As some of you may know, I have an account on a site called deviantART. It's pretty cool (dA, not me...hehehehe...) Anyway, this girl called Feri-san is doing a challenge. 100 DP drawings based on simple words or phrases. I decided I try it with fanfiction... we'll see. (Don't worry, these will all be short one-shots and I'm continuing Lilacs.) See my bio for the list.

Danny Fenton had gone to sleep early that night. Well, if you call midnight early. It was for him. Only one ghost tonight, so he got to finish his homework and go to sleep. For once.

The only problem with sleep: dreams. Sometimes Sam would annoyingly raise the possibility that he would go out and actually find ghosts to fight so that he wouldn't have to sleep, so that he wouldn't have to dream.

He always shot back that she was full of it. Sure, she was his best friend and his crush, but she didn't have to be so damn right all the time.

Because dreaming only meant one thing: that damn Phantom would always try to talk to him. Danny didn't want to know about his "dead" side. He simply wanted to continue believing that it was all a costume change. Nothing more.

"Hi." Phantom smiled brightly in the darkness of Danny's subconscious. "I'm Phantom," that was what he always said. He stuck out one gloved hand.

Danny glared. "I know that."

"What's your name?" The white haired ghost persisted. This was usually as far as the poor thing got before Danny woke himself up. He crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. It was vitally important that Danny recognize Phantom as his own deity so they could learn to coexist better.

Danny continued glaring harshly for a moment, his own blue eyes being hopelessly stared down by remarkably similar green ones. And then, it seemed to hit him, what Phantom had been trying to say all along. They had to coexist. They simply had to or both would be destroyed. They could be friends. It didn't have to be hard. "I'm Danny," and he shook Phantom's hand.

Well, what do you think? This is the first time I've ever written a non-romance for DP, so we'll see... r&r por favor!

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