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Chapter 1: Curbside Prophet

Can I just say one thing? On Fridays, math can suck harder than Wilmer Valderrama. I can't even tell a logarithm from… a matrix, which I was supposedly tested on two days ago. I bet I failed… And don't get me wrong, I would marry Fez in a heartbeat and I am the last person to sympathize with Lindsay Lohan. (That oh-so-precious comment she made on Regis and Kelly about my hair reminding her of a Crayola was so bitchy that I can't even process thought when I think about it.)

But I mean, really, he's annoying. Yo Momma is the worst show on Earth and when he breaks out in broken Spanish… yea, I can hear the entire Hispanic community huddle together and mutually cringe. And that five o'clock shadow is less than attractive. It looks like a raccoon died on his head and the fur from the tail seeped down and stuck to his chin. Don't even get me started on his fake-ass accent; we all know he can speak perfectly well without that whole listen-to-my-gorgeous-Latin-inflection-and-look-into-my-gorgeuosly-passionate-

"Miss Harrison, would you care to the class how to simplify this logarithm."

I felt my face going beet red, was this a nightmare? I reached down under my desk, touching the torn fabric of my jeans. Pants… check. So it's definitely not one of those naked-in-front-of-the-class nightmares.

"When did I join a perverse-Molly Ringwald-Melissa Joan Hart-twisted reality?" I looked back at my teacher hoping he hadn't heard me. Something makes me think he would not appreciate Sabrina the Teenage Witch like the rest of us.

I saw my teacher's enormous second head thing stare back at me … and pulsate!

"What was that?" He asked dryly.

Like I'm actually going to tell him. We all watched him circle his ear with his vein-y old man fingers like some makeshift hearing aid; like that'll help your hearing old man.

I opened my mouth to say something when I felt a foot dig into my back. That's great Spied. Like kicking butt is a really smart thing to be doing right now, you ass. I looked up to my teacher, who just smiled back with a grin that made me think he was channeling Darius. Or James Dean, or whatever bad ass of his hay-day. That grin can only me the demise of my grade in this class, either that or… death.

"I was just saying that logarithmic sounds like… some one I know…"

That maybe would have been more believable if I hadn't trailed off like I was asking a question.

"And please, enlighten who that might be, Jude." That smarmy grin was starting to piss me off.

"Oh a good friend of mine." I said, trying to brush off the question and stay vague.

"Is a good friend of mine the name on this person's birth certificate, or do I get to guess." So much for brushing it off. I couldn't help but grit my teeth in general frustration.

"No. His name is kiss my ass." I grumbled through my clenched teeth. I felt a sharp tug on the back of my head, making me spin around in my seat despite Mr. Sagle's stare. But whatever, he was shooting daggers like he was some Lord of the Rings freak and I was Gollum or whatever.

"What the hell is you damage, Thunder Cat?" I snapped a little too meanly, but he had been grating on my nerves since the birthday-incident.

"Dude, chill." He suggested in his Zen-tone that he knows makes me feel like some irate heathen.

I was about to turn around again when his voice stopped me, "I would look into getting that huge Tommy-stick outta your butt." He told me, losing his cool slightly.

My eyes bugged at his horrifyingly graphic remark. I was all ready to inform him of his eminent castration but an incredibly phlegm-y cough distracted me.

"Well Ms. Harrison II, would you like to share what you and Mr. Vincent were discussing with the rest of the class?" Mr. Sagle asked me in a husky voice, inevitably weighed down by his clogged sinuses.

Sinking deeper in my seat and turning more red than my teacher's throbbing sore, I knew there was no way I was going to "share". But I couldn't say as much for Spied. If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then maybe Spied's a woman.

"Well Mr. Sagle, Sadie's younger sister and I were just conferring about her unhealthy and growing obsession with-"

"OhmyGawd! LittleTommyQ!"

I spun my head fiercely in the direction of the little witch who said that. Her car and my keys were going to have a little play date after class.

I opened my mouth to protest profusely when I saw a perfectly French-manicured dagger pointed towards the door.

"Hmmm, Cupid's a bastard." Spiederman muttered behind me, while his feet shoved my desk forward as he dropped deeper in his chair with his eyes glued to the door.

Before I could look over, I heard Tommy clear his throat. "Hi. I was uh, wondering if I could see uh, Jude, for a minute." I smiled at his nervousness.

I heard Spied's throaty and indignant sigh behind me, Mr. Sagle finally coughing up his lung in front of me, and someone singing the chorus of Pick up the Pieces across the room. I whipped my head to see talon-girl smiling proudly and sticking out her chest. Like it isn't already filled with an entire stock room of Charmin. Less is more.

"See Tommy! I'm a better singer and… I'm hotter." She sounded like she had about eleven cotton balls in her mouth and she said hotter like it was spelled hawt and she was some creepy my space whore (probably 2hawt4u or something equally heinous; but I'm just guessing here).Then she flicked a judging gaze over me, with a Billy Idol lip curl forming. Like that's attractive.

"Tell me again what kind of collegiate options are open for a senior in Algebra 2." I demanded rhetorically, feeling the anger rising in the pit of my stomach. "And by the way, what's your license plate number?" I growled defensively, and hoping her car was bright red.

Mr. Sagle continued his attempt to dislodge a vital organ while I contemplated how hard I could hit her without getting kicked out. I watched her wave flirtatiously across the room to Tommy, batting her eyelashes like she was in one of those annoying contacts commercials they show on MTV all the time. Oh, what the hell? Maybe this whole learning business just wasn't my thing.

I stalked towards the Kristen-Dunst- Bring It On era-wanna-be with balled fists. I was so going out with a bang. Or bloody knuckles. "Got something crawling around your butt, Blondie? Or is your face that red because of hemorrhoids?" She sneered before giggling like a hyena with her cloned friends.

Can I just ask why everyone is so preoccupied with what is or not in my butt? People watch too much Wild Boyz. Bam will make you do crazy things no matter how many skull and bones MTV shoves in our faces.

A medley of obscenities lined up in my head and I let them loose like vulgar bullets. "… And while you're down there why don't you suck his-" so maybe I'm lucky Tommy stopped that one.

"Girl, just go get your stuff. More G-Major drama." He told me, stepping in front of me and putting his hand over my raised fist. Ok, really, why was he saying drama like some hardcore New Yorker. He is so not Jenny from the Block.

I threw Kristen one last menacing glace before plodding back to my seat.

"Have fun with your producer." Spied encouraged me sarcastically, stressing producer so hard that spit flew from his lips and onto my hand.

While Tommy attempted to suck up to my bitterly mid-life-crisis-prone math teacher I wiped Spied's spit back on his sleeve.

"Maybe Mira gets her hair so shiny from your spit."

"At least mine is more legal and less HIV positive than Mr. Walking Gonorrhea." He spat back, jabbing a thumb in Tommy's direction.

I let my mouth hang open stupidly while Spied scoffed back with raised eyebrows. "Shut up." I croaked pathetically. "I'll do that, Harrison." He assured me with a victorious grin. This was not over.

But the bell clanged noisily, proving that Tommy's brown nosing was pointless and that Algebra teachers don't care about boy bands at all. I bet Lance would have made it to space if his teachers had sympathized with his Justin-Syndrome a little more.

I walked over, hovering near Mr. Sagle's laptop and eavesdropping slightly. "I suggest you get your GED Mr. Q."

I watched his face distort with disdain at the mere utterance of Tommy's last name. Well, the first initial of Tommy's last name. Well actually not his real last name, since he's French. But whatever.

"When this music thing leaves you penniless you'll be lucky to get a job at McDonald's without one." Tommy nodded numbly, progressively walking farther away. "Bye Mr. Sagle." I called with a wave from the door, reminding myself of an after-school-special.

"Please tell me your next teacher is a girl. I might have a fighting chance of getting you out." Tommy almost pleaded.

"Even better, the day's over."

I told him with a smirk, glad that I was foiling his chance to snag a date with a teacher and fulfill the whole naughty-school-teacher-fantasy. He looked down at me with a cocky grin crawling across his lips.

"So who do you have an 'unhealthy and growing' obsession with girl?"

"The Devil." I told him without a second thought. Where did that come from?

"Well you know, I'll have to tell Darius now. It might be awkward." He quipped back, playfully wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I tensed slightly but quickly felt myself instinctively lean closer, balancing myself against his side as I walked.

We made a sharp turn before passing the tucked away staircase that no one used on Fridays, leading us straight to the parking lot. "Gonna give me a ride, Quincy?" I asked. That sounded way less dirty in my head. I watched Tommy tilt his head sharply at my comment, making me blush instantly. "Hop in girl." He told me.

As he brought his keys from his pocket, I snatched them. I had been itching for a drive in the Cobra.

"Please, please, please Tom!"

I whimpered, jutting out my bottom lip and pulling out my puppy dog eyes. I watched him lean back, defeated, with a sigh and look to Heaven. He never had a chance; this wounded-puppy look would make Mommy Dearest cave.

"Come on, I'm not the Anti-Christ."

"Lemme check your hairline. There may be a lurking 666 around."

"Shut up Quincy." I said teasingly as I flung the driver's door open. I looked over at him, my giddiness translucent. "Ready?" I asked on a laugh. He shook his head, but I took it as yes.

I pushed my foot deeply into the floor, feeling the pedal under my foot while we peeled out of the busying parking lot. I caught a glimpse of Spied on the way to his own car as I was turning out the driveway. I gave him a haughty look and a sarcastic grin.

"That's a Stop sign!" Tommy cried next to me, while I continued to make faces at Spied.

"What?" I asked distractedly. Can't he see I'm trying to make my boyfriend jealous?

"JUDE! STOP!" I heard his screech as I looked in front of me and slammed my foot into the brakes.

A royal blue police vest flashed in front of my eyes until I shut them in fear. I had to be burning the clutch. We came to a complete stop without feeling the car knock into something so I cracked my eyes open slowly. I saw an angry looking traffic guard in front of me, leaning his hands on the hood to steady himself, (I could feel Tommy cringe from his seat, and possibly considering checking the fingerprints on the hood.) while horns blared behind me. I flipped them the bird in my rearview mirror while I waved apologetically to the policeman.

"Sorry" I shouted and made a sharp turn at the light.

Ifelt Tommy's eyes burning holes through me. Does he have a Magneto complex or what?

"Pull over." Pssht, yea right.

"I don't think that would be so safe Tommy." I said, glancing sideways to look at him. I don't think it's healthy to be that pale.

"Pull over." He reiterated, with much less severity, but I pretended not hear as I flipped the radio on.

"Picture's frozen in time, are becoming clear-er" I heard Nick Lachey croon through the stereo and I glanced over again to see Tommy wince. (Tommy once told US Weekly that Jessica Simpson was the love his life and then Nick started dating her. Old rivalries die hard.) Our eyes locked for a minute while the song played behind I us. I could have sat there with him all day, but a vicious honk sounded from behind. With my luck it was Kristen back with a V for Vendetta, but I kept cruising without a look back.

"Cause I want you! And I feel you! Crawlin' underneath my skin. Like a hunger, like a burnin, to find a place I've never been. Now I'm broken, and I'm faded! I'm half the man I thought I would be" Nick continued to chant through the speakers. I cut in with the lovesick riff, hoping to make Tommy forget how mad he was at me.

"But you can have what's left of me!"

I blurted breathily while I turned the music up even more. "I've been dyin inside, little but little! Nowhere to go! But goin outta my mind" Nick and I sang together until the next line that I didn't know. I stole peeks at Tommy after every stanza until the chorus where I picked up again and belted it like Jessica had left me for Johnny Knoxville. Or her dad.

"Cause I want you! And I feel you, crawlin' underneath my skin! A hunger, like a burnin, to find a place I've never been!"

I elbowed him playfully until he finally cracked a smile. He looked over at me with a smile but I whipped my head towards the road. I'm a good driver damn it!

"Now I'm broken, and I'm faded! I'm half the man I thought I would be!"

Nick's falsetto was too much for Tommy so he punched the dial quickly, looking for a different station.

"Come on. It's bad Karma to turn off Nick. And it's mean." Tommy looked over at me disbelieving. I, however, was not going to take part in his tempting of the Fates.

"I'm serious, one day you'll get married and then she'll leave you for her dad. And then you have to resort to dating the fat girl from Laguna Beach."

"Why does it have to be the fat girl?" he asked incredulously. Does he not understand the whole notion of Karma?

"Because I said so." I told him.

I was about to go into the possible Scientology repercussions when an eerily familiar voice filled the speakers.

"Oh my God." I heard Tommy groan as a smile spread wider across my face while I tapped my fingers against the steering wheel along with Ashley Parker Angel's drumbeat.

"I remember when you came with me that night. We said forever, that you would never let me go! But here I am again, with nothing left inside! Know I don't wanna" Ashley and I made a great duet.

"But I gotta let you go!" I screamed and attracted the attention of other cars.

It wasn't my fault that Tommy loved the wind whipping in his hair and refused to put the top up, even in December. But I doubt it whips, or moves at all. It's like the frickin' 8th Wonder of the World; I know that's really why Jamie hates him so much. Jealousy is ugly.

"That's like instant Karma." I told him.

Tommy shook his head in disbelief while Ashley continued to sing about something unmerciful and beautiful. What the hell does that mean? "Don't be sad, everyone still loves Boyz Attack the best. I'm sure you could still milk your whole bandana-to-beanie story. Go to Vh1, they're so desperate they've got Janice Dickenson on the Surreal Life."

"You watch too much TV." He told me, but I saw him slip his beanie off his head and stuff it in the glove compartment.

"Hey look! We're here!" I exclaimed as I took a sharp turn into G-Major at 15 kilometers per hour. I watched Tommy plaster his hands against the dashboard. Like that would save him if I crashed.

"Keys. Now." He demanded as I killed the engine.

I rolled my eyes "Whatever." I said while I purposefully dug the key into his outstretched palm.

He rolled his eyes back at me with a light chuckle. I made my way to the door, looking disdainfully at the ugly decal. Like people wouldn't know it was G-major without some huge red and orange sign. Darius has little faith in humanity.

"Can I ask you somethin'?" Tommy asked suddenly.

I eyed him suspiciously. He better not ask me if Jamie's really pregnant with Spied's baby. I've answered it so many times that I'm starting to doubt it myself. I huffed irritably while I stopped in front of the door with a hand on my hip.

Eat that Avril, all I need is a tie and I've got your look-at-how-moody-I-can-be look beat. Tommy countered my look with a pouty boy-bander expression of his own.

"What was that with Spied?" I gave him a puzzled look even though I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"In the parking lot?" He clarified.

"He was, uh… just being Spied." I told him vaguely with a shrug.

I haven't really been in the mood to take back whatever happened at the rehearsal space so I just avoided it.

"Hey." He grasped my arm to prevent me from opening the door. "Girl, is this about your birthday?" Tommy asked, his eyes hazy.

"What? No." I lied while I shook my head vigorously and looked down at my shoes.

He knew I was totally lying. I saw his look of I-know-better-but-I'll-let-it-slide across his face while he stepped in front of me and opened the door himself. Was it generally that "time of the month" for all the guys in my life?

I was about to follow him in when my cell started buzzing. I waited for the ring-tone to play, because I wasn't going to pick up if it started playing Anyone But You. Being the lovesick fool that I am, that was the song reserved only for Spied. When it kept rattling against my calculator I remembered that I kept it on vibrate during school so I dug in bag frantically. I flipped it open to see Spied smiling back at me. Yea right. I'm not picking up, dumb ass.

I threw my phone violently back in my bag and wrenched the door open. He had to put me in a bad mood on a Friday. Ugh. Sometimes I really just hate him. Kwest's voice greeted me as soon as I walked through the door.

"See I'm dangerous on the mike. My ghetto hat's cocked right. And all the ladies say Yo that kid is crazy!" Those lyrics were disgustingly familiar to me…

Oh my God! He did not just do that! Curbside Prophet, seriously? He must be waiting for his rocket to come.

"Kwest do not try to spell your name out. It only works for M-R-A-Z. Besides you know you've hit an all time low when you're battling Mason with Jason Mraz lyrics. I'll look up some programs." I interrupted a seemingly impromptu rap battle, but I couldn't let the sickening madness continue.

Kwest looked back at me but dejectedly threw his head down. He should be ashamed. "So pop star, got anything new for me to engineer?"

"Well since it's all about the Wordplay…" Wait, I can't finish that. My unfinished burn hung in the air until Kwest laughed at me lightly.

"Hmmm, can't back that up?" He called me out.

"I've got the Remedy. I won't worry." YES! You can go ahead a cue my evil laugh because no one can top me today. Seriously, Vh1 would frickin' love me!


A shout shook the entire building to its knees. Uh-oh. I looked over to Kwest worriedly, that was definitely Darius' mad voice. The only thing that's scarier is his mad face. And Freddy Kruger.

"You'd better go." Kwest told me with a light push towards Darius' office.

Why am I getting the feeling I got after I accidentally-on-purpose poked Sadie with a skewer when we decided to grill at the farm two summers ago? I peered in and saw Tommy, Liam, Portia, Wally, Kyle, Pasty, Jamie and Mason all sitting uncomfortably around Darius' office while Kwest was right behind me.

I can smell an intervention when it's right in front of my face. And it happens to smell like formaldehyde and my dog. That's a bad image… "Jude. Sit." Darius commanded. He didn't need to tell me twice.

"What's going on here?" I asked nervously, looking around at everyone and noticing they wouldn't look back at me. This can't be good.


He abruptly parked his car, purposefully double-parking Liam, and flew into G-Major in search of Jude. Spied stalked through the building, feeling his blood boil with every pace. He marched around in a huff like a dog on a mission. In reality he was on a mission. He needed to talk to Jude. But without Tommy interrupting, or Jamie, or Mason. He wrenched open every studio door, and even crawled down to the mess they called Studio C. When they all came up empty, or he disrupted recording sessions, he wandered over to Hospitality. Puffing out a breath of air angrily, Spied wrung his hands around his bottle while he thought back to Jude's birthday.

Honestly, Spied was glad he and Jamie weren't feuding anymore. The pathway of rock was filled with the casualties failed friendships and he was glad they could save it, but he was pissed about Jude.

He had sat with her mom, sister and ex-boyfriend for two hours. And he didn't care if he had an Owen Wilson thing, his nose still hurt. Spied still couldn't figure out what was with that bill circulating back and forth between Sadie and her mom the whole night, but he had a feeling it was about him. He subconsciously rubbed the bridge of his nose while anger rose in the pit of his stomach.

The worst part of the night was the ride home. Jude hadn't even sat in the back with him; she sat up from next to her producer, talking about the song. But Spied had a sneaking suspicion that song was a code word for wild sex. The more he thought, the angrier he became, when finally he shot up. He set out again, tearing apart G-Major, but this time he was looking for Tommy. He was gonna break Tommy's entire pretty-boy face.

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