The Gift of Darkness, part 13
by pari106

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Rating: PG-13, as always
Disclaimer: Cameron, Eglee, FOX…not mine… (I've written so many of these damned things, I'm
starting to develop an inferiority complex. Why can't I own an X5 or two? Even just one they aren't using
right now? But, no, their creators are woefully possessive. So don't bother suing me. I feel bad enough.)

Gift of Darkness, part 13
by pari106

Logan spent the rest of that day resting and recovering. Max thought, a dozen times, of bringing up the
night before. The kisses, both at Crash and out back in the alley. The fight he'd had with Zack, of which
her brother would tell her absolutely nothing. But mostly she just let him recover.

That night, Russell Sean contacted Logan.

Max had done another run, this time to Sketchy's to pick up Logan's gear. It probably wasn't a good idea,
bringing Logan back to Sector 9. But Zack hadn't known where else to take him. He'd figured Sketchy
wouldn't have been any help. And since Logan was there already, he figured he might as well stay until he
was a little steadier on his feet.

Then Russell Sean called Logan on the secure cell line he'd told the doctor to use.

A few moments after the phone rang, Logan came out of the guestroom he was using, folding the cell and
slipping it into his pocket.

"Russ' got a friend here in the state. He set up an appointment for me to see him tonight."

Max, Bling, and Zack were sitting in Bling's kitchen again.

"A friend of a friend, huh?" Zack mumbled in a snide tone, shaking his head. But he didn't bother
repeating his familiar complaint. If these people wanted to involve the entire fucking city in their affairs,
he supposed there was no way of stopping them. Not when Logan needed a doctor, and this underground
guy was better than some stranger.

Max sent him a little scowl anyway.

"Where?" Bling was asking.

"A good five hour drive from here." Logan reached into his pocket for the piece of paper he'd been jotting
on while he was on the phone, then he tucked it away again. "I've got directions."

"Guess we better get going then," Max said. And Logan smiled.

Bling nodded, and rose, grabbing his keys and heading outside to start the car.

"I'm outta here," Zack said, and the three turned to him in surprise.

"Where are you going?" Logan asked.

And Zack raised a brow. "What? You don't think I have better things to do than babysit you all day?"

Logan scowled.

The two men hadn't spoken more than a sentence to one another since their fight yesterday. To Logan it
seemed like no one was particularly anxious to speak to him. Zack was no doubt uncomfortable by what
had been discussed during the fight, and Max seemed uncomfortable bringing up the fight. What? Did she
think he was going to break if they had one little argument? He was certain she was just dying to chew his
ass over picking a fight with Zack. She never used to pull her verbal punches before. And he'd just had
one seizure, for crying out loud. Max had them all the time, and she recovered. It wasn't anything to
worry about. Right? And he was feeling much better now. In fact, he felt great. It was uncanny. Or was
Max uncomfortable because of what happened before the fight; before Zack showed up. Maybe she was
feeling awkward about their having made out?

Damnit, Logan didn't know. He didn't know how Max was feeling. He didn't know what Zack was
thinking. He didn't know what the hell that scene he walked in on earlier, when Zack was holding Max's
hand, meant, if anything. And he was tired of waiting for answers.

But, apparently, he would have to wait a little longer to get any answers out of Zack. Which, he supposed,
was just as well. They'd probably spoken to one another more on that night of the fight than they ever had
before. It was going to take a while to deal with that.

And, in the meantime, Logan would be with Max. Alone. Well, except for Bling, but anyhow…They'd
get to talk, at least.

Still, Logan didn't like the snotty way Zack made his "babysitting" comment. He didn't particularly need
the surly X5 hanging around, breathing down his neck. He supposed he'd just gotten kind of…used to
having him around lately.

"I'm sure you do," Logan muttered.

"Zack…" Max threw her brother another one of those looks, but Zack was already heading out the door.

"Watch your back," he said.

Max immediately opened her mouth to respond, but then she realized something odd. Zack had been
looking at Logan when he'd said that.

Max looked at Logan, who looked a little surprised himself.

"You, too," he called after the other man.

Then Zack was gone. And Logan just stared after him a moment, shaking his head. 'Imagine that?'

He never would understand X5s. Logan sighed. Pity he was in love with one.

Then he caught Max staring at him and he shifted uncomfortably.


She just kept looking at him. And she was standing awful close next to him. Logan detected the scent of
her shampoo… was it getting hot in here?

"Uh, we better get going," he said, heading for the door, as well.

'Get a grip, Logan,' he told himself, scowling again. How was he ever going to start a serious conversation
with her if, lately, he couldn't be within a foot of her without wanting to kiss her?

Max lagged behind a moment before following, with a shake of her head.

She would never understand men. Pity she was in love with one.