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"In honor of Valentine's Day, all girls will be given a paper heart as they leave the room. The first boy they talk to at any point during the day will receive their heart. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the day to the boy with the most hearts and to all girls who keep their hearts. You're dismissed."

As the student body filed out of the assembly, Sam Manson discreetly slipped a red paper heart into her pocket.

Danny was amazed at how many girls came up to him that day. Valerie said, "Hi," and slipped her heart into his hand as she passed him in the hall.

A tall skinny girl with freckles and glasses asked shyly, "Do you like brunettes?" and handed over her heart willingly. She hurried away, long ponytail swishing from side to side.

In between each class, Danny ignored all the people that usually ignored him, smiling and laughing with Tucker as usual. Despite his not trying, the hearts began to fill his pockets.

Sam watched it all in silence through a stony glare. She was used to not giving her heart away and not showing her true feelings. This was the only thing that kept all those other girls that were approaching Danny alive. She had already ripped a textbook in half and dented some poor kid's locker into an unrecognizable shape.

Despite this, Sam still felt as though she might explode at any moment. Unfortunately, pent-up feelings have a way of coming out at the weirdest times. It happened in Mr. Lancer's class…

"Does everybody finally understand the difference between a predicate nominative and a predicate adjective?"

The English teacher was met by a roomful of blank stares, a few soft snores, and the sound of chirping crickets. "Foley, turn off that blasted PDA!"

The cricket sounds stopped almost instantaneously. Mr. Lancer cleared his throat. "Now, if I may go on, I would like you all to turn to page 517 in your textbooks. We will be starting a unit on poetry next."

This was met by groans from many of the students. "I know how excited you all must be," he went on sarcastically, "but please hold your applause. To access your knowledge on the subject I would like you each to compose a poem. You will turn them in to me in precisely fifteen minutes, starting now."

Sam's brow furrowed as she contemplated the project. First that stupid heart game, and now this? Has everybody completely lost it? It's only some holiday made up by greeting card companies so they can make a quick buck, so why does everybody always make such a big deal out of it?

She glances at the clock, astonished to see that nearly five minutes have gone by since the task was assigned. Sam pulls out a blank sheet of notebook paper and pencils her name at the top. Tapping her chin thoughtfully, she begins to write…

When time is up, Mr. Lancer collects the papers, glancing through the stack as he walks back up to the front of the room. The balding man sighs, announcing, "Apparently very few of you know what a poem is, much less how to write one. S-," he cut off when he locked eyes with Sam's desperate gaze, "-omeone has written a piece that measures up to the standards of some of the works in your textbook, it I can judge appropriately at first glance."

The overweight teacher cleared his throat, then began,

"Soar with me

through the deep blue sky

because I love the twinkle

that lights up your eye.

As the wind blows your hair,

Sometimes black, sometimes white,

We dip through the air

As it transforms into night.

Attacks have been few

Words have been none

As we soar in the air

Under the sun.

You gaze on me

I gaze on you

And I'm led to believe

That dreams do come true.

But now she has come

To take up your mind

And all that I know

Has been left behind.

She's now much more

And I'm just a friend

But I feel I must say,

'Let us soar once again.'"

When Lancer finished reading, several in the room sighed, including Paulina. "That was beautiful!" she gushed. "Who wrote it?"

The gaze of the teacher swept around the classroom, not missing the panicked look on the face of one Samantha Manson. He turned back to Paulina, "They wish to remain anonymous."

The bell chose that moment to ring, and Sam was out of the classroom so quickly that her speed marveled that of even Flash. She was getting her books for her next class when Danny walked up.

"You were the one who wrote that poem." It was said more as a statement then as a question. "About me."

Sam nodded silently, her eyes meeting his. He didn't miss the questioning look in them.

Danny explained, "That crack about the different hair colors, being attacked, and flying were all dead giveaways." He went on to tease, "Plus, the way you were so nervous and left class so quickly were pretty big hints."

Sam smiled wryly, "I guess you know me a little too well."

Danny laughed, than a realization dawned on him. "Wait a minute… you just talked! Now you have to give me your heart."

She dug it out of her pocket, handing him the red piece of paper. The warning bell echoed through the emptying halls, and Danny's grin disappeared as he took off for his next class, trying desperately not to be late.

Sam stared at his departing back with a sigh. "Don't worry, I gave you my heart a long time ago."


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