It's not too late to turn back. Go back while you still can. While you still have your sanity, for you are about to read:

The Worst YGO fanfic ever written.

So turn back…while you still have the chance….

This contains crossovers, stupidity, gender changing, and duel monsters turned Pokemon, card capturing, insanity, baka images, and oh yeah, and Yahweh God appears randomly in the story. You have been warned.

Chapter 1-Duel monsters turned Pokemon:

Kaiba and Atem where right in the middle of a duel. Kaiba summon Obelisk, Atem summoned Osiris. You know…the normal scenario. But suddenly…two pokeballs come out of thin air and capture the two dueling gods inside. Kaiba and Atem had a look like WTF? They looked over and saw Ash Ketchum and Brock holding the two pokeballs that just captured Osiris and Obelisk. Atem demanded:

"Who are you two?"

Ash stated, "I'm Ash! And I just captured two great Pokemon!"

Brock complimented, "Great work Ash!"

Kaiba and Atem were stunned. Kaiba exclaimed:


Ash asked, "What's a god?"

Brock shook his head and stated, "Stupid…"

Atem said, "Don't worry about it, for I shall summon Winged Dragon of Ra to free the other two Egyptian gods!"

He put the Winged Dragon of Ra card on the duel wrist thing and the golden dragon/phoenix appeared and let out a loud cry. Ash cried out:


Pikachu hopped over and exclaimed:


Pikachu then let out a thunder attack that shocked the Winged Dragon of Ra. The dragon fell to the ground and was paralyzed. Ash yelled:


Ash threw a pokeball at Winged Dragon of Ra and captured the golden dragon inside. Atem and Kaiba were speechless. Kaiba stated:

"Who the hell are these kids and how the hell did they do that? Those are some of the strongest duel monsters!"

Ash asked, "What's a duel monster?"

Kaiba slapped himself on the head and stated:


He put the card on his dueling wrist thingy and Blue-Eyes appeared and roared in a cry of might. Ash stated:

"Well, I'll choose one of the Pokemon I just captured! Ra…I CHOOSE YOU!"

An alternate version of Winged Dragon of Ra appeared, looking very much like Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon. It roared pathetically at Blue-eyes. Atem's mouth dropped low. But Kaiba keep on with the duel/Pokemon battle:


And since the golden dragon's energy had been depleted from the capture, Blue-eyes defeated it in an instant. Ha ha. Ash stated:

"Aww man…darn it…"

Brock commented, "Don't worry about it, you can choose another pokemon to counter his attack. Atem then exclaimed:

"Leave this place before I defile you for defiling the gods of Egypt!"

Ash stated, "Okay man, sorry, we didn't know they were so important to you!"

Ash threw back the three pokeballs with the duel monsters in them and that was the end of that.

Wait…you got to the end of this? I warned you…this is the worst YGO fic ever written! But did you listen to me? No…

But you are still hear for the next chapter, you see what it's like when Yugi-chan meets Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. How fun is that? Beware the badly written fic! BWA HA HA HA HA!