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Warning: This story will contain spoilers from the end of Kingdom Hearts II, so unless you have beaten it or like spoilers, read at your own risk. You have been warned.

Now enjoy Door To Dawn!

Door To Dawn

It was dawn. The oppressive blackness lingering over the land was lightening, reluctantly giving way to the light of a new day. It was in this mood of awakening that a girl walked in silence down the curving dirt road, pausing a moment to solemnly greet the dawn and the promises it held.

She was wearing a full ensemble of light grey, almost silver in hue. The hooded grey cloak that fastened around her shoulders was hanging down to the tops of her boots, and brushed slightly against her long trousers. Her tunic was cut modestly, with full sleeves and a collar that ringed her neck. The only jewelry that could be seen was a small pendant in the shape of an angel's wing resting in the hollow of her throat. She had a confident, flowing walk that made her seem to glide across the ground, movement that evoked economy of movement and complete control over her actions. A bow and quiver were slung across her right shoulder, with the strap of the quiver crossing her chest to her lower left hip. A grey archer's wrist guard adorned each of her slim wrists. She was thin, but without the starved look that would have suggested a hard life.

As she walked, she scanned the surrounding hills through green irises shot through with gold, searching for any movement or signs that something was amiss. A slight breeze moved the top of the long grass and blew through her midnight black hair. The breeze carried to her ear the sound of a slight rustling, and she turned in the direction of the noise to see nothing – except for the grass. It was only the wind, she thought to herself gratefully. Then, without warning, black forms erupted out of the grass toward her, reeking of darkness to her senses. Automatically, she reached back into her quiver to pull out her already-strung bow and an arrow. Firing smoothly at the black form in the vanguard of those attacking, she was satisfied to see the thing burst in a cloud of shadow. Knowing that she would soon be surrounded if she didn't find a more defensible position, the girl looked at the landscape again, her eyes finding a black hole in the middle of a small hillock that rose above the grassy plain. If I can just get to that cave, I should be able to make it so they are forced to attack me one at a time, she thought grimly.

She turned and ran toward the scant protection the cave offered. Reaching the opening, she was gratified to find that it was only the width of one person – perfect for her purpose. The girl selected another arrow and retreated deeper into the cave. As the first dark creature appeared, she concentrated on the arrow nocked to her string. A bright light gathered in the arrowhead and shone throughout the darkness of the cave. Unbeknownst to her, someone already in the cave awoke at the light shining on his eyelids. She fired, making the shadow burst. Suddenly, a new sound intruded itself on her senses – the voice of a young man behind her.

"Get down now!" the boy said. She flung herself down on her back instantly, feeling a power surge behind her where the boy now stood. A stream of purple fireballs shot through the gap where she had just stood, one coming low enough for her to feel the heat as it passed over her nose. The crowd of shadows burst, leaving nothing behind but a streak on the floor of the cave entrance. The girl stood, finding herself face to face with a young man about her own age of sixteen. The boy had silver hair down to his shoulders, and clear blue eyes that seemed to have no end to their depths. He was wearing a strange black robe with a silver chain across the front of it. The girl spoke first.

"Thank you for your assistance. I have never seen the like of those creatures before, and their presence startled me. My name is Rael. And you are…?"

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