."

"Fine, fine . . . I was gonna go after Blondie anyway," Axel submitted.

The duo remained in the shadows as they thought of a way to divide the two, but they were soon forced out of hiding as an unexpectedforce came into play.


"So, wanna spend the night at my house tonight? We could watch a movie or something," suggested Roxas.

Riku shrugged. "Sure." It wasn't as if he had anything better to do. His parents were sure to be asleep by now anyway.

"Well well well . . . what do we have here? Two humans all on their lonesome?" a strange voice called from up the street. But the voice was no longer strange as it's owner came into view.

The owner was a large man with thick black hair. He had a double-chin and had little ears that perked off the sides of his head.

"Who are you?" Roxas asked defensively as both he and Riku halted in their tracks.

"That's none of your business, but . . ." the stranger trailed off as he advanced upon the teenage boys. " . . . I'm sure your parents will want to know, seeing as I'm their kids' murderer."

The stranger grinned sickly. He was now only a few feet away from the boys. Three feet. Two.

Both boys were frozen, but out of fear or something else one couldn't tell.

Soon, the stranger's thick hands grasped Riku's shirt collar and pulled him close as Riku's face twisted away in disgust.


"Dammit! No damn Heartless is gonna steal what's mine! Especially you, Pete!" Sora yelled, having successfully sent a flying kick into the stranger's–Pete's–jaw.

"Why you . . . !" Pete cried, lunging at Sora.

"Shit," Sora muttered before becoming totally engrossed in a fistfight with Pete.

"Why don't you boys come with me, eh?" Axel suggested, attempting to lead the boys away from the fight.

But Riku was too intent watching the brunet clobber the . . . what was it? Heartless? Pete? Axel's words were too far away . . .

"Riku!" Roxas shouted–breaking the boy's trance.


"Bastard! Let go of me! Put me down, dammit!" Roxas ranted at the redhead who had decided to carry Roxas away since both of them seemed glued to the spot and it would be much too awkward to carry both of them. So Axel went for the blonde since he'd originally agreed with Sora that the spiky-haired boy would be his. It wasn't like it was Axel's fault if Sora was too busy fighting with Pete to nab Riku.

But damn, Blondie could hit hard. Axel winced at the blows. His back was going to be painted with bruises in the morning. Is this human really worth it? Axel asked himself, but before his mind had finished saying the question he knew the answer was yes. He'd known the answer was yes ever since he first laid eyes on the boy. And, to be honest, that scared the living hell out of him.

Sighing, the fiery redhead set the uncooperative boy down in front of him–his hands still latching onto the boy's arms.

"Let go! What do you want from me, huh! Are you a murderer? Rapist? Robber?" the boy fired.

"Does it matter?" Axel answered quietly.

Roxas just gave him a look that clearly said "What? Are you stupid?"

Damn, he looks hot . . . Axel thought as he admired the teenager's physical appearance. His hair was blonde and in unnumerable spikes while his blue eyes . . . Wow, those eyes were bluer than Sora's to Axel, and that was saying something.

Even Axel soon realized he couldn't resist the human's allure as his body acted on its own. A.K.A. kissing the poor boy while his hands ran over his torso–teasing the edges of his shirt.

What the fuck is this guy doing to me! Roxas thought wildly. His thoughts ran through a number of the possibilities of what was going on–the best explanation being that this freak, whoever he was, was some sort of rapist/molester/pervert.

But then . . . why did . . . whatever this guy was doing . . . feel so good? So . . . oddly right?

And what the hell is wrong with me? Roxas wondered–his last complete thought formed before sliding into an oblivion.


"Don'chu run away from me!" Sora yelled at Pete's retreating figure. Wait . . . no, he wasn't retreating. He was going for Riku!

Dammit! That's mine! The brunet thought anxiously. Without another thought, he jumped Pete and hit that one spot on the back of your neck that made you fall unconscious.

Riku stared at Sora wide-eyed. His savior had spiky brown hair that looked as if it'd never been combed which gave a shadow over his eyes. But not even his bangs could hide those brilliant blue eyes. He wore all black–making it difficult for Riku to fully see him in the dark.

"You . . . you saved my life . . ." he said in awe, not noticing how stupid it sounded.

At this Sora smirked. Yeah, Sora might've saved the kid's life, but only to take it for his own.

Suddenly, the boy's knees gave way. Instinctively, Sora reached out and caught him in his arms.

Wow . . . his eyes . . . Sora thought as he gazed at the silver-haired boy's gorgeous sea green eyes. Riku, in return, looked up at Sora's own blue ones that seemed like they could pierce any darkness.

Soon, Riku's eyes flickered as he was overcome by drowsiness.

But before he could fall into a sound sleep, Sora kissed his forehead, saying softly, "You're mine . . ."


"Sora! Dawn!" Axel shouted warningly. He had to leave the boy who had collapsed on the cobbled streets there. There just wasn't any time.

"Shit," Sora cursed under his breath. He was still hungry, dammit!

Now what to do with him . . . He wondered, looking at the boy he held in his arms. There was no time to drain him, so he'd just have to set him down for another day.

Swiftly placing him on a nearby bench, Sora hurried to depart. Curfew would be upon them soon, and it wasn't a smart idea to stay past curfew. The punishment for that was always changing, and Sora wasn't particularly interested in what the Queen would have in store for their punishment this time.

"Sora! Hurry up!" Axel called.

"Yeah yeah! I'm comin'!" the brunet yelled back in response.

"Good," Axel replied. With that the two stepped into a spot of darkness, and didn't come back out.


"Riku . . . Riku . . . come on, man . . ." Roxas urged his friend while shaking his shoulder. "We gotta get outta here. Listen, if we don't get home soon my parents are gonna be so P-O-ed–"

"Alright alright, I get it," Riku yawned.

"Good, let's go," his friend replied, offering his hand to help him up. Riku took it, and was glad he did. He felt so weak, but he didn't know why. His legs were still shaking as he stood up.

"Hey, what happened to those guys?" Riku asked as they headed down the street.

"What guys? Oh, those guys in black?"


"I dunno. Last thing I remember is that redheaded guy carryin' me away from you while I was poundin' his back and you were . . . actually, I don't remember what was goin' on with you. What do you remember?" Roxas asked–switching the spotlight to his companion. He wasn't too willing to tell Riku that the redhead had started doing things to him. Though what things he couldn't be too sure of. His memories were jumbled up in some mess that no one could've cleared.

"We were walking, then this guy came up to us talking really weird. Then he got kicked by this other guy clad in black, so they started fighting and yelling something like 'dammit! Mine!' And the redheaded guy started carrying you away and then . . . I think I fainted," recalled Riku–equally unwilling to share his what-one-might-call-intimate moment with the brunet.

"Hey, do you suppose we got wasted?" suggested the blonde.

Riku just shook his head. "Nah, there were a ton of kids younger than us there so I doubt there was any alcohol."

"True, but what if that one guy–Goofy?–spiked our drinks?"

"Doubt it . . . if anyone had their drinks spiked it was him, and he was way too intoxicated to even try to spike ours'."

"But if he was intoxicated that means there was alcohol there," Roxas pointed out.

"I dunno . . . maybe . . ." Riku mumbled. Nothing made sense last night after they left Club Disney. It was all a blur.

They were just walking to Roxas's house when everything went weird on them. Three weird guys showed up. One of which the two boys were certain meant them harm. The other two . . . the brunet had helped Riku, but the redhead might've hurt Roxas. Roxas still wasn't sure if the redhead was good or bad, and Riku couldn't help him decide seeing as he'd been too involved with the brunet.

It was all just one confusing mess.

. . . Which both boys agreed to ignore as soon as they reached Roxas's house by watching "The Emperor's New Groove" and crashing on the couch during a card game of Spoons.



"Goddammit! I'm starving!" Sora wailed in his room.

"Shut up, Sora! We heard you the first time three hours ago!" several people chorused from beyond his locked door.

"That doesn't change the fact that I'm fucking ravenous," Sora mumbled into his pillow.

His room was small–if it could be called a room. Sora preferred the term 'cell.' There was a bed, a dresser, a desk, a chair, and . . . that was it for furniture in the cell. Actually, there was a closet, too. Of course, Sora's coat was the only thing that could fit in it besides a number of other smaller items including his boots and a short stack of books that he'd never bothered to read.

"Can I come in?" a voice asked, knocking on the door.

"Do you have food?"


"Then no."

"You know, Sora," the voice said as the door creaked open. "It's not as if you have a choice anyway seeing as I'm the one with the key."

A young man with long brown hair stepped inside and shut the door behind him.

Sora scowled at the intruder. "Can't I get any privacy here?"

"Not really," the man replied, sitting next to him on the bed.

Sora turned away. "What do you want, Leon?"

"The Queen wants to know if anything happened last night."

"Yeah, that damn Pete from the Heartless nearly stole my prey! And since I had to fight him for it, I lost my prey and now I'm starving!"

"The human escaped?"

"Yeah! And its all that fucking Pete's fault!"

"Did any other humans see you?"

"Um . . . I dunno . . . you'd have to ask Axel because there were two humans and I dunno what happened to the one that he went after . . ."

"Thanks, Sora, the Queen will appreciate your patriotism," Leon said calmly before getting up to leave.

"Wait, is that all I am to you now? A source of information for your stupid Queen?"

"Shut up, brother, she's your Queen, too," Leon hissed.

"Like I care! That bitch can kiss my ass!"

"Listen, I'm doing this because that same 'bitch' has spies everywhere and it's best to know what's going on without getting caught! Get it? Got it? Good. I'll see you later. And Sora?"

"What?" Sora asked rudely.

"Axel was right. When you're hungry it is like you're suffering PMS. Maybe you should get a gender check or something."

"Fuck you!" Sora shouted, sticking his tongue out at the brunet before said brunet left the room.

Damn Leon . . . Argh! I'm just gonna go to sleep! Sora thought sourly before covering himself with his blankets and drifting away into a–hopefully–peaceful slumber.


Down the corridor, Axel was also receiving never-ending complaints from his own stomach. Unlike Sora, however, he managed to contain his frustration and not flip off everyone who came near him.

Ugh . . . I'm starving . . . maybe if I plug my ears my stomach won't be so loud . . . nah, that's dumb . . . Axel thought with growing contempt for that stupid Heartless Pete that had gotten in the way and messed everything up.

Then again, would I have been able to bite the boy anyway? Aw, what am I asking myself? Of course I would've! . . . Wouldn't I? . . . Why wouldn't I've bitten him? Hmm . . . so this is what hunger does to your thoughts . . . maybe this is why Sora is always in such a pissy mood when he's hungry . . . Axel mused. Unlike Sora, Axel had rarely, if at all, come home hungry. The last time he came back hungry was so long ago he couldn't even remember what it was like.

Of course, Sora also usually came back well-fed, but there were occasions when he'd come back starving (just like last night). Axel, along with everyone else, was thankful of the rareness of those occasions. But when they happened, they happened with a vengeance.

The wrath of a hungry Sora was not to be trifled with.

Absently, Axel took out his lighter and began flicking it. It was going to be a long day.

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