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Summery: Robin's thoughts at the end of "Apprentice, pt1" before "Apprentice, pt2". OneShot

Subjects: Robin and Slade; Not Slash

Genre: Angst/Drama

WARNING: Spoiler for Apprentice pt.1 and Apprentice pt. 2

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Finished: March 20th 2006 (Robin's Birthday! Yeah! If you consider him to be Richard Grayson, who was born on the first day of spring. ;-) ) I updated it occasionally, but everything from "So, do we have a deal?" was finished by then.


Chapter One

He walks up to four giant monitors that have blood vessels enlarged with small machines flowing in the blood streams on each screen, "Nanoscopic probes. The Chronoton Detonator was merely the bait for a much larger trap. You see, with the push of a button, my probes will destroy your friends from the inside out."

'Stay strong.' I think to myself and hear myself replying with a look of disgust and detestment on my face, "You can't control them. No matter what you threaten, they'll never obey you."

"This isn't about your friends, Robin. It's about you. It's always been about you," the words flow from his hidden lips like a waterfall; smooth at the top, yet sinisterly harsh when they hit the bottom.

"What?" is all I'm able to say in total confusion without stuttering. 'Why? how? what?' Why did this have to do with me? I feel a bit of fear creep up my spine and know that while I can't really tell what he looks like under the mask, he's enjoying the look of confusion on my face as he paces around me.

"Sending trouble your way, leaving cryptic clues for you to unravel; I was testing you. For some time now, I have been searching for an apprentice. Someone to follow in my footsteps," he walks over to me and leans into me close and my eyes narrow in disgust and anger, "And Robin, I've chosen you. Congratulations."

"No way would I ever work for..." I begin, but that button; he waves it in front of me.

"If you join me, if you swear to serve me, if you never speak to your friends again, I will allow them to live." I don't care if he can easily read my face. My jaw hangs slightly ajar in fear of what he's asking of me. He wants, he wants..."But... if you disobey even the smallest request, I will annihilate them, Robin. And I'll make you watch," his eye narrows in cruelty. One thing crosses my mind.

'I hate him.'

"So, do we have a deal?"

I stare at his open hand. He had shown me that once before, when I had undertaken the identity of Red X. I had only done that to find out who he was under that mask. Now, I really saw what kind of devious plans he could come up with. The entire night, I had been obsessed with trying to bring him down, trying to stop him and a fake Chronoton Detonator; a decoy to mask what the true plan was. As of now, I want the mask, the cover, back on.

They were all just tests. He was testing me to see if I could really prove to handle it, if I could be the one that he'd chose. Unfortunately for me, he did. He chose me. Now I really feel defeated.

I shake his hand once and quickly turn away, not wanting to see him. What have I just done? I'm...owned. No, I just am agreeing with the arrangements. I'm doing this for them. I'm doing this because...

"I thought you'd see it my way."

He walks up from behind me. I don't want to see him. I don't want to see my new...master. He places a cold hand on my shoulder. I keep the scowl on my face and move away as quick as I can, as though his touch was stinging and prickling my skin. I can tell that he's enjoying the upset expression on my face that is trying to contain emotions: hurt, scared, enslaved, sad... I try to keep my lip from trembling. I think I'm successful at that, but I really don't know. I'm not happy with these arrangements, but if it will keep them alive, I'll do it.

"Those won't be very handy when it comes to eluding the cops," He says, indicating my nomex, "You'll need something a bit more... sleeker, not as colorful."

He walks on over to a wall and stares back at me. I walk over, knowing he wants me to follow. I find myself walking over feeling like I'm backstabbing everyone I know, care and love. I won't follow in Slade's footsteps. I won't! The only one I'll follow is my dad. Only him.

He hands me a uniform. He nods to a section over to the side of the room. I walk over to it. He walks to his chair and out of view amidst the shadows. That chair, he'll try to make me see as a throne. I won't. I won't! I won't.

I stare at the uniform. Slowly, I pull off my nomex, piece by piece, and drape them over a pipe. I drag the gold, black cape off my back. I take off the green gloves that protected my hands. I pull off the bright red shirt with that golden "R" badge; my symbol. I unclip my gold belt. I pull off my green pants and steel-toed, black, silver boots.

First, I put on the black pants. Next, I reach for the orange, black shirt. I stare at it and see the silver "S" insignia on the right side where usually my "R" would be. I pull on the shirt and look down at it. I despise the colors on me. Sure, I wear black all the time. But, it's just, I look... no. No...

Before I put on the gloves, the belt, and the upper guards, I kneel down. I see that there is a mask on top of the armor. It looks almost identical to the one I'm wearing, but a jagged spike is on each end like his. I look over at him, but see nothing as he is still in the shadows, and then back at the mask. I peel off the one I have on and put this...different one on. I know that he didn't see my eyes, no one could because of the way I put on the mask. If he had, he would have wanted to see more. Everyone does when they see them, my eyes, even when I don't.

He's the last person I want to see my eyes. They're blue, but right now I'm positive that they are turning red as I try to contain myself. 'Have that emotionless mask. Don't let him see how much this hurts.' I breathe in and out deeply, trying to control myself. I haven't had this much trouble with containing myself since my parents... Never mind, that subject will really make me lose it.

"Robin?" Her voice, Starfire's voice. I turn to hear it coming from my communicator. "Robin? Robin, please respond." I want to go over, but I hear Slade standing up even if it is done discreetly. The communicator belongs to him now as I belong to... No! I don't! What am I saying? I just am carrying out an agreement.

"Robin, please, you must answer. Robin! Please respond! Robin, where are you?" Her sweet voice calls out. I want so much to run up and tell her not to worry, that I'll be okay, even when I don't know that myself. I restrain myself. She fades. I'm doing this for her, for them. My face turns to a sour glare. When I get that controller, Slade will be in for a world of hurt.

I pull the gloves over my hands and make them taut. I place the guards over my arms. I clasp the belt into place. I feel the upper chest plate click into place on my shoulders, chest and back. I move my hands to my sides, now fully clothed in this... Slade Insignia Uniform. I disgust myself, but don't show it. I look onward and straight ahead.

Slade walks up behind me. I feel his presence as I stand up straight. He radiates a feel that makes my hair stand on end. He's like evil in its purest form, but is disguised by an intoxicating, even addicting feel about him. That's how he got me here. He looks at me from behind as he comes into the lime light.

"I know it seems bad now." I turn my head to see him as his hidden lips continue to pour out words of torture, "But trust me, you'll learn to like it."

I look away and back to the pitch darkness in front of me. I have an unnerving feeling I'll be seeing a lot more of that soon. He passes in front of me. I don't say anything. I don't do anything. I just stand there. I feel like I'm in a maze with a monster inside. This haunt of his is unfamiliar and knowing that I'll become familiar with it is a scary thought. 'Let them find me.'

I continue to stand up straight. He walks off, satisfied in the days work. I just want out, but at the same time thoughts that Slade's already planted are trying to pry into my head and grow. 'Are we that alike that he'd think of me as the perfect apprentice? No? Yes? No. No. We aren't. I'm good, he's evil. But then Red X was evil. No, that was an undercover job.' I just, I'm lost and now I'm on my own. The Titans won't figure out what's wrong anytime soon. I'm lost with only my mind, memories of my father, and a madman for a master. 'I'm sorry guys, I'm so sorry.'

The light above me, that seems to make me seem like a thing to gawk at, turns off. I turn my head.

"Your training starts now, young man." His voice, I hate it. He's not going to get me to become what he wants: A true villain, a loyal apprentice. It won't happen. I won't let it. Suddenly, I feel a hard blow to my head and I'm knocked to the ground, letting out a cry of pain. I try to stand, but already the pain of a migraine is setting in.

"You need to be ready for anything, Robin." He says in a snide sort of way.

Everything starts to spin as I lose my vision. I feel him lift me into his arms and he begins to carry me somewhere. I'm at his mercy for them and even just a bit for myself. In the hands of this psychopath, who knows what will happen to me? 'Just let me get back to them. Just let me get back home.' I fall into the state of unconsciousness as the migraine becomes too much to bear.

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