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Title: The Earth Dies

Summary: An eloquent Hades and Persephone tale.

The Earth Dies

Chapter One

He watches her from afar, an unknowing voyeur. She is not beauty as Aphrodite is beauty. She is something else entirely. She is not a young child, though she looks it. She is not a stereotypical sweet and naïve goddess. Persephone's beauty is in her unknowing grace and youthful looks. She is supple and warm, curvaceous and tastes of honey; a strawberry blonde, green eyed woman. Not a girl. She knows not what she does to men and gods alike. And she is untouchable to him, unattainable.

Or maybe not. Maybe she notices him too.

A small smile lines her lips and she tries not to stare. He is lean, she notices, tall and strong, without the bulk of other gods. His eyes are black pearls, shiny and cold, with something boiling beneath the surface. Something scorching. His black hair falls into his face, complimenting his demeanor: he is amicable. He, like her, is youthful in appearance. But unlike her, he is not naïve. No, he has seen the world and underworld alike. His older body is sensual. He is sensual. He is anger incarnate. He is anger and he is sorrow. He has never known laughter or happiness.

But perhaps he will.

Sparks from her are met with kindle from him. She is not the only one taken. They are both taken. After a meeting, after a dance in the meadow.