A/N: So here it is. The Epilogue. Thank you all who have reviewed and read and enjoyed this story to its end. It's taken me a long time, but I hope you've enjoyed it.


He watches her closely as he lay next to her in bed. She has grown more beautiful and more elegant than Aphrodite. Though she may still be young she is no longer naïve. She knows how to push and prod him to her will, and he bends to her like a sapling in strong wind. As his eyes sweep over her supple form he gives a rare smile, though it may be slightly devious in its intent.

Her eyes flicker open slowly, adjusting to being awake and move to his face which hovers above her. She gives a small moan of satisfaction and slides deeper into his embrace. She ignores being awake, does not acknowledge the fact the day has begun and he finds this endearing, as always.

"Good morning." He whispers and she shakes her head.

"It is just night, it cannot possibly be day." She answers in denial.

Laughing gently he moves his lips to her cheek, kissing the warm skin he finds.

She cannot help but wake, staring at the curve of his neck and the muscles she finds there. Her eyes slide up to his eyes, the warm brown she finds causing a smile on her face. Her fingers inch from his shoulder to his hair, pushing it from his eyes. They close at the touch and he leans into her warm hands.

"Good morning…"

He laughs gently and kisses her mouth softly.

"I thought we weren't allowing it to be day." He answers.

She smiles and pushes so he rolls onto his back. She slides over the top of him, lying on his sturdy form.

"You're right. We shall just say we have awoken in the middle of the night…" She smiles and leans in, kissing his neck softly.

"Hmm…" he murmurs in agreement and his hands slide down her arms.

She relaxes in the throne she sits upon, the cooling air pleasant to her bare feet. But her face is worried and she glances from the door to her husband.

"Hades, you can visit more often than you did last time, you know." She whispers.

He does not allow his eyes to move and nods, "Perhaps, but I am busy."

"I know…" She leaves the oversized chair and moves to his lap, bringing her lips to his forehead. "It will seem like no time at all."

"I love you." The words no longer feel rehearsed and uncomfortable.

"And I, you." She answers.

Later, when he is once again alone, he looks about the stark bed chamber. It lacks something, and he hardly sleeps there, when she is gone.

When the earth dies, he is happy. When it thrives, he knows the life he has always known. But he smiles none-the-less and looks up at the ceiling above him.