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A second assembly was held at the end of the school day. The students were required to write their names on whatever hearts they currently had in their possession, dropping them into large collection boxes at the entrances to the auditorium. Student council volunteers hurriedly began counting the pink and red pieces of paper.

San quietly walked with Tucker to find seats, both ignoring the collection boxes entirely. They sat down wordlessly, saving a seat between them for Danny.

Tucker's uncharacteristic silence was due mostly to the fact that he was moping. Spending all day trying to win a paper heart and not even succeeding once will do that to a person. Sam's silence was not uncharacteristic for her in the least.

Danny didn't show up for several minutes, and at a questioning look from both friends simply shrugged and muttered something about trying to write quickly. He slipped into his seat just as the assembly began, so they had no chance to question him on just how many hearts he had received.

Lancer cleared his throat and launched into a lecture about the history of Valentine's Day. By the time he was finished all of the students had lapsed into a near-comatose state, staring blankly ahead. Lancer sighed. Where was their thirst for knowledge? He picked up a yardstick and slammed it into the wall with such force that the stick cracked.

The sudden noise seemed to revive the students, because he was suddenly surrounded by the sound of the entire student body turning to the person beside them and beginning to talk.

He slammed the stick again, this time effectively snapping it in half. The students immediately halted their conversations mid-sentence. The teacher stepped back up to the podium, proclaiming, "I will not announce the names of the girls who kept their hearts for the entire day." Tucker sent a glance in Sam's direction. "Paulina and Leslie, please come up here," Mr. Lancer finished.

The techno-geek shot an incredulous look at Sam as two of the most popular girls in school stood up. "Hey Sam, who'd you give your heart to?" She either didn't hear him or ignored him; most likely the latter.

Mr. Lancer was still talking, announcing what prize the two girls would get, but Tucker was too absorbed in puzzling over Sam to notice what it was. Who in this school could get her to talk if she didn't want to? Himself… and Danny.

"It was Danny, wasn't it?" The slight tinge of red on the cheeks of both of his friends was all the answer he needed. The boy sat back in his seat with a knowing smirk as Lancer continued.

"And now for the boy who collected the most hearts today." Dash started standing up arrogantly. There was no way anyone could have more hearts than his twenty-four. "Danny Fenton!" Mr. Lancer called.

Dash dropped like a rock in a dead faint while Danny blushed a vivid shade of red and tried to blend into his seat. "Dude!" Tucker exclaimed. "How many hearts did you get?"

"Thirty-seven," Danny muttered softly, embarrassed by the attention. The jaws of both his friends dropped as he finally regained his senses enough to stand and walk to the front of the room. The majority of the clapping was, no doubt, provided by thirty-six of the girls who had been the previous owners of his paper hearts. Sam, Tucker, and a majority of the high school were still too shell-shocked to do much of anything other than openly gaping.

After what seemed like hours Danny finally ascended the stage and stood awkwardly next to Mr. Lancer. A hand moved upward involuntarily to rub the back of his neck as he shifted in place, wanting more than anything to just go sit back down and blend into the crowd again. Sam could sympathize with this. While a major activist who had no problem making speeches in front of a group of people or fighting for what she believed it, she still hated being the center of attention when she hadn't specifically chosen to be such. She sent sympathy to her friend through her eyes, and saw an almost imperceptible twitch at the corners of his mouth.

Mr. Lancer was speaking again. "As his prize, Mr. Fenton is receiving a pass to miss three classes to take a girl out to an all-expense-paid lunch. He may choose any of the girls whose hearts he won today."

As if by some unspoken command, thirty-five girls stood up from their seats and began screaming and waving their hands. Glancing around the room, Danny found that he only recognized one or two from any time before today. Then his gaze fell upon the two who had remained seated.

Valerie, because her pride demanded that she never act that crazy over a guy, not even one as wonderful as this one.

And Sam, whose pride dictated that she not act crazy over a guy, this one in particular. If she did, people may start actually thinking that their assumptions were true. She and Danny had always been called Lovebirds, nearly as far back as she could remember. The last thing she wanted was to prove those rumors true… no matter how much she longed for them to be.

From on the stage Danny's gaze met Valerie's and his eyes seemed to be communicating something to her.

Sam noticed a slight nod from the girl a few rows ahead of her, then Danny looked at her. And he smiled.

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